Some call it Life

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His home had been invaded by potpourri and fashion dolls. There were pantyhose hanging in the shower, Lego's on the floor, and Midol in the medicine cabinet. His fridge was full of strawberry yogurt, bottled water, and Toddler Chews. The living room had been repainted to match the new sofa. His Star Wars action figures had been thrown out and replaced with crystal vases and family photos. The battered foosball table had been sold in the yard sale along with his old Sega system. The beanbag chair with the duct tape patches was thrown away. The picture of dogs playing poker had mysteriously disappeared from the kitchen and had been replaced with a framed photo of Judy Garland. His study had been taken over by Gummy bears and paint Princess Pink. There was shell shaped soap in the bathroom and toys in the tub. There was crayon scribbling in the hall and child proof latches on everything. In short his home had been invaded by potpourri and fashion dolls. Otherwise knows as the opposite sex. Further known as his wife and daughter. Even further known as Angelica and Cheyenne. Even more further known as the two loves of his life.

Angelica could redecorate his house however she wanted and Cheyenne could bury all the silverware in the house as long as they were still there every time he came home. He'd buy his wife a Mercedes just to hear her say " I love you" before he hung up the phone at the office. He'd give his daughter the moon if she asked for it just to see the smile on her face. He'd do anything to remain a part of their life. Skydive, swim with piranhas, wrestle a crocodile, or face a firing squad. He'd do anything for them.

He couldn't remember a happier time in his life. Not the first time he got behind the wheel or when he graduated high school with honors. He'd never been happier in his life. Nothing compared to falling asleep next to his wife or teaching Cheyenne how to count to ten. Not opening his own veterinary office or being the best man at Kimi's wedding. Nothing felt as good as being a husband or a father.

He never considered Cheyenne to be his stepdaughter. She was his daughter. It didn't matter to him if he hadn't actually fathered her. Cheyenne was his daughter and he had the adoption papers to prove it. She had him wrapped around her little finger. He assumed she got that from her mother. She'd call him Daddy and he fount himself smiling. Daddy. He was the father of this toddler. He was the father of this little blonde angel with the bright green eyes. Cheyenne was his daughter. She'd tell you so herself.

He'd been there from the beginning. Soon as Cheyenne biological father took off after Angelica told him she was pregnant. Leaving behind a scared girl and an unborn child. He had been there for it all. Doctor appointments, ultrasounds, baby showers, and the actually delivery. He wanted to hate the man that abandoned these special women in his life but he couldn't. If Cheyenne biological father had been a real man there would have been no need for him. He wouldn't have been part of either of Angelica or Cheyenne's life like he was now. He wouldn't be the husband or the father that he was now. He wouldn't have had a chance to fall in love with the mother or the daughter. He probably would have only seen them at family barbeques, birthday parties, and holiday. That would never be enough for him.

Not everyone had understood his and Angelica's budding romance. Tommy, while he did love his cousin and was thankful for all the support his best friend was giving her, thought he was mad. It was true their personality clashed. She was loud. He was quite. She was bossy. He was meek. She was a show off and he was the shy type. They were completely opposites but the moment little Cheyenne was born everything changed. He was the first person to hold her before giving her to Angelica. He'd been the delivery coach and at the moment he felt like the father too.

He even got to help name the baby because Angelica couldn't decide on one before the birth.

"What about Sara? That's a classic name." Angelica had asked while feeding the newborn.

"Nah. How about Hope. It's fitting." He had said.

"No way. I knew a girl name Hope. What a snob. No definitely not Hope."

It went on like this for hours. Naming names and disagreeing on them. Brianna, Heather, Karen, Terra, and Lisa. Terrie, Robin, Courtney, and Tiffany. It seem liked they ran through a hundred names. Reciting names they had remembered from baby books, online naming site, soap operas, and from acquaintances but nothing seem fitting. It was when he went to get some coffee from the cafeteria that inspiration struck him. There in the elevator beside her grandfather stood a little blond girl with pigtails. She reminded him of a young Angelica. Her name was Cheyenne. She was his inspiration. He ran down the hall, received several ugly looks from some nurse and burst through the door. Angelica was done with feeding her daughter and looked up at him with annoyance.

"Shush! She's asleep now." She said quietly then kissed the baby girl on top of the head.

"Cheyenne!" He exclaimed in a loud whisper, very excited.

"Whose Cheyenne?" The mother had asked.

"The baby. Name her Cheyenne." He explained.

Angelica looked at her precious bundle of joy, sleeping peacefully, and smiled.

"Cheyenne. I like that. Hello my little Cheyenne." Angelica said while snuggling her daughter. It wasn't long after that she fell asleep holding Cheyenne and his hand. It was then that he knew for sure he was in love.

He remained a very big part of their lives even after they had left the hospital. He babysat, ran errands, showered Cheyenne with gifts, and dated the mother. When Cheyenne turned two they got married. No one was really surprised.

The wedding had been low key. A small group of friends and family. Angelica had worn a lavender dress that her mother had brought home from Paris. Cheyenne even had a dress to match. Tommy was his Best man and Susie was the Maid of honor. Susie's daughter, Megan, even had the honor of being the Flower girl. His sister had cried when her husband gave them the heartfelt toast. Lil felt the need to add something to her brother toasted and simply said "Be happy." This got to everyone. After midnight, when the reception had ended they board a plane and headed to Rome because A Roman Holiday was Angelica favorite movie and she always wanted to go. Cheyenne had stayed with her grandparents and both her parents missed her so much they cut the trip short by two days.

He official adopted Cheyenne shortly after that and his wallet was full of picture of the child. He'd proudly show them to anyone, even complete strangers. Angelica didn't know whether to kill him or kiss him. He cherished everyday they had together and knew his wife did too.

Cheyenne was growing more and more each day and he was overjoyed that he was there to witness it too. There were hundreds of pictures and videotapes of her. Pictures she drew taped to the fridge and hung in his office. He played dolls with her and played with her at the park. Right now he and his wife were teaching her to tie her shoes. They had made little progress but had fun anyway. Even with her tying their shoelaces in knots.

He'd been there for her first words and her first steps. He had been there when she came into this world and he would be there for her for much more. Her first day at school, her first date, when she got married, and when she had children of her own. He'd been there for his wife too and he always would be. They were his family now. Angelica was his wife and Cheyenne was his daughter. Life couldn't get any better for him. Or maybe it could.

Angelica had called him at the office after her doctor's appointment. She told him to get home because they had some celebrating to do.

"Cheyenne going to be a big sister." His wife had said over the phone.

"You mean..." he trailed off, a lost for words.

"Yup. We're having another baby."

So he was on his way home to celebrate with Angelica and Cheyenne. He was on his way home. His life was good because he was on his way home to his wife and daughter. Even further known as the two loves of his life.


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