Hermione lay on her bed wondering what next years adventures have in store for her. It wasn't easy being best friends with Harry Potter. I can't believe third year is already over. Hermione smiled to herself as she cuddled under her pink comforter in her four poster bed. It's so great to finally be home. Hermione was slowly slipping into the land of peaceful dreams until... *bang* the door shot open and the voice of her father was clearly heard. "Get out of bed, you little bitch! You have no right to sleep when we haven't seen each other in nine months. We must be reacquainted or have you forgotten?" Startling Hermione, Mr. Granger began pealing away his filthy clothes that reeked of liquor. Oh no. She thought, this can't be happening. He's never gone this far before. He inched towards her and grabbed hold of her wrists and firmly tied them to the headboard. She struggled but she was no match for him.
"Were going to have a little fun tonight, 'mione." He stated with a sneer playing at his lips. He walked over to Hermione's closet and pulled a bag down from her shelf. Oh god, please no. Not my... video camera.
"Daddy, no....please." She pleaded. Ignoring her cries, Mr. Granger set the camera on the tripod and turned the recorder on. He walked over to the bed and sat on the edge and made sure he the camera caught his every move. Sitting on the edge, he proceeded to play with himself. His hand sliding over his length. He moaned as he picked up his pace. He sighed and stopped his movements and glanced at Hermione who was now thoroughly horrified. He smiled and crawled over to her position himself at the entrance of Hermione's mouth. Begging her to take him in. "Bitch, get on with it." She slowly opened her mouth and he pushed his manhood in causing her to gag. He made slow movements as Hermione sucked and than picked up the speed and soon he was screaming her name telling her never to stop. What seemed like hours later her removed her now erect penis from her mouth and proceeded to remove his daughter's clothing. Once the task was completed he let his hands roam her body top to bottom. He played with her nipples and sucked and nibbled them causing her to plead for him to stop but he did not. His hands moved farther down stopping at her opening and thrust three fingers into her. Impatient, he positioned himself at her entrance and thrust into her with all his might. He screamed her name. He told her she deserved this because she was such a bad girl. He reached his climax and exploded inside her and she only cried harder.

Suddenly Hermione woke with start in the safe and secure arms of Sirius Black. He stared down at her and worry flashed across her face.
"What did you dream, Hermione?" He asked in a whisper. She only collapsed in his arms and cried.

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