Chapter One

"Rose! Get down here!" Ruth yelled at the top of her lungs.

"I'm coming, Mother!" Rose yelled.

Rose finally came downstairs. "Oh, Rose, you look wonderful," Ruth told her. "Now...tonight you will meet Caledon Hockley. You have already met his father, Nathan. Tonight needs to go well so you can marry young Caledon. We need the money. Do you understand?"

Rose just nodded her head. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad. Rose was still scared. She had just turned seventeen years old.


They finally reached the Hockleys' house. It was very large and beautiful.

"Come on in. The Hockleys are expecting you. Right in there," the maid said, as she pointed toward the sitting room.

"Ah...Mrs. DeWitt Bukater. Welcome. I figure this beautiful young lady is Rose," Nathan said, as he welcomed them in. "Rose...I'd like you to meet my son, Caledon."

Rose shook Cal's hand. Rose thought he looked very handsome. Maybe this was going to be the man of her dreams.

"Nice to meet you, Miss DeWitt Bukater," Cal said, as he shook Rose's hand.

Rose just smiled, and said, "Pleasure."

They all sat down in the dining room and waited for their dinner. As dinner was being served, Cal asked Rose, "How do you like Philadelphia so far, Rose? May I call you Rose?"

"Yes. You may. It's beautiful here. You have such a fantastic house here," Rose replied.

She hoped all went well the rest of the night!