This is Just a Fling, Right?


Chapter 1: Meet the cast.


Syaoran sighed and forced himself to get out from under his warm, comfy covers. Sitting on the edge of his bed, he looked about his room, tainted dark orange by the sunshine streaming through his blinds.

He carefully felt his way into the bathroom. Splashing his face with refreshingly cold water, his blurred vision began to focus, revealing his reflection in the mirror above the sink. Staring back at him was a boy of nineteen years with brown hair. His eyes were a dark chestnut colour, complimenting his hair. His face was chiselled but still retained some soft edges from boyhood. Wiping the drops of water away from his face, he slowly walked into the kitchen. It was empty.

It was the same ritual as the day before, and the same as the day before that. Syaoran would pour out half a bowl of cereal, munch on it, and then go into the shower. There wasn't a mother to greet him when he woke up, nor was there a father to put down his paper and wish Syaoran a good morning, instead, there was the empty kitchen and the cold shower.

Slipping on his t-shirt over his well-defined chest, Syaoran got ready for school.


"I've got a perfect strategy!" Sakura declared to her friend, Tomoyo, who looked at her friend from the corner of her eye. Sakura was a pretty eighteen year old with short, auburn hair, her eyes were an unusual green and they gave away a lot of her emotions. She stretched her hands behind her head.

"What's that then?" Asked Tomoyo, who had been blessed with long, purple hair and big purple-blue eyes. She was the object of many boys' affections.

"Well, I was watching Bridget Jones' Diary last night and I got thinking." Sakura yawned. "If I know that the guy I'm going out with is a womaniser, then I'll ask him if our relationship is a real one or if he's just using me."

Tomoyo raised one of her perfectly arched eyebrows. "And what will that accomplish?" Sakura smiled lightly and turned to her friend. "Then I'll know whether or not to get emotionally attached."

Tomoyo sighed and quickened her pace. "I don't get you sometimes, Sakura."

"Think about it!" Sakura protested. "If you're with a guy who likes to play around, and YOU think he's serious, when you find out he's not, you're gonna get hurt! My way is full-proof, if you KNOW he's not serious, you won't get hurt."

"And what happens if you start developing feelings for the guy?"

"Simple, if he doesn't feel the same way, I'll stop seeing him!"

Again, Tomoyo sighed. "But how will you know whether the guy is a womaniser or not?"

"I'll know, it'll be obvious."

"Yeah," Tomoyo murmured. "Just like it was with Takamura."

At this, Sakura stopped walking. A sad expression came over her face. Tomoyo immediately regretted her words.

"Oh, Sakura, I'm sorry!" Tomoyo said, walking back to her friend. Sakura merely shook her head and continued walking.

"He was a mistake." Sakura said, her voice almost angry. "Next time, I'll be a LOT more careful."

Tomoyo lovingly grabbed her friend's hand and smiled. "Of course you will!" She said cheerfully.


Syaoran walked calmly into his homeroom. All his jock friends greeted him as he sat in his seat.

"What's up Li?" Asked one of his friends, Eriol.

"Nothing much." Syaoran replied quietly, his voice giving away no emotion.

"Well, it's a bit of a shock to see you actually in school." Eriol said, leaning back on his chair. He had dark blue hair and soft eyes that were hidden behind his rectangular glasses.

For the first time, Syaoran smirked slightly. "Yeah, you know what they say, education before everything else."

"Is that what they said to ya?"

Syaoran sighed, leaned into his chair and closed his eyes. "They said I couldn't do too many more shoots until I finished out this school year."

Eriol nodded sympathetically. Even though Syaoran was as smart as they come, he didn't like being cooped up in some posh public school.

A boy came up behind Syaoran and tapped him lightly on the shoulder. Opening his eyes slightly, Syaoran grunted. The boy held out a piece of paper.

"Could you sign this for my sister?" He asked nervously. "She has a bit of a thing for you."

Sitting up, Syaoran grabbed the piece of paper, Eriol handed him a pen. "Yeah sure, what's her name?"


"Hey Sakura! Tomoyo!" A girl with two short, plump pigtails ran up to the girls sitting on the benches in the courtyard.

"What's up Chiharu?" Tomoyo said, waving her hand in greeting.

Chiharu paused to catch her breath, and then she sat down next to Sakura.

"Have you heard yet? Some of the girls are going to go down to the boy's school tonight. You thinking of coming?"

Tomoyo pondered this for a while. "I don't think so Chiharu, I have a lot of homework to do, plus the dress I have to make for Textiles."

Chiharu pouted at the purple haired girl. "Honestly Tomoyo, the belle of the school and all you do is work! You should get out more!" She turned her attention to Sakura. "What about you? Pleeeease say you'll come!"

"I don't have much homework, and I guess I can go for a while." Chiharu jumped in the air.

"Great! Meet me by the apple tree at 7:00! I also hear that Syaoran Li is going too!"

"You mean that cheesy model boy?" Tomoyo asked, looking like she had some ugly smell under her nose.

"Yeah, but I hear he's cute!" Chiharu was literally spinning around the bench.

"Oh please Chiharu!" Sakura said, grabbing Chiharu's hand. "The only reason YOU'RE going is because Yamazaki will probably be there!"

At this, Chiharu turned deep red. Making up an excuse, she confirmed with Sakura about the time and left.


Sakura had been waiting under the apple tree for fifteen minutes. This was definitely the place where Chiharu had told her to be. But this WAS Chiharu, she probably met Yamazaki and ran off with him.

"Hey," A deep voice said behind her. "You got a light?"

Sakura turned around to see a tall, dark boy standing there. She shook her head and the boy sighed, running his fingers through his untamed hair. He grabbed a light off someone walking by and leaned against the tree.

"You meeting someone?" He asked, though he didn't actually sound too interested.

"A friend." Was Sakura's reply. All her defences were up. "She's late though."

The boy grunted in agreement and took a long drag from his cigarette. "Name's Syaoran." He said after a few minutes of silence.

"Sakura." She held out her hand for a shake, but it never came.

"You're Takamura's chick aren't you?" He asked quite abruptly.

Sakura frowned. "Was."

"Trouble in paradise eh?" Syaoran took another drag before turning to look at Sakura. Suddenly, she noticed how dark and deep his eyes were, even though there wasn't much light.

"Wanna come home with me?" He asked, looking her up and down.

"You mean for a no-strings attached make-out session?" Sakura asked coyly.

Syaoran looked her up and down again. "Yeah." He said slowly.

Flexing her muscles slightly, Sakura followed him into the darkness.


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