"I will not let you get away with this Cell," The full blooded Saiyan yelled, "You've killed to many innocent people!" 

                "Well, Goku," The villian called, "What are you going to do about it!  I am far better then you, and there is no way you can surpass me! Face it, it's all over!"  The andriod began to laugh, the horrable laugh that comes from confidence and evil.  It pissed Goku off.


                "Oh please, I know that you won't be able to hurt me, you're just wasting your energy."


                "If you are really that urgent for death, I will help you out.  Kame..."





                "HA!!!!!"  Both blasts of pure light intersected eachother, crashing and stopping at the others unyielding power. 

                "That's good Goku," Cell remarked," but I've got somathing to show you.  Super-kamehameHA!!!!!"

                "NO!!!" Goku yelled, his blast being overtaken, "I will not let you win!  Mondo-kamehameHA!!!" Cells blast was stopped and pressed back.

                "Gigantic-kamehameHA!!!" Cell retorted.

                "Super-de-duper-kamehameHA!!!!" Goku replied.

                At this point, a brilliant idea crossed Cell's mind, "Kamehameha times infinity!"

                Cell's blast begain to overwhelm Goku, pressing the beam back to the point where it was almost touching him.

                "This is so intense!" Gohan yelled.

                "This is so stupid," Vegeta rolled his eye's.

                Goku struggled against the powerful beam and played his trump card, the only thing he could do, "kamehameha times infinity PLUS ONE!!!!"

                Cell's beam began to retreat, pressed back by Goku's, odly, more powerful blast.

                "But this can't be," Cell yelled, "Nothing is greater then infinity!"

                "Actually, there can be numbers greater."  Continueing with the kameblahblah blast with one hand, Goku pulled out a full sized chalk board with the other, "See here we have infinity, lets call it "X"because you can't really write out infinity. Now, we know that X=X, or itself, but, what if we added one to one side?"  At this point the blast was nearing Cell, and even while he was fighting it off, he still payed close attention to the allgebra lesson. "So we have X=X1.  Now, according to the additive property, X=X1 is equal toX-X=1.  So the X's cancel out, and we are left with just 1, so we can properly conclude, XX1."

                At this point the entire battlefield is silent, save for the two beams colliding.

                "I knew it," Gohan said, bewildered, "My dad's a freaking genius!"

                The blast seconds from overtaking Cell, the monster began to panic, then came up with a brilliant answer, but it was to late.  Many swear that as Cell was detroyed, his voice could be heard echoing off the canyons, "Infinity times infinity....."

                Vegeta stood on the field alone.  Cell was gone, and Kakarrot and his friend's had left.  He was staring at the spot Kakarrot and Cell had there final showdown. 

                "I don't believe it, he has surpassed me in every way now.  First it was in strength, then it was in the transformations to super-saiyan. Now, in algebra..."