Chapter 3: The Avoidance

Hello again! I'm adding another chapter to my story! I would like to thank the reviewers once again for there encouragement with my story! This chapter is going to be a sad one just to warn you all

Summary: Ever wonder what happened with the Bladebreakers after the World Championships? You have to read to find out!! P.S. bad at summary's sorry!!!

Warning: This story contains Yaoi so if you don't like don't read!!! Pairings: Kai/Rei and Tys/Max Disclaimer: I do not to my dismay own beyblade the story or the characters

Last chapter He didn't say a word to Rei as he got up and left the room and eventually the house to have a late night walk. Rei was starting to cry at the thought that Kai did not trust him enough to tell him what was wrong.

While Rei was inside crying Kai decided to go on a midnight walk. He thought to himself who would understand? He naturally thought of Rei who he thought was inside sleeping. He didn't think Rei would understand so he headed of in the direction of the condo in which the demolition boys were staying.

As soon as he got there he rang the door bell and it was answered by Tala who was standing there in his pajamas looking as if he was about to fall asleep.

"Kai?" Tala asked through a wide yawn.

"I'm sorry for waking you up so late but I had another nightmare that I was in the abbey and I really needed to talk" answered Kai who was standing awkwardly at the door.

Kai peered in to see that Ian and Spencer were sleeping together on the couch looking quite comfy. Spencer had has arms rapped around Ian who appeared to be fast asleep. Bryan it appeared had just disappeared.

I wish that was me and Rei he thought then mentally slapped himself for it.

"Okay you can come in" said Tala with another huge yawn.

With that Tala stepped aside as Kai passed through the door. Kai and Tala decided that they would go into Bryan and Tala's room to not disturb Ian and Spencer.

"Okay so what happened?" questioned Tala.

"I dreamt that I was back in the abbey and enduring another one of my grandfather's beatings" stated Kai as he looked past Tala into the bedroom window.

Just as Tala was about to say something Kai interrupted.

"There was some thing different this time though" said Kai.

"What was different this time?" pushed Tala who had a interested look on his face.

"This father was in it and he was telling my grandfather to stop beating me and then all of a sudden he's gone and I never see him again" said Kai who was sporting a sad look on his face.

Tala having known that Kai had never known his parents (his mother died in child birth and his father disappeared) and having grown up in the abbey could sort of understand what Kai was going through.

"Do you remember anything else that happened?" said Tala.

Kai though for a moment but quickly shook his head no.

"Did you talk to your team about this?" asked Tala.

"No I thought they wouldn't understand" said Kai.

"I think that you should go and talk to your team about this because I find it always helps" said Tala.

"But...." started Kai.

"No buts now go and talk to your team it's just about dawn" ordered Tala.

Kai stood up grumbling about how they wouldn't understand as he was walking back to their house to talk to his team.

I think one person on your team especially will understand better than you think thought Tala after Kai had left the room.

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