Chapter 3

When they got to the Temple, Daniel was still fuming about Jack's bad manners. He didn't even notice, their group passing the security that had been placed around the large building.

Jack took a moment to get detailed from the person in charge. "Has anyone been in yet?" "No we were ordered to wait for you to go in first. If you need anything just call." The commanding Major told him. "Thanks, I'll remember that."

They then entered the building, Daniel stopped and looked around.


The room was lit by floating candles, and therewere strange tools laying around him. "Daniel how many times must I tell you not to play with the tools?" A voice told him sternly.

End Flashback

"Whoa!" Daniel stepped back banging into Jack, who grabbed his shoulders to steady him. "You OK." Jack asked. "I just had a flashback!" "What?" Sam asked. "Oh no here we go again." Jack sighed as Daniel walked into another, "We better follow him.

As Daniel walked into the other room, the had another Flashback.


There was a small campsite set up in the room, with a playpen in the corner full of different toys set up for a small child. Next to it were two roll out beds, neatly made.

End Flashback.

Daniel shook his head and continued to look at the walls. As the rest of the team walked in behind him he heard voices in the next room.

He looked at Jack and saw that everyone else could hear it too.

Jack went into full military mode and made his normal hand movements for Sam to get on the other side of the doorway and Daniel to get behind him. Jack counted to 3 with his fingers and they all ran through the door.

On the other side they found what seemed to be a group of teenagers studying the wall some just talking amongst themselves. One of the students seemed to be the very bored and looked behind her.


The whole class turned as one and raising a stick each towards them. Daniel pushed in front of Jack and tried to calm the group. "Ok calm down, were not here to hurt anyone." Daniel assured them. "How did you get past the guards and what's with the sticks?" Daniel turn to Jack put his finger to his mouth. Jack rolled his eyes, but got the message. Turning to face the children again Daniel ask, "Hi my name is Dr Daniel Jackson, Jack, Sam and...Martin." getting no response he try French "Tu parle anglais." One of the students finally spoke, "We speak English but would you please stop waving the guns around?" A girl with very bushy brown hair asked with a heavy English accent. "Not waving pointing, but OK." Jack lowered his gun, with Sam and Teal'c following his lead.

Most of the students put their sticks in their pockets, but some still looked cautious.

Just then two teachers ran into the room, having heard the scream. "What's going on here?" the female of the two asked, she had a very serious look on her face, she had glass and her hair was pulled back into a tight bun. The man had a long silver beard to match his long silver hair.

"Professor McGonagall, they just ran in pointing guns at us." The old man turned towards SG-1 and locked eyes with Daniel for a second, then promptly fainted. The woman turn in time to see the man hit the ground. She turned and looked at what might have made her employer collapse. She said one word before losing consciousness as well, "Alex?"

SG-1 looked at the two on the floor then at the students. "Does that happen a lot?" Sam asked. The students shook their heads dumbly. Jack walked around in front of Daniel and looked him in the face then turned to the students. "He's not that ugly!" Jack stated. The students giggled as Jack was smacked across the back of the head.