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Why...? Because you were born!

Chapter 1

Once again, Harry found himself at the receiving of Snape's permanent bad mood. One of the Slytherins had thrown something into his cauldron again, coursing the potion to let off a putrid smell. Snape had blamed him straight away. Harry had long ago stopped trying to convince Snape that the Slytherins were reaponsible for all the potion accidents that had happened over his last 5 years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Around him his fellow Gryffindors were giving him sympathetic looks as Snape started to give out his punishments.

Halfway through the sentence though, Snape stopped and stared wide eyed at the back of the classroom. Then much to everyone's surprise Snape fell to one knee.

"My Lord?!" he said, his head bowed.

As everyone turn around to look at who or what Snape was bowing to, Harry's scar started to hurt and he felt a wand being pressed against the back of his neck. He stopped all movement but heard most of the occupants of the room gasp.

"Hello Potter. I hope your enjoying your lesson."

"It wasn't to bad till you showed up." Harry replied bitterly.

Voldemort laughed, "Stand up Potter, slowly."

Harry slowly pushed back his chair and stood up.

"Snape take his wand." Voldemort ordered.

Harry watched his professor go though his school bag looking for the wand. Harry berated himself for not putting it in his pocket after Charms. When Snape found the wand he gave it to Voldemort.

"Yes we can't have a repeat of last time can we Potter?" He could feel Voldemort's breath on the back of his neck.

"May I ask how you succeeded in getting into the castle, my Lord?" Snape asked.

"Yes that is I very interesting question. I was looking though my library for a way to get Potter away from Hogwarts, when I found a book written by the founders, I clearly stated that an heir of one of the founders could Apperate to and from the school if need be. As one of my faithful Death Eaters had provide me with Potter's timetable I knew exactly where he would be and luckily it was a class full of my followers." Voldemort explained.

Harry could see that a lot of the Slytherin's looked very please with themselves. Then another voice pierced the silence that had formed around the room.

"Let him go Tom."

As his capture turned to the sound Harry was force to turn as well, he saw, Professor Dumbledore walking towards them from the fire, he could also see Hermione silently slip back into her seat at the back of the room. Snape had been biding time for Hermione to call the headmaster.

"Ah Dumbledore I was wondering how long it would take for you to came and rescue you precious Golden boy and I wouldn't come any closer unless of course you want him to lose his life."

Harry winced as he felt the wand being pushed further into the back of his neck.

"Leave him be."

"Oh no Dumbledore, I have a much better idea." Voldemort taunted.

Harry heard Voldemort whisper a spell and his hands being roughly yanked together and magically tied together. He then felt Voldemort grab him around the waist. This made Harry cry out in pain, Voldemort's presence he could cope with but being touched was like being hit with the Cruciatus curse. Harry final lost his battle to remain conscious and collapsed into Voldemort's arms.


When he regained consciousness the first thing he noticed was that he was tied down to a cold, metal table with his hands tied to one end and his legs tied to the floor, forcing him into a "L" shape.

Then he realised he was very cold and the reason for this was that his cloths were gone.

But he didn't realise till it was to late that Voldemort was behind him.

Thanks to anyone who reads this. This idea just popped into my head one night and so I wrote it. I will try and update as soon as possible, but I have just started Yr 11 so I have a full on workload.