This poem was inspired a while ago whilst me and a few friends were sat in a fast food restaurant. There was a little boy on the table next to us and after dropping a chip onto the floor, he burst out crying. One of my friends then pointed out how good it would be to be that young again; when the only thing you have to cry about is the fact that you dropped a chip on the floor (I'm not sure who it was so don't all go claiming to be my inspiration lol).

I then started thinking about how many times Frodo and Sam could have broken down crying and could have given up during the quest, but they didn't.

Anyway, after all that thinking (which did hurt my head slightly), this poem finally came to me so I hope you like it. It is written from Sam's point of view.

I'd Carry You

I can see what it's doing

Can't you see I try?

Try to help you bear it

So please don't ask my why

I've know you for so long

See you change so much

Now your not my Frodo

You shy from my touch

That ring has taken you

And the person that you are

But I will always follow

I will not ask how far

But now I see you giving in

There is nothing I can do

I can't carry the ring for you

But I can carry you

I'd carry you forever

If your legs do ache

I'd let you sleep soundly

While I guard and stay awake

Please don't give up yet

We'll get there oh so slow

Don't you leave me here

Don't you dare let go.

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Thank you.