~ Tokio Fujita ~

For the first four months, Tokio worked back at the Shirobeko. She turned Rei over to the cops, where they gave her the death sentence. Tokio did go to her grave, though. She felt obligated to, since she used to giggle with this girl during the Revolution over tea and cute boys.

She had her appetite back, and even went to the candy shop once or twice.

Tokio giggled and smiled again at people. She created small talk to her new neighbors, and they got the impression that she was a single girl, just working hard to keep her house. In truth, she was.

She went on shopping sprees with Sae and her sister Tae sometimes, and they would see all the latest fashions and such. Tokio didn't really buy them, that much. And she didn't lie to herself. She didn't feel the need to dress up anymore. She liked dressing up for him; she liked seeing his approval, his interest spark within her. When she came to terms with it one night, she would smile at the thought. She made such a big deal about it.

She would jump ten feet if they accidently bumped into each other, and she would beat him if he ever said anything mean to her.

She would laugh, what child she was. And sometimes she had wished maybe she should have been nicer.

After six months passed, she grew a little less hopeful each day of his return. She would sigh, and say, "Well, he did tell me he wouldn't come back..............." then she she'd giggle, and say to herself, "Now I wish I gave him a cheaper hair pin, not my favorite. I kinda miss it now."

**I also miss the guy holding it for me.**

She sighed, "Pfft, stupid conscious. What does it know? If it was so great, why doesn't it control my body, and I sit in the head?"

**Normal people don't have arguments with their conscious. Moron.**

She hated her mind. It was such a smart @$$.

She went to a few parties with Sae, just social gatherings with food. She would talk with other men, and she would giggle with their jokes, and smile when they commented how pretty she was. None had used the word beautiful. Tokio noted this, and kept giving them smiles. Nothing more.

She always came home before sundown, unless she had to work late. And she would always clean the house every week. Why? It gave her something to do. Pretty soon, she was really good at doing house hold chores. Like cooking and cleaning. Well, she was already and accomplished cook, but keeping maintenance on a house was kind of hard work.

After seven months, she discovered a well behind a shrub. She dipped in a bucket, and out came water.

How long was it there?

Well, whatever. It was water, and since it was covered up, there was no dirt or mud in it. This made things easier, since she didn't have to go out for a bucket of water from the neighbor's well.

Nine months had passed. A year was almost over. Yet, against his wishes, she waited.

One evening, she started to undress for bed. She took out her hair pins, when a knock came to her door. It was late, it was dark. She didn't want to go wandering in the dark. She sighed, and ignored it. She slipped out of her kimono, and pulled on a yukata. The knock came again.

She let out an exasperated sigh, "Be right there!!"

She tied her obi sash, and stood. She tossed her hair behind her, and sighed. She forgot to take off her make up. She reminded herself to wash it off before she forgot. Last time she forgot, she woke up to find black and red smears on her pillow and futon. And make up back then was harder to clean.

She slid the door, "This better be goo-"

And there he was.

They both said nothing. She had her eyes open wide, and her lips parted slightly. Her black hair was tumbled in waves about her shoulders, and she slightly blushed.

He wore his uniform, and he had his hat in his hand. A sword was clipped to his belt.

Nothing changed.

He bowed, "Good evening. May I come in?"

Tokio pinched herself. He smiled, and said, "Tokio, if I may?"

She frowned, and all her feelings of not caring/thinking about or needing him washed away, "HELL NO!!!"

He frowned, "Why not?"

"I don't let strangers into my house!"

He crossed his arms, smiling, "I bought this house, moron."

She pouted, but didn't stop, as he stepped inside.

As if nothing had changed. As if nothing happened.

She slid the door behind her, as he walked around the house. She followed behind him closely, then asked, "Why are you here?!! I thought you were never gonna come back!!!"

He smiled down at her, "Disappointed?"


"I know, I know. But, I changed my mind," he shrugged. Tokio wanted to punch him. He looked around the place, sliding open the door to her room, "Very nice. You can be the best maid yet."

She growled, and kicked at him. Without missing the beat, he sidestepped naturally.

As if nothing had happened beforehand.

But something did happen! She grabbed his arm, "I THOUGHT YOU WERE NEVER COMING BACK!!"

"But I am back," he answered, and he looked around again, "And here I was expecting you to have a family already." He smirked, "What's wrong? Are your standards too high?"

She rolled up her sleeves, "Maybe after I punch you down to size, you'll fit those standards-"

He tugged her sleeve back down, walking by, "I missed that temper of yours, you know.'


"And yet she blushes."

She clapped her hands to her cheeks. She retorted, "Only because I'm not even decent, and here you come like you own the damn place-"

"I DO own the place. It's listed under my name."

She stumbled, saving herself for falling over.

"And you're decent enough. You're all covered," he smirked, and fingered a lock of her hair, "And your hair covers you up, too."

She gulped, but didn't say anything. He locked his eyes with her, and walked on. After they made a complete circle of the house, he commented, "Not bad. The outside looked nice too."

"There was a well. I discovered it."

"Discovered it, you say?"

"Yep. I named it after me. Sakura Ichigo."

He smirked, "I thought you were named Tokio."

She shrugged, "I always wanted the names Sakura and Ichigo."

"You can name your kids them."

She laughed, "What makes you think I'll have kids?"

He crossed his arms, "You're right, silly me. What man in his right mind would some crazy lady-"

She shoved him, "Oh, shut up!! Besides, I want a son. I'll teach him to be kick @$$, just like his mommy!"

He smiled, and asked, "May I smoke in here?"

"Knock yourself out," she said. She leaned against the wall next to him. After a few moments of awkward silence, and him puffing away, she bent over and looked up at him, "Hey, ummmmmm................. this is kinda of weird, Goro."

"How so?"

"You said you'd never come back!"

He shrugged, "I lied."

She fell over, and kicked his shin from the ground. To no effect. She got up, and straightened her yukata, "Why didn't you write to me, at least?!!"

He shrugged, "I didn't want to bother you. I had hoped you already moved on."

She was going to retort, when she thought of something. She smiled, "If you hoped I had moved on, you wouldn't be here."

He merely smiled.

She giggled, and leaned against the wall, "Be honest, you missed me."

"Yes, I miss the amusement you bring. Morons can be entertaining-"

He put his hand on her face, keeping her at bay, as she struggled to wrench his head off, "YOU JERK!! I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU FOR A YEAR AND YOU-"

"Nine months."


He nodded, "That seems to be the gist of it."

She sighed, and crossed her arms, turning away, "I should throw you out."

"Why don't you?"

She shrugged, "I've been lonely. My vocal chords can use the stretch." She turned her head to his, "So, what have you been doing?"


".................... working what?"

"Working hard," he smirked, "I'm very busy."

"I noticed," she replied flatly, "Ever since the kind of work I saw you do at the hot springs, I almost got an ulcer worrying."

He nearly laughed. No one ever really worried about him. They didn't need to. "Thank you for the sentiment."

"Not you, about the people in your way."

He smiled, "Ah, I see."

More smoking. More silence. She huffed, "So, where is it?"


"My favorite hair pin!! The whole reason you're supposed to come back, you dork!!"

"Oh that," he took a long drag, and puffed, "I lost that."

She felt like she breathed flames as she screamed," EEH?!!! You LOST IT?!!! HOW COULD YOU?"

He looked at her, and said slowly, as if to a retarded child, "I-put-it- somewhere, and-now-I-can't-find-it---"

She grabbed his jacket, and raised her fist, "Well, you're buying me a new one!! No, you're buying me SIX NEW ONES!! And if they don't have them in stock anymore, you're MAKING ME TEN!!"

"Yare yare, such a greedy girl-"

She turned away, angry. "I loved that pin!! It went with my-"

"The green went with your eyes, I know." He flicked his cigarette, and watched the orange tip die on it.

In truth, Tokio was a little more relieved to see him back. Alright, GREATLY RELIEVED to see him again. But she felt somewhat dismayed. She thought she made it clear to him that that hairpin meant so much to her. She had it for a very long time, and she wore it on all special occasions. Except her birthday. She wore that little cheap one that day.

She wished he was a bit more compassionate to her feelings.

"To be honest Tokio, I knew you'd be mad."

She scoffed, "Hmph, then you should've brought a burial shroud, cause I'm gonna kill you."

He smirked. She heard his footsteps come behind her, and he said, "That's why I was hoping to give you something in it's place."

She smiled, but closed her eyes, and laughed, "And what would that be? A chokorato stick?"

"No," he smiled, and she gasped as his arm went around her, and held up a diamond ring.

Not just any ring.

THE ring.

The ring no one else could even dare to buy.

The ring she would die for.

The ring he was giving to her.


He smirked, "It won't look nice in you hair, but maybe it'll make your stubby fingers appear a bit more graceful."

She had her jaw hanging, as her fingers touched the precious jewel. She had her other fingers to her lips.


His chest grazed her back as he inhaled, and spoke, "I left you behind, Tokio. In truth, part of me wanted you to move on, and find happiness with someone else. That way, I wouldn't disappoint you anymore."

She gulped, and couldn't believe she was starting to cry. Her fingers rested on his hand and she slowly tightened her grip on it.

"But more than half wanted to just hold you that whole night. I won't lie to you. I came here, hoping and regretting to see you with another. I just wanted to clear that up for you. I didn't mean to make you cry, Tokio."

He never told anyone what was on his heart, but he closed his eyes and told this foolish girl, "I never want to make you cry."

She gulped, and nearly doubled over in blissful tears, as his other free hand wrapped around her waist. He held her hand with two fingers, and slipped the ring on slowly with his index finger and thumb. She could feel her lip trembling, a mix of a smile and a frown. Why was she crying?!! He wasn't saying good-bye, he was......

She sniffed, and hiccupped, "You ARE proposing, right?"

He smirked, and kissed the part in her hair, "Yes, you moron."

She turned and pushed him, "Jerk!! Don't call me that when- oh God, just come here!!"

She threw her arms around his neck, and didn't let go. She was afraid he'd leave again if he let go.

He returned her love by affectionately rubbing her back slowly. She sobbed, pressing her face into his shoulder, as she was hanging on his neck. Goro didn't even notice he was holding her up, as he just wanted to be as close as possible to her right now. For the first time since the revolution, he found himself free of worry. Free of responsibly, free of any future plans on the police force. For now, he wanted to be with Tokio. And he was going to have at least one night with her. Just one night would be enough.

She sniffed, her sobs dying down, and whimpered, "Oh God, I want to kiss you so bad........."

He smirked, "Then what's stopping you?"

She pulled her head back, and she smiled so beautifully...........

"Goro................... I............I......."

Her heart sang the words, and she felt as if she had sprouted wings to fly. But her words choked up in her throat, leaving her to say so weakly, "I love you."

He leaned against the wall, pulling her with him. He tilted her face up to his, and closed his eyes. He brushed her lips with his, and whispered, "And I love you."

She half swooned as his lips planted firmly on hers, her legs buckling. He didn't mind, as he slowly slid down the wall too. He was sitting against the wall, his legs apart, and she sat herself between them, arms still around his neck, her lips against his, and chests together.

She sniffed, and whispered in the kiss, "Don't ever leave me again, okay? Don't ever go away!!"

He breathed on her neck, letting his hot breath set her heart in passionate flames, "I'll always come back."

She whimpered gleefully as his pressed his lips against her sensitive skin on her neck. Who knew something boring like a neck could bring such tantalizing desire?

She buried her head against his chest, and he left his lips on her forehead.

She sniffed, and said, "Miss Sae's going to wonder where I got the ring."

"Say you found it in a gutter somewhere."

She giggled, and kissed his cheek, "No, I'll say it's because Mrs. Fujita requires a ring."

"So you accept?"

She smiled, "Yes, it's a yes."

He kissed her again and she blushed. God, who knew he was so good at this?

"Thank you," he smirked.

**Nice going, dork. You said things out loud again.**

She slapped her face, "Gah, I need to stop that........."

He pulled her hand away gently, "No, don't stop doing anything, Tokio."

She couldn't stop her lips from tasting his. That smoky flavor they held.............

He didn't resist. In truth, all that candy Tokio consumed by the gallon............. it left her mouth with a rather sweet taste. This part of Tokio he definitely loved. And she could kiss him for as long as she wanted. It wasn't for him to decide.


"Mmm?" she looked up at him.

He pulled out her jaded and gilded ivory hair pin from his pocket, and held it in front of her face, "I lied about the hair pin."

She nearly cried again. God, everything he was doing was making her cry!! She snatched it from him, and kissed him deeply again.

His hand ran along the length of her body, and she nearly shivered. Her toes curled with the feeling, and she rubbed her tears away, and laid her head in his chest again. He ran his fingers through her long hair, and then let it rest on her head, rubbing her temple.

She bit her lip, and whispered, "Will you be here when I wake up?"

He bent down, and kissed the spot above her ear, "I'll always be here when you wake up."

For the rest of Tokio's life, she woke up in her husband's arms. And every time, he was always awake, watching her face. She never knew why, she never asked. It didn't bother her.

He woke up early just to spend five minutes alone with her everyday. he would caress her body, or her face. Whichever he felt he wanted. And with his gentle touch with calloused fingers, she would slowly wake. Always with a smile. Which caused him to smile.

And that suited Tokio just fine.

**Until he got a call from Lord Okubo for a Kenshin Himura..........................

........................ but you already know how that goes. n_n

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Owari ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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