Lustful Lupin
By: AngelofSoul

Summary: Springtime is when the mating season begins, and it's a new thing for one particular werewolf. He's come a long way that Remus Lupin. He has just started maturing at sixteen, he is a bit taller, very handsome, and with the help of his friends- conquered the inner evil of his wolf state. But now the wolf's in heat, and Remus can't control him! Enter Sexy Remus, a wolf-eared sex fiend looking for some action- and he'd do anything to get it (even take on a Slytherin or two *hint, hint, wink, wink! *). What can stop this rampage? Why, a mate of course.

Rated: PG-13 for strong sexual content and adult language.

Chap Warning: Stickiness and a shower scene. ^-~

Story Warning: SHOUNAN AI/SLASH main couple RL/SB & JP/LE mentioned RB/SS & RB/LM, nothing *too* heavy (Rating might be pumped for content in later chapters), and a sarcastic Remus.

Disclaimer: If I owned anything, I'd let you know, trust me.


(Remus's POV)

Hi, I'm Remus Lupin and my life is HELL. There now, quite the blunt statement, ne? I'm in a bad mood; anyone would be if all THIS were happening to you.

Confused? Let me explain-

Springtime: a lovely season full of flowers and love, the snow is gone and people are pairing up, birds are singing, the lake isn't frozen, the giant squid flailing itself about in the cool water, the skies are clear and the sun is shining, and it's MATING season.

You know, the time when animals get together and make MORE animals? I *despise* this time of year.


Well damnit, I'm a werewolf. When I'm pissed I'm not afraid to admit it! I'm a WEREWOLF, and werewolves and springtime don't tend to mix very well. You see, my inner wolf's trying to take over my body and- heh; you get my point, don't you?

And it all started when I woke up this morning......


My transformations were never fun, I always woke up aching all over. I sat up from the dusty hardwood floor of the Shrieking Shack, wincing and looking about. The sun streamed through the cracked windows revealing the severely damaged furniture, scraped walls, and broken glass.

This was unusual......

I woke alone this time, as my friends were up in the castle already. They have to be the first to leave, as Madam Pomfrey, a young (but strict) witch would come and take me back.

But that's not what was odd- I felt so...... strange. Sure, the aching was still there, but I felt *oily*, and if it weren't for the cracked mirror reflecting me, I'd bet I was oily. There was a strange, pungent smell coming from somewhere- ick; that made me feel even dirtier! I looked down at myself and tried to stand up, my lower body felt sticky when I moved, and I was sweating.

~What the HELL?~ I thought to myself, this felt so gross! I wanted to shower-

"All right there, dear?" the familiar sharp voice of Madam Pomfrey broke my thoughts and I looked over to the secret entrance into the Shack, which she was carefully climbing out of. She blinked and sniffed, wrinkling her nose in distaste.

"Oh my," she made some sort of noise as though trying to rid her nostrils of the scent, I couldn't blame her, I couldn't stand it either. "This place seems to rot even more, eh? Come now, I'll take you to the Wing to clean yourself up."

I nodded and followed her into the entrance she came out of, once outside we both took a breath of fresh air. But something was wrong-

I coughed! That smell- good Lord!

Madam Pomfrey showed few signs that she noticed the smell too, and glanced at me. I blushed, was it coming from *me*? What the hell has my wolf state been rolling around in???

She lead me to the castle, being sure to stay a few steps ahead me, (didn't hurt my feelings. I could understand, even *I* wanted to get away from me) and opened the doors to the inside. The corridors were empty, it was still too early for anyone to be awake yet. She led me a few floors up and let me in first, her nose still wrinkled.

"Shower off," she said. "Than I'll look at your wounds. Some robes will be brought up for you." She pointed to a door that leads to her quarters, I suppose, and I went. I didn't bother to look around, just went straight for the showers. I felt sticky, and I *really* don't like the feel of dirt.

My body still ached, it reminded me with twinges of pain and I had the severe urge to lie down somewhere and not move for another couple of hours, or take a LONG bubble bath. I could do neither, though, not wanting to be rude or keep Madam Pomfrey waiting. So I adjusted the water to my liking and pulled the tab for a quick (but thorough) shower. Warm enough, I stripped off my torn robes and pulled off my tie. My jeans were sticky, that's just nasty. No matter how gross, I folded up my clothing and placed it aside for a house elf to pick up, and stepped into the shower.


(End Remus's POV)

Madam Poppy Pomfrey wrinkled her nose again setting up doses of pain- killing potion for her patient, Remus, and brewing something a little extra. She knew this would happen eventually, but she hoped not so early.

The scent still lingered in her Hospital Wing, pungent and nose killing, probably strong enough to knock out a couple of birds.

"New potion Poppy?" came a cheerful voice from the doorway, and Poppy turned around quickly.

"Oh, Headmaster." Poppy smiled, "No."

"Ah," Albus Dumbledore smiled back, a cheerful twinkle in his blue eyes. "Quite a scent for your room- a sanitizer? Marigold, I suppose? Quite pleasant really....."

Her eyes widened. ~Wha-?! *Pleasant*?! Of all things, certainly not!~ Poppy frowned, "No, not quite. It's pheromone."

Albus raised an eyebrow, "That's a new one, what brand?"

She shook her head and sighed. "No, really Headmaster, it's *pheromone*. It appears springtime has gotten to our dear Remus."

"Oh yes," Albus nodded in understanding. "He's growing up fast, I remember his third year, just below my shoulder that boy." He chuckled. "Now he's taller than I am!"

Poppy frowned again, "aren't you worried, Headmaster?" she asked.

"No, not really." He kept his smile. "It's just a natural part of life for a teenager, even for one such as he."

"True," she sighed. "But he's releasing a large amount of it, and it's *odd*."

"How so?"

"The pheromone's supposed to be a scent only those of the same species can smell. But this one, it's so strong." Poppy shook her head, turning back to her pain-killing potion and placed it aside. She examined the other cauldron. "I'm making an anti-pheromone, this should rid some of the smell." She dipped a phial into it and enclosed it with a spraying top, making it look like a perfume bottle.

Albus nodded. "By the way, where is Mr. Lupin?"

"I sent him off to use my shower," Poppy placed the bottle on a bed stand and measured another dose of pain-killing potion. "Headmaster?" she paused.

"Yes Poppy?"

"You would want me to tell him, won't you?" She looked back at him.

"Of course," Albus smiled.

Poppy sighed, "I was hoping you wouldn't say that." She placed the second dose on the bed stand and proceeded to clean up her mess.

The Headmaster chuckled, "Of course, what I mean is you tell him the –erm..... importance of the situation- I'm sure he'd understand."

"Yes, the *importance*." Poppy sighed again, putting the rest of her anti- pheromone in an urn and placed it in her medicine cabinet. "This is going to be so *awkward*." She mumbled.

"I could imagine," Albus had heard, "telling a maturing werewolf that he's a walking love potion. Say, how long before your anti-pheromone wears off?"

"A few hours," Poppy said dusting off her hands after she put the cauldron in a large metal sink. "That's why I put it in a small phial so he can carry it around whenever he needs it."


(Remus's POV)

I scrubbed myself down as best I could, but the scent still lingered. I felt clean, but that SMELL. I'm going to need a lot of cologne later........

I stepped out of the shower, my old clothes were gone and new ones were brought up, as Madam Pomfrey said. I dried myself off and dressed quickly. My hair dripped a bit, but that didn't matter. I left the bathroom and her quarters into the Hospital Wing. I blinked when I saw the Headmaster.

"Professor?" I asked.

"Ah, Remus." He nodded to me in greeting, and smiled. "Feeling alright?"

I nodded back.

"Here, dear." Madam Pomfrey came over with two doses of pain-killing potion, "drink this." She wrinkled her nose again. I pretended not to notice and took the cup, taking the deep blue substance down with few gulps. My face scrunched in distaste, that stuff was nasty! One thing not to look forward to by being a werewolf is all these damn potions.

"And- erm, this dear." Madam Pomfrey said sheepishly, holding up what looked like a perfume bottle. If this were an anime, I would've sweatdropped, but again I couldn't blame here. She sprayed it around me once, and twice near my neck and ears.

The perfume (I supposed it was) worked instantly. The scent wasn't so bad anymore, it was almost....... Nice, sort of like roses.

"There, much better." Madam sighed in relief, and I couldn't help but show mine too. "Now I can check for any injuries." She glanced over at the Headmaster. "And *other* business." I raised an eyebrow at that.

Dumbledore smiled and nodded. "Of course, as soon as she's finished you may go to breakfast. I believe the other students are beginning to head down there as well. Good day Poppy, Remus." And he left without another word.

A sigh of suppressed irritation escaped Madam's lips and I looked at her oddly. She shook her head and continued her examination. She found no real injuries on me, just a cut here and there, which she fixed with a simple mending charm she told me I could go. I got up to leave.

"Remus," Madam said before I could reach the door. I looked back at her.

"Yes Madam Pomfrey?"

She seemed hesitant before finally saying "Here." She approached me and gave me the perfume. "Take this, you'll need it," She paused again. "And..... um......." I raised an eyebrow as she became very uncomfortable. "Well........ have a good day." She put the bottle in my hands and quickly shooed me out the door.

I blinked as Madam shut it quickly and I looked down at the bottle. ~odd....~ I thought.

And to think this was only the beginning of my weird spring experience at Hogwarts.


(End Remus's POV)

Poppy hit her forehead several times with her palm. "Damnit! I couldn't tell him- so *gutless*! I hope the Headmaster doesn't find out....... I mean, what harm could a little pheromone do? He has the bottle, he should be fine......" she glanced at the Hospital Wing door.

She groaned. "I'm so fired....."


So, what happens next? How does breakfast go for ol' Remmy? Heeheehee..... next chap if I get..... at least five or more reviews. :)