Chapter 12-Blue As The Sky


After running for about ten minutes, Sakura had to admit that she wasn't going to get very far. Stopping for a break, she tried to rationalize her thoughts but all she could think of was what Aiko had said. Did he really call out her name? Did he really love her? The blush was beginning to rise on Sakura's cheeks as leant against a wall for support. She was not the most athletic person alive.


Slowly but surely, Syaoran had given up hope of expecting Sakura to come bounding into the airport. He had forty-five minutes left before boarding. As he was sitting on a hard, airport style chair, he noticed a couple, standing by the entrance. The girl, who had dark brown hair, was doing her best to hold back the tears while the boy, who had light brown hair, as standing very rigid with his face puffed up.

"I...I suppose this is it then..." The girl said, her voice wobbling.

The boy said nothing; he merely straightened up even more, his face going red.

The girl was obviously waiting for him to say something but he just stood there, his face looking like a big red balloon.

"Well..." Said the girl, her voice close to breaking. "I guess...Sayonara..."

As she turned to leave, the boy suddenly stretched his hand out, clutching at the girl's arm.

"Ying Fa!" He yelled, causing a few people to stop what they were doing.

The girl, Ying Fa, turned her head around, facing the boy.

"I..." He stumbled, his voice with the same amount of cracking as Ying Fa. "I...I love you!"

Syaoran watched as Ying Fa's face suddenly screwed up and big tears plopped down her face.

"And..." The boy continued. "I don't ever want to lose you!"

"Oh Rei..." Came the reply as she burst into tears.

Syaoran didn't hear the rest as before he knew it, his legs were carrying him into the bathroom. He slammed the door behind him as he clutched at the sink.

'What's going on?' He thought as sweat poured down his face. His stomach was screwed up like a tight ball and his arms were shaking as they tried to support him.

Taking in a few deep breaths, Syaoran slowly lifted his head up to the mirror.


Sakura was becoming desperate, she had half an hour to reach the airport and her legs alone couldn't carry her. The little ray of sunshine was disappearing behind the dark clouds as the struggled in vain to force her legs to run. In the end, her legs gave way and she tumbled to the ground.

'This isn't happening,' she thought. 'I have to get to Syaoran! Work legs!'

It wasn't working; her legs were refusing to move from their position. Despair was coursing through Sakura as she lifted her head up. 'What am I supposed to do now?' She could feel the tears begin to prickle her eyes. 'No!' She thought angrily. 'I will not cry! I will NOT cry!'

A familiar noise suddenly grabbed Sakura's attention.

It was a motorbike.

Touya's motorbike!

Had her legs not given way, Sakura would have jumped for joy as she saw the familiar red and black design come into view.


That was not sweat pouring down his face.

Cursing every curse word he could think of, Syaoran rushed into a cubicle, kicking the door as he locked it, glad that no one else was in the bathroom.

Grabbing the course tissues from the dispenser, Syaoran furiously wiped the tears away, only to have more come seeping out from his face. His shoulders shook violently as he sobbed quietly into the tissues.

He remembered seeing her before he knew who she was. Of course, his first impression wasn't anything amazing but he had been taken with her emerald eyes. He remembered the first time he spoke to her and how he had proposed they had a no-strings-attached relationship. He also remembered how beautiful she had become each time he saw her...

What was happening? Why did he feel like this? Why was he leaving?

He kept on trying to tell himself that it was for the best. That Sakura was just another girl.

Or is she? Said the little annoying voice in Syaoran's head.

No girl has ever made you feel the way SHE does, It continued. You KNOW you love her. You even told Aiko you did! So why are you in an airport bathroom, crying your eyes out?

Syaoran had no answer for this and even if he did, he didn't know whom to address the answer to.

It's better this way. It's better this way. He kept in telling himself.

No it's not.


"You're so clumsy kaijuu." Touya smirked as he helped Sakura onto his bike. "You didn't really think you could run all the way to the airport did you?"

Sakura was in too much bliss to really care what Touya said, until he said--

"Hmmm, we only have fifteen minutes and the airport's 30 minutes away."

Sakura gave her brother a pleading look. "We won't make it will we?"

Touya gave a large scoff, which sounded more like he was choking.

"Not very optimistic today are we? If you're gonna think things like that, we shouldn't even bother going!"

"No!" His little sister cried. "We HAVE to go! You'll just have to break the limit won't you?"

The sudden look of grim determination made Touya smile. Even though his sister was a ditz most of the time, he really did love her.

"NOW you're talking!" He said as he started the engine. "Let's go confess our love to that Chinese brat!"

Sakura rolled her eyes as she braced herself.


After a heated battle with himself that Syaoran never expected to ever have, he finally left the cubicle. Splashing himself with cold water he looked in the mirror again.

We certainly have changed haven't we? The little voice piped up.

Syaoran studied the lean, handsome face dripping with water and smiled a small smile.

"Sure have." He replied as he left the bathroom.

It was boarding time and Syaoran grabbed his hand luggage and got in the queue. Even though Tomoeda didn't really mean much to him, there was a sad little feeling in the back of his head. He had been there all his life and he really wasn't too keen on leaving.

'Oh well...' he thought dryly. 'Time to leave.'

He handed the attendant his passport and airplane ticket, he watched as the man ripped up the ticket and handed it back. Sighing, Syaoran began to walk forward.

"SYAORAN!" Came an oh-so-familiar voice from the entrance to the lobby.

Pricking his ears up at the voice, Syaoran spun around. He couldn't see anything; there were too many people! His amber eyes frantically searched the area where the voice came from. Did he really hear it? Was it just a dream?

"SYAORAN!" He heard again. Pushing his way out of the line, he headed in the direction of the voice.

Suddenly, he saw a figure standing taller than everyone else. He had jet-black hair and a set frown on his face. He looked in Syaoran's direction.

"There's the brat Sakura!" He bellowed, pointing directly at Syaoran. A small, auburn head popped up next to Touya's, then two emerald eyes and finally, Sakura's face.

Her whole face lit up when her eyes fell upon Syaoran.

"Don't move!" She called out to him as she hopped down from the chair.

Syaoran didn't know what to do. He stood there, dumbfounded as he watched Sakura, his Sakura, push her way through the crowds.

Suddenly, there she was. Looking exactly the same as always, only more beautiful. She ran over to him about to hug him, when she checked herself.

There they stood. A metre away from each other. Little did they know that the whole airport had their eyes on the couple.

Syaoran was at a loss. He was sure his mouth was hanging open but he just couldn't believe it. She had come! She didn't want him to leave!

Sakura clasped her hands together, her whole face just one big cherry tomato.

"Syaoran..." She whispered, as if saying his name was a privilege.

'Oh God,' She thought, her courage leaving her. 'This is just like a movie! What do I say? Everyone is staring.'

"Syaoran..." She repeated. Unable to think of anything else.

"Y...yes?" He asked, his voice quivering slightly. He was still trying to take in the fact that she was there.

"Um..." This was embarrassing. She knew he loved her. So why couldn't she say it out loud?

"Hurry up kaijuu! I got to be at Yukito's soon!" Came a low voice somewhere from the back.

'Screw it Sakura! Now or never!'

Holding her hands tighter, her mind set, she opened her mouth.

"I don't want you to leave Syaoran." She said, dead-seriously.

Syaoran stood there, his eyes wide open and his hands shaking slightly by his side.

"I'm sorry I argued with you. I'm sorry I got the wrong idea about you and Aiko."

Somebody in the back let out a low whistle.

"The truth is Syaoran..." 'I'm going to say it' She thought. ' I will say it!'

Syaoran's heart was going a mile a minute. He was hoping she'd say what he thought she'd say...

Sakura was going weak at the knees. 'I don't have the strength!' She thought to herself. 'What if he rejects me?"

You idiot! Came a small voice. Say it now!



"Syaoran! I love you!"

A wave of relief washed straight over Sakura as she unclasped her hands and let them fall to her side. There was a loud silence as all eyes turned to the amber-eyed boy.

It was like a heavy weight had been lifter off the boy's shoulders. He let himself smile as he looked at Sakura. His beautiful, kind Sakura.

"I love you too." He said, his voice full of warmth and comfort.

The whole airport let out a loud sigh as Sakura's face shot up to Syaoran's. The amazement was evident in her eyes and tears began to form.

In two steps, Syaoran was by Sakura's side. Pressing his lips against hers as they had their first real kiss. Everyone was cheering and crying as the couple embraced each other.

Touya stood in the back, a small triumphant smile on his lips. Even though Syaoran was a brat, Sakura was happy with him. So it was all right.

"I should've brought a camera." He thought, feeling a little annoyed.



All of Syaoran's stuff had been returned to his apartment. His father was not pleased with Syaoran's decision to stay in Tomoeda but, seeing how his son had suddenly changed, his decided that it probably was for the best.

Touya and Yukito were still unsuspectingly in love with one another and Sakura found in incredible amusing putting them both on the spot. Especially in front of one another.

Chiharu and Yamazaki had announced their plans to get married. It was inevitable really, as they had been in love with each other since they day they met.

Tomoyo and Sakura had become close friends again. The little 'episode' was never mentioned again, which was good, as Tomoyo had taken quite a liking to Eriol...


"I spy with my little eye, something beginning with...C!"

Syaoran sighed as he scratched the back of his head. "Ceiling."

Sakura pouted. "How did you know?"

"Cos it's the only thing you can see."

"True, true."

Syaoran and Sakura were lying in Syaoran's bed. Syaoran wearing just some old jeans and Sakura in her pyjamas. It had been two months and they were as close as ever. Syaoran was doing some part-time modelling while training to be a Martial Arts teacher. Sakura had moved in with him and was working at the ice-rink in Tomoeda. They had, of course, crossed that line, which was why they were laying there at nine O'clock in the morning playing I-spy.

Sakura rested her head on Syaoran's lean chest. "You smell good." She mumbled, dragging her finger along Syaoran's abs.

"Mmmm, an you're incredibly beautiful." He whispered, kissing her head lightly.

Sitting up, Sakura looked into Syaoran deep amber eyes. There was nothing but love in them now.

"This is just a fling, right?" Sakura asked, her hand stroking Syaoran's cheek.

Syaoran's hand brushed some auburn hair out of Sakura's eyes. He smiled at her, a genuine smile.

"No," He said, "This is much better."

Sakura beamed and leant down into Syaoran as they kissed.


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