Title: Payback

Author: LasVegan

Disclaimer: NONE

Pairing: Sam/Danny

Spoiler: This is based on the Upcoming Episode "Nevada State"

Rated: PG-13

Authors Note: Thanks to everyone who left reviews for my other fic Promises. I wont be updating that anymore.....I just got bored of it :).......But I swear i will not get bored of this fic and im going to update it regularly....That is if U want me to ;)

Sam just finished sending her last whale to the airport. She hasn't had a good nights sleep for days because of these nightmares shes been having about her past. She was outside her hotel suite when her cell phone rang.

Sam sighed and answered her phone "This is Sam".

"Hello Sam, you know, a lady should never walk to her hotel room alone at night, even if you are in a 24 hour casino" A deep voice of a man said.

"Who is this?" Sam said her voice shaky while looking around the empty hallway

"You never know who might be hiding, waiting to jump out " the deep voice continued, chuckling.

"Who the hell is this?" Sam screamed into her cell phone while running down the hall to the elevator

"Your worst nightmare" the man said then he hung up the phone

Sam got scared and started to run towards the elevator.

Sam tried to remain calm while waiting for the elevator, she was on the verge of tears. She had her cell phone in her hand, and was being very cautious.

All of these thoughts started swarming through her head. Oh My God! He's supposed to be in jail how could he have gotten out........wait Maybe it was a prank call. But how did he know I am in a casino and walking to my hotel room.....God his voice sounded just like him...... What if he's watching me right now.

She became impatient waiting for the elevator and started to run toward the stairs which is right next to her hotel suite. She then realized something. That Son of a Bitch!. Sam started to laugh and slowed down to a walking pace toward her hotel room. That was a good one, she thought Danny knew I was exhausted and he just wanted to mess with me. God how could I have almost fallen for that. She thought.

Little did she know Danny never went back up to the surveillance room, after they spoke so he couldn't have called her.

Sam was at her hotel room and opened the door but before she went in she smiled and waved to a camera above her room and then gave them the middle finger. She went inside and slammed the door. Hope Ed didn't see that Sam thought as she put her nightgown on and got into bed. " Please God let me get some sleep tonight" Sam sighed yawning then falling into darkness.

Sam was oblivious to a large tall man hiding in the stair well next to Sam's room. The man chuckled "Pay backs a Bitch Sammy......this is going to be fun". Then started down the stars toward the Casino of The Montecito in Las Vegas, NV.

**I know that was a short chapter, next chapter will be longer**