A/N: Okay! These are scenes that were replaced, and just never made it into the fic. I thought people might enjoy them, so I'm posting.

Pt 16 deleted Shaving Cream scene.

"Ugh. This stuff is so depressing," Rory said over the sounds of water hitting skin and tile.

Jess sighed as he took a shower. She was sitting on the closed toilet while he cleaned up. "Well, it is Baudelaire. And Baudelaire is depressing."

"The guy likens his prostitute girlfriend to a vampire."

"Clever, wasn't he?"


He shut off the water and stood there dripping. "Towel?"

She grabbed the towel and held it up to him behind the shower curtain, all without looking away from her book.



He stepped out with the towel wrapped around his waist, and looked in the mirror at his stubbly face.

She watched him inspect his face and let her eyes wander to his bare back. Smooth skin and muscle. She shook out her head and looked back to his face. "Shaving day?"

He nodded. "Yeah, I'm starting to look like a hobo."

"But a cute hobo."

He cracked a smirk for her and picked up the bottle of shaving cream.

"Can I?"

He blinked at her from the mirror. "You are so weird."

She got up and plucked the bottle out of his hands to shake it up. "What? It's fun."

Jess smirked again. "You just like spreading it on my face because you know if you tried to get me with it in my sleep I'd wake up."

"I've been discovered." She put some of the shaving cream on her hands and began to apply it to his face.

"How are you good at this?" he asked.

She shrugged and finished with his face. "Just am." He went to grab his razor but she stopped him. "Not done."

He gave her a quizzical look as she sprayed some gel on his stomach, and rubbed it to turn into cream. When Jess looked back into the mirror, he found a shaving cream smiley face where she had sprayed.

He gave her snickering form a scowl. "I despise you."

She laughed. "I think it makes a statement."

"I think in about four seconds, you're gonna be covered in shaving cream."

In a matter of five minutes, the bathroom and both inhabitants were covered in shaving cream.

A minute later, she was in his arms kissing him deeply.

She let her hands wander over his back. They traveled down his sides to his bare hips.


She let go of him and whirled around, her face reddening by the second.

He looked down at his naked form, feeling slightly embarrassed. "Oh..."

"Sorry," she said softly.

He put the towel back in place and looked around. "We should clean up..."

She whirled back around to face him. "I'm not ready."

He gave her a slightly confused expression, and she turned a deeper shade of red.

He nodded, understanding. "I can handle that."


He kissed her softly. "Yeah." He ran a finger down her nose, wiping some shaving cream off of it. "I need pants."

She nodded and began cleaning up.

Alternate Jess and Christopher Meeting Pt 13


"Uh... I'm looking for Lorelai Gilmore."

Jess leaned against the doorframe. "Which?"


"Not here. Can you settle for junior?"


"Rory! Yuppie at the door for you!"

Christopher raised an eyebrow.

"Well, make something up!" Rory called. "You're a good liar. Tell him I died by pasta!"

Jess sighed. "You heard the lady. Death by pasta. Tragic, really."

Christopher's eyebrow rose higher. "You the boyfriend?"

He gave a nod. "Who're you?"

"The Dad."

Jess paled slightly. "Oh... shit... Rory!!!"

"Death by pasta, Jess!"

"The yuppie is your dad!"

Alternate Halloween Conversation Ch. 37






"Rory, no."

"You can be Satan."

He stopped moving around the diner. "You mean it?"

She nodded as he walked behind the counter across from her stool. "Yup."

"And what will you go as?" he asked her skeptically.


He cracked a smirk. "And what does God look like?"


"And Satan looks like me."

She nodded.

"Should I be insulted?"

"You were all excited a minute ago!" Rory cried.

"I wasn't excited," Jess told her. 'I showed mild interest."

"Liar. I saw excitement in your eyes."

He smirked again. "And what do I get if I go?"

"The satisfaction of knowing you made me happy," she replied.


"And that you will probably annoy the entire town population."

He looked at her thoughtfully, and then leaned over the counter. "So... what does Satan wear?"

Alternate opening scene to Ch. 17

Emily was in shock.

"That woman left him and he came to you and you rejected him?"

Lorelai sighed. "It wouldn't have been right, Mom."

"I don't understand."

"Rory and I both felt that it wasn't right."

"You finally had a chance and you turned him down!"


Emily shook her head. "I just... I can't believe it."

"Believe it, Mom."

"You just sent him away?"

"It didn't feel right anymore," Lorelai pleaded again. "Apart of me will always care for Chris, but it can't work out. It never does. And he and Rory are completely on the rocks. How can I possibly have a relationship with someone she can't talk to?"

"She'd get over it," Emily snapped.

"He hasn't called in months," Lorelai snapped back. "All of the sudden he wants to be a family again? And this soon after Sherry left him?"

Emily sighed.

"It's not right, Mom. Not anymore."

Emily glared at her daughter. "Fine."

Silence resonated throughout the dining room. Both Emily and Lorelai still glaring at each other.

Richard sighed. "Well, if it didn't feel right, then she made the right decision."

Both women stared at him in shock.

"It would have been a strained relationship," Richard went on. "And that would put a strain on Rory."

"She's a young woman," Emily pointed out. "She could have handled it."

"She would have resented them both," Richard replied. "Christopher more than she already does. It the window of opportunity has closed, it has closed."

Lorelai nodded. "Thank you, Dad."

Richard shook his head. "I will say that you should have married him in the first place."

Lorelai dropped her fork. "Oh, where we go."

Alternate Conversation in Ch. 45

"Dean and Gloria?"

Rory nodded as she plopped down next to Jess in her dorm common room the next day.

"Dean and... Gloria?"

She nodded again.

Jess blinked. "We both understand the fact that Gloria is the female, Italian version of Mike Tyson, yes?"

"I just think that maybe it would be nice."

"She's my cousin," Jess replied. "Dean's not gonna go for it."

"Gloria isn't you. She's much louder, and nicer."

"When she's not punching people's lights out." Jess shook his head. "And... Dean's married."

"But they're having problems."

"So your solution is for them to see other people."

"His idea."


"He wanted said 'other people' to be me."


"I said no."

He nodded.

"Should I have said yes?"

"Did you want to?"


"Then it's good that you said no."

"Did you want me to say no?"

"Nope. I wanted you to go out with Dean," Jess replied sarcastically.

She smirked and rested her head against the couch, looking at him. "Love you."

He reached over and kissed her softly. "Love you, too."

"I don't wanna date Dean."

"I don't want you to date Dean, either." He kissed her again, longer this time and she pulled him on top of her, deepening the kiss.

The door swung open and Paris groaned. "Do you mind?"

They sat up, Rory blushing.

"Hi, Paris..."

"Hello, Rory... Jess."

He nodded. "Paris."

"Care to get a room?" Paris asked. "Some of us are trying to hold down our lunch."

"I think that every time you talk about Asher," Jess quipped. "At least I don't have wrinkles."

"Asher is in very good health," Paris argued.

Jess muttered something under his breath and Rory poked him in the stomach.

"Be nice."

"Not in his genetic code," Paris snapped.

"We're trying to set Dean up with Gloria," Rory said suddenly, changing the subject.

Paris gave them an odd look. "He's married."

"Yeah, but they're having problems," Rory replied. "And he wants to see other people."

"And by other people he meant you," Jess cut in.

Alternate Jess's Homecoming for Chapter 35

"I'm so sorry," he told her.

She nodded, watching him from her bed. He'd missed her birthday party completely.

"My flight was delayed for hours," Jess told her. "I read Slaughter House Five four times through waiting for that god-damned plane. By the time I landed I was on my third run of Franny and Zoey. I can quote anything from those two books."

Rory smiled. "You already could." She'd missed talking to him so much. Not that she never talked to him, but it was different to hear him in person.

"By the time I got back to New Haven it was a quarter to midnight. And now it's..." he looked at his watch. "One thirty in the morning."

She watched him stand there in front of her, and noticed that he was shaking slightly. "Jess...?"

He looked at her.

She got up and rubbed his bare arms gently. "You're frozen solid."

"I forgot my jacket at my apartment," he told her sheepishly.

She nodded. "Come on, I'll make you coffee."

He didn't reply. He put a hand in her hair gently. "You grew your hair out."

She smiled and shrugged.

They stood silent for a long moment, before Jess leaned in and kissed her hungrily.

When they pulled apart for air, they she pressed her forehead to his, eyes still closed.

"God," she whispered. "I missed you."

He nodded and began kissing her again.