Disclaimer: Bobby Drake doesn't belong to me.

Summary: Um, just something I wrote to break my writer's block.

Note: Don't worry, this ficlet did its job and my writer's block has dissolved. The next chapter in The Natalie Saga is coming along nicely.


He loved her. He adored her, and worshipped the ground she walked on.

He loved her smile, so radiant; her lips, so soft and full; her eyes, the amethyst orbs that sparkled like glitter.

Her laugh, rich and throaty; her volatile temper.

He loved her faith, her absolute trust in him.

That trust was her undoing.

He let her down.

Staring at her, so peaceful in her coffin, he cried. He kept crying, tears turning colder and colder until they froze on his cheeks, glistening in the afternoon sun.

He shuddered and shuddered as the realization that he would never hear her laughter again, never see her eyes again, never receive of her wrath again took hold.

"I'm sorry," he whispered to the corpse. It was too much for him and he collapsed.

He felt strong arms encircling him transferring warmth to his ice cold body. And a soft voice whispered "Its okay, Bobby..."