*Cy and BB are having an argument about who hid the cooking oil, Raven is sitting on the sofa reading. Robin and Star enter*

Robin : And that's why people don't drink cooking oil, Star.

Star :(blushes) I am sorry. I saw it in the cupboard, and thought that it looked almost as good as mustard…

Robin : Well, on the mustard… Cool it you two! What is it this time?

Cy :(spitting as he talks, pointing at BB) He hid the oil so I couldn't make breakfast!

BB: Did not! You Lie! *Goes to punch Cy, who grabs his head. BB grows tentacle like arms to flail at Cy, but they all fall short*

Robin :(turning to her) Star…?

*She blushes again, goes over, pushes them gently apart, and bows to Cyborg* I apologise Cyborg, but it was me, I drank your cooking oil…

Cy : What! *Scratches head* Are you trying to cover for BB?

Star :*Shakes head* No Cyborg. I am sorry. I drank it. And it made me feel quite ill.

BB : Oh well, at least I'm out of the frying pan…*laughs to himself* Good one…

Cy, Robin, And Star:(evil giants, BB a chibi) WHAT WAS THAT!

BB : Nothin'… *Sits down next to Raven, and double-takes* Hey, isnt your book upside-down? *Takes book spine, and turns it so that he can see her face. Tears are running down it.* Raven… are you… crying?

*The only anwer he gets is a gulp of saddness, Cy is still marveling at the stupidity needed to drink half a liter of cooking oil, in a outdoor voice*

BB : Rei?

*Still no answer, just closed lids and tears*

BB : Ra-ven. Rei-Rei! *Claps hands* C'mon Raven, speak! *Takes cat-paw and touches her face with it. This failing, he puts his arm around her*

Raven :(tears stop, eyes open) Hmmnunm? *closes eyes and rests head on BB's shoulder. He looks mildly surprised*

BB : O-kaay then. *He takes her book from where it has falled open on her lap, closes it one-handedly, moves her hand from under the book, and keeps ahold of it. Raven is decidedly asleep* And I never did find out why she was crying…

End of part one.