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Chapter 1

"Mummy, watch me, Mummy!" "Yes, I'm watching, your so clever, Daniel." His Mother said beaming at her son before continuing her translation of the Hieroglyphics on the wall. It appeared to be the life story of the first wizarding Pharaoh.

"Is your father coming over for Christmas?" She jumped at the unexpected voice of her husband, Alex Nobi. "How many times must I tell you to not do that when I'm in a temple, I could have damaged to Architecture." "Yes, Ada Darling." He said with a cheeky grin that said he would most likely do it again tomorrow.

"Now is he coming or not." "Of course he is, he misses Daniel so much," she said turning to watch their son. Her husband copied her actions, just in time to see their son waddle over to the large statue of Ra the sun god that guarded the entrance. "Daniel watch out" he said running over grabbing before he was able to touch it.

"I playing." Daniel justified to his parent. "Yes I know honey but it isn't safe and you could break something." "Sorry Mummy," he mumbled into his father's shirt. "It's ok but I think it is time for you to take a nap."

His father took him into another room in the temple, so as not to disturb him and put him in the playpen in the corner. Where he quickly fell asleep.


Daniel woke with a start to his mother's scream.

He climbed over the top of the playpen and toddled out of the room towards the noise. Peeping around the corner He saw a circle of wizards in black hooded robes. He could see his parents, until he notice a black haired in the middle of the circle.

Then one step into the middle leaving a gap he could see through. His father was standing in front of his mother, who was unconscious on the floor. He could also see that the strange wizards had bright white faces. Scared he hid behind the statue he had almost knocked over earlier.

As he moved behind the statue his mother started to wake up, and when she saw him she slowly put a figure to her lips telling him to be silent.

Then one of the wizards grabbed his mother and they all disappeared.

Confused young Daniel ran out of the temple calling for his parents.

A passing Constable, noticing his distress and walked over. "Hey there little guy, where are you parents." "The evil persons in black dresses took them!" he exclaimed. "Ok...What's your name and we'll go look for them?" "My name's Daniel." He said sounding very proud of himself. "Ok Daniel lets go find your parents." "What are your parents names?" "My mummy is Udda and my daddy is Awex, and my Grandfather is Abus Dumbydoor." "OK lets go see where they are."

6 weeks later after no luck of finding Daniel's parents they sent him to the local orphanage. Where the Jackson family adopted him.