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Beast Boy reaches through space, suddenly finding his hand grabbing at a fistful of wet slimy mud, and rain tapping on his forehead. "Raven? Where are you? Raven!" He looked around. "Ugh. Where am I?"

TGA: Did you hear that, Frank?

TGB: No. I did not hear another of the demon children calling out for this one, and I'm not going to turn around and listen, either. And don't call me Frank.

TGA: If you're sure...


BB: Raven! This is all my fault, I shouldn't have let her go! Raven! Rei... I'm so, so sorry, come back! (he walks off into the distance)


Star: Our people?

Krimson: Yes.

Robin: Humans or-

Star: My People?

Krimson: Both. Since Trigon re-emerged, our peoples have come together. Tamaran was taken very early on (No, gasped Star), and we moved to Earth to fight a battle against the Demons that we at least had a chance of winning. But...

Robin: But what?

Krimson: Our people only came to Earth after the Grand Ruler of Tamaran became Queen of this planet... After she married...

Robin: Married who?

Krimson: (turns to look at him) You.

Star: I become Grand Ruler of Tamaran and bring our peoples together! Robin, are you not happy!

Krimson: Um...

Star: ...What?

Krimson: You are not... exactly... the Grand Ruler.

Star: Then... Who is, pray, tell me. Tell me!

Krimson: Kommand'r.

Star: No!

Robin: Who?

Star: Blackfire, my sister. Kommand'r is her Tamaranian Name. (turns to Robin) How could you do such a thing! I will never forgive you!

Robin: Starfire, no, I don't want...

Star: (Starbolt) Stay away from me! (runs into a corner to cry)

Krimson: I'm sorry...

Robin: It's not your fault. (clenches fist) If anyone's, I suppose it will be mine.

Krimson: (looks at him) It's not like you have a choice in the matter.

Cy: (still holding Iris) Wha?


The guards have got to the palace, carrying Raven. They lump her onto the ground and the Queen of the Galaxy is announced. The two guards bow as Blackfire enters, wearing much the same outfit as in 'Betrothed' (which, with the rest of the second season onwards, we are pretending didn't happen -). She is also no longer 19, but 33, and her face has taken on the appearance of the too overly made-up.

Blackfire: What do you want?

TGA: We brought you one of the Demons, your Most Highness.

Blackfire: (yawn) Let's see it then... See if it's worth the tree, that is.

Frank turns Raven over so that Blackfire can see her face. The Queen gasps.

Blackfire: That's one of those Titan Brats... My Master isn't going to like this. Thank you. (keeps voice calm) She will be killed tomorrow, with some of the others in the dungeon. Wouldn't want her thinking herself... special.