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Summary: Voldemort uses Draco as a bargaining chip in order to get the support of a clan of Vampires. Unfortunately for him, Malfoy's don't take well to being pawns. Will eventually be HD slash.

Chapter One: Mortal Death

"Lucius, bring the boy in."

A slight tremor went through him as he heard the deep, hissing voice call to his father through the door. He made no move to comply, to caught up in his confusion as to why he was here, at midnight, standing outside of a room containing the Dark Lord himself.

The strong hand of his father pressed lightly but firmly on his lower back, his muscles absently complied and moved forward.

A spare glance at his father revealed the man's face to be shadowed, some unrecognizable emotion replacing the normally stoic expression. Grey met grey, and Draco's stomach twisted more violently. Something was wrong here, desperately, undeniably wrong.

Lucius looked. . . . sad?

A soft click interrupted his thoughts, and with a confidence he did not feel, he strode into the room beside his father.

The red-eyed, scaly face he had seen only two times previously was watching him, but he barely noticed, too transfixed on the man's guest. A tall, pale man with long black hair was starring at him with fearsome intensity from Voldemort's side. His iridescent blue eyes were boring into him, searing through him in an almost physically painful way. Draco was alarmed, to say the least, but completely at a loss. He had never seen this man before, he knew, and yet the stranger was giving him a look that made was chillingly intimate. He tried to break the eye-contact. Unsucessfully.

Dimly, he was aware of Voldemort speaking, but the words were lost on him as the dark-haired man approached.

Slowly, gently even, an arm slide around his waist, pressing his body flush with the stranger. A hand moved his head to the side, breaking the eye contact and bringing Draco to see his father and the Dark Lord watching him.

There was an anguish in the older Malfoy's eyes as he looked at his son.

"Father....?" Only Voldemort's hand on his arm stopped Lucius from moving forward. Draco saw his father's head drop, unable to watch whatever was about to happen. Confusedly, the boy turned slightly to look at the man that held him, his eyes going impossibly wide as he came face to face with a pair of long, gleaming canines.

He gasped and immediately tried to jump away, pure terror coursing through his veins as an unarticulated realization of what was going on filled him. The hand on his back held him in place, while another gripped his head and forced it to the side again.

Hyperventilating and struggling in vain, Draco cried out in pain as the teeth tore open the flesh of his neck. He stilled suddenly, overpowered by the feel of his own heartbeat leaking from his body.

The world around him twisted and turned unnaturally, forcing him to close his eyes even as his ability to use them disappeared. The only thing he could feel was this strange man's body pressed against his own, the only thing he could hear was his own heart. His body shaking minutely with each pulse.

Cold seeped into his extremities, working it's way through his body and finally gripping it's cold fingers around his mind. Unconsciousness came up to meet him.

Miles away, in a small dark room, Harry Potter's scare turned a bloody red.

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