Hermione sat on her bed attempting to read, Standard Book of Spells, Year Six, but her thoughts kept wandering and always ending up on her father. Every year when she got off the Hogwarts Express he would run to her and tell her how happy he was to see her. She'd always smile back and think that maybe this year would be different. She was always wrong. He spent the whole summer beating her in every way possible.
"Get down here you Bitch!" Mr. Granger called in the most menacing tone. Hermione jumped up immediately and ran down stairs. She skidded to a halt in from of her father. Mr. Granger was much taller then Hermione. He had muscles. In one hand he held a belt in the other a beer.
"Yes, Father?" Hermione asked quickly, careful not to upset him further. A fire blazed in his eyes. He stared at Hermione with a smirk on his normally regal face.
"You afraid, Hermione? Is Miss Know-it-all a coward? No one is here to protect you now. It's just me and you." Mr. Granger said slowly with emphasis on the last few. He stepped closer to her and seeing her wince his smirk became larger. He grabbed her by the hair and threw her against the wall. A huge crack could be seen on the once beautiful walls. "Well look, 'Mione. Look what you did. Now you'll have to be punished.
He grabbed a handful of her bushy brown hair and pulled her off her feet. Mr. Granger threw Hermione into the coffee table causing it to break in two. Taking his belt he whipped her repeatedly until he saw blood soaking through her white dress. The dress was becoming torn from being repeatedly caught by the belt buckle.
Hermione could feel the blood oozing down her skin. She soon passed out after another half hour of whipping.

Hermione woke up on the living room floor soaked in a pool of her own blood. She carefully stared around. Her father was passed out on the couch. She shakily got to her feet, biting her lip to keep from yelling out in pain. She knew she needed to get out. Hermione slowly made her way to her room. She picked up her book and her wand and headed down the stairs. In the huge, formal hallway sat her trunk. The initials H.G. could be read from where she stood. She slowly made her way to her trunk and carefully opened in and making sure not to make a sound.
Hermione pulled out a small jar labeled 'Floo Powder' and gingerly shut the trunk. Precariously getting to her feet she grabbed her trunk and made her way to the Den. Hermione stood in front of a beautiful marble fireplace. She grabbed a handful of floo powder and through it into the fire. Hermione grabbed her trunk and stepped into the fire.
"12 Grimmauld Place." She felt herself being pulled. She opened her eyes to find herself on the living room floor of the Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix. She looked up to see Sirius Black running toward her.
"Hermione? What the hell happened to you?" Hermione just groaned in response unable to get up. Sirius saw the blood soaking the once beautiful dress. "Bloody hell! Lupin! Lupin! Get in here. Emergency!" Hermione heard footsteps quickly running into the room. She looked up to see Lupin and he was not happy.
"Hermione, what the HELL happened to you. Oh my gods look at these cuts and welts. Sirius, she is loosing blood." At that she fainted.