Chapter 3

This continued he would be tortured by the Death Eaters and raped by Voldemort then he would be locked in the small room for a few days unable to move. He didn't know how long he had been there but he did know that the Death Eaters were starting to get bored of him. They would torture him for a little while then leave and he would hear the screams of others in the cells around him. But Voldemort wasn't bored he seemed to think that he was breaking Harry slowly and continued to torture him when the Death Eaters didn't. Then one day things changed.

Harry had been locked up in the tiny room for what he guessed was 3 days, judging by the crack in the wall. Two death eaters opened the room and pulled him out. They lead in to a large room with a stone throne at one end, which Voldemort was sitting in.

"Ah Harry, How are you. Are you enjoying your stay with us?" Voldemort asked. Harry just glared. Voldemort paused for a moment. "OK Harry I am will to make your stay a bit more pleasant. Now I know that you refuse to join me as you have made clear numerous times, but instead of making you a Death Eater I want you to be a slave in my house hold, which I also know that you will reject to as well so I have organised some company for you." A door to the side of the room opened to reveal 4 death eaters came out the shadows holding a teenager between 2 of them.

When they were completely out in the open Harry could see that they were Ginny and Luna. They were still in the pyjamas which told him they had been snatched from there beds. Both were struggling, neither seemed to notice who else was in the room till Voldemort walked up to them.

"Ah Ginevra how are today. I hope my Death Eaters weren't to rough." (A/N for anyone who doesn't know J.K. Rowling released Ginny's real name and it isn't Virginia it is Ginevra)

Both girls stopped struggling and looked at Voldemort. "What gives me the feeling that there is a reason for you kidnapping us rather then just to have a conversation, Tom?" Ginny asked. Voldemort slapped her across the face sending her out of the death eaters grip towards Harry, who elbowed the one of the death eaters holding him and kicked the other in the shin before running over to Ginny and helping her up.

"Do not use that name when talking to me or you may find yourself missing a brother or two." "Ginny are you ok. Did he hurt you?" Harry asked her. "Why is it that we always seem to end up in this position with Voldemort nearby?" she asked. Harry gave a small smile. "Are you ok Harry you've been missing for months Dumbledore and the ministry are going nuts since Voldemort appeared at school." "I'm fine Ginny."

"Oh now isn't this sweet. The reunion of a separated couple." Voldemort mocked. "Tell me Ginny did you ever get over your crush?" "What do you want from us?" Ginny asked ignoring the question.

"Are now that is an interesting question. You see Mr Potter here refuses to join me. So I've decided that instead of making him a Death Eater I will make him a slave in my house. But the problem is that then we would have no way to control him. That is where you come in. If he does something that we don't like then we will hurt you and we will take another of his friends from school. Now I know for a fact that Harry would never put any of his friends in danger so I am using that against him. So what do you say Harry will you work for me or will you put your friends in danger, cause personally I could always use a new Muggle-lover to torture."

Harry looked at Ginny then Luna before nodding his head.