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Couples: (Major) Libby/Sheen, Jimmy/Cindy, Betty/OC, Nick/Brittany, Carl/OC




Confused Feelings




"Why did you want me to meet you here, Libby?"

"I, uh, I wanted to ask you something."

"Like what?"

"Well, before, yesterday… I wanted to know what that was all about. I know about the Love Potion, but after it all was over, I couldn't help but notice that you didn't seem to change."


"I mean, you didn't seem to change when the Love Potion wore off. Do you really like me?"

"Of course I do."


"I wasn't lying when I said you were my queen. I could never lie about anything like that."

She smiled and blushed, "Okay."

"Is that all you wanted to ask me? Ultralord is on in twenty minutes."

"Uh, I'll come watch it with you," she smiled as he took her hand.

"Come on!"




"You two haven't been yourselves," Ms. Fowl stated, looking back and forth between the two children. "You haven't bickered, you haven't tried each other's intelligence. Jimmy! You haven't even brought in a 'show and tell' invention. What's wrong?"

"Nothing," the both replied in unison.

"I don't understand. Just, go home and we'll talk tomorrow," she stood up and let them exit her classroom.

He started with a nervous laugh, "What's up with her? There's nothing wrong with us."

"There's nothing wrong with me," she replied in a dark tone and walked ahead of him. They both missed the bus due to the fact of Ms. Fowl had kept them after class.

Why did I even have to make that stupid love potion? Was a vaccine really necessary for me? Do I really not like girls that much? Why did I not pay closer attention to Carl? Why didn't I do anything right and got myself into that mess? Why--

He wracked his brain for answers as he literally slammed into the being in front of him. He looked up slowly from his position on the ground, seeing a massive amount of pink and white lace. His face flushed, meeting the eyes of the owner. Betty.

She giggled, holding out her hand to help him up, "Whatcha' thinkin' about?"

He took her hand and stood up with her help. Still blushing, he replied, "Nothing really."

"What's happened lately? I've been away in Tokyo for a month on vacation," she explained.

"Oh." Should I tell her? "Nothing special."

"I heard something crazy went on here, and you were at the head of it all. Something about… cheese? You confessing your love to Cindy?" she smiled slyly, liking the look she received when she divulged that information to him.

"How did you hear that?" he asked in astonishment, his heart beating at an alarmingly high rate.

"Well, my boyfriend works there, and he saw you and Cindy."

"Your boyfriend?" his soul felt crushed, his heart having a dark feeling protrude into it. He couldn't believe it, but somehow, he felt relieved. "He's old enough to work?"

"Yeah, he's fourteen."


"Wow, what?"

I've been wasting my time on her this long? Oh, boy.

"Uh, nothing," he shook his head. "So, where are you headed to?"

"I'm just about to catch up to Cindy," she pointed to Cindy who was still walking ahead of them. Cindy seemed to be walking slower than she was when she first stormed away from Jimmy.

She wanted to know what was up with him and Betty.

"No one can have him but me," she whispered to herself as she turned back around.

"It's okay. I'm not out to get him," Betty announced her presence with that sentence, making Cindy jump.

"What the…"




"Hey, Sheen?" she asked during the commercial. Surprisingly, both were completely absorbed in the new episode of Ultralord to talk during the actual show.

"Yeah, babe?"

She blushed, but continued, "Have you ever been kissed?"

"Yeah, you kissed me before on the cheek," he explained, curious to why she was asking him such a question.

"No, I mean, on the lips."

"Well, my mom-"

"By someone who isn't in your family."

"Oh. Then, no."

She leaned in slowly, but it seemed to go by quickly for her. She pressed her lips against his and kissed him long and hard, not doing anything above a PG-13 rating. When she pulled away, he was in awe.

"Wow, I, uh, man...Jimmy doesn't know what he's missing."

She smiled and giggled, turning her head back to the TV again. She couldn't help but feel the tingling sensation lingering on her lips. Her mind was racing, her heart beating quickly. She looked back to him to see him looking back at her with something in his eyes she hadn't seen before.

Was this love?




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