The final chapter, which was written months ago, and which I feel is the perfect ending to the saga. I apologise again for the last chapter but I just wanted to get this one up!!

Caitlin's mind was working a mile at minute. She couldn't take in what she was seeing in front of her. Instantly, the events that drove her and Paul to break up nearly five years ago flashed in front of her eyes, making her even angrier.

"I can't believe you are doing this to me again." She yelled, as Paul jumped up, yanking his trousers back around his waist as he drew to full height. She saw the colour drain out of his face as he realised that once again he had been caught in the act. "After everything we have been through, you are still fucking other women. And that fucking slut of all people. I can't believe I bought all your shit."

"Cait, I can explain -" Paul looked as though he was going to burst into tears, which made Caitlin even more furious. He had no right to feel like he was the victim, he was the one in the wrong. He was the one in bed with another woman. He was the one who had stabbed her in the heart for a second time.

"No Paul, you really can't." Caitlin was shaking with anger and frustration. She couldn't believe that after everything he'd said and done to prove he had changed, the way he had tried to become a part of her son's life, he was still the same cheating slimeball he always was. "There is no way you can explain away this one. I was stupid enough to take you back, I guess I deserved this."

"Yeah sweetheart, you did." Stephanie stood up, and put her arm on Paul's shoulder, in an attempt to mark her property. Caitlin figured she would have been more subtle if she peed on him. She noticed the smug grin she hated on the tart's face and it riled her up even more. "Only a fool doesn't learn from her mistakes."

Before Caitlin knew what had come over her, Stephanie was on the floor, blood streaming from her nose, with Caitlin on top, punching and kicking the brunette as she screamed for help. At one point, Caitlin even managed to grab her by the hair and pulled her up to look in her soulless eyes, before punching her back to the ground. Eventually, Paul managed to grab Caitlin by the waist and drag her off the helpless Stephanie, who was clutching her nose and screaming about calling the police.

"Caitlin, it was me. Hit me, kick me. Do whatever you want." Paul let go of Caitlin and tensed his huge muscles, ready to let her vent her anger on his body. "Leave her out of this. She wasn't the baddy in all of this."

"So, you're protecting your whore are you? Or are you trying to get sweet again with Vince? You would really do anything to get to the top. Or is there another reason for all your crap?"

"I love Steph," Paul admitted. "I never stopped loving her. I just tried to convince myself that I didn't. You helped me realise that."

Caitlin felt sick to her stomach as she was reminded about what she had told Jeff months earlier when he had asked her how she felt about Paul. Now she knew how he felt, how it seemed to destroy every part of your world and leave you there to pick up the pieces.

"You used me?" She wanted to sink to the floor and sob. All of a sudden all the energy and anger drained from her body and she just felt lifeless.

Paul nodded silently, sending another stab of pain through Caitlin's heart, and looked away, unable to face her. She could see his body tense up again, as though he was preparing for her to fly at him, which she would have, if she had had the energy. Instead she picked up her bag and turned around, using all of her strength to get out of that room. Crossing the carpeted floor, she flung the door open and practically ran out of it, unable to stay for a second longer.

Once safely in the elevator, Caitlin finally slumped to a heap on the floor and pulled out her cellphone. There was only one person in the world she had to speak to right now and she only hoped he wasn't busy.

"Hello." Jeff's voice sounded so reassuring and strong on the other end of the phone and it threw her over the edge. Caitlin let out a loud sob, which Jeff instantly recognised. "Caitlin, what's wrong? Are you there?"

"He did it again," she wailed loudly into her phone, tears streaming down her cheeks, ruining her makeup. "He was fucking that bitch the whole time. He's in love with her."

Through her sobs, she could vaguely hear Jeff sigh and she knew he was desperate to tell her that he had told her so, and was fighting the urge to do it.

Jeff felt his heart strings tug as he heard Caitlin sob hysterically. Even though it had been months since they had spoken, he regretted how he had treated her and wanted to make things up. He knew that now he had the chance and he wasn't going to blow it by getting on his high horse.

"Come home, Caity. You and Brandon. Even if it's just for a holiday. You need to get out of there for a bit."

"I don't think that's a good idea," Caitlin sniffed loudly. "We aren't exactly on very good terms right now and I don't want to walk into a situation like the way we left it before."

"Well, this is a chance to make up for that. I'm not saying we can wipe the slate clean, but we can at least talk. I miss talking to you.

"Caitlin, come home. I don't want you to be there by yourself. Let me look after you for a little while. Let me look after the little man so you can have a break and a chance to pull yourself together."

"Okay, but no promises." Caitlin warned, lightened slightly by the thought of seeing Jeff again. "And remember, I'm not going to be at my best, so if I look a bit scary, don't tell me."

"You always look scary. But that's why I love you."

The next day, Jeff met Caitlin and Brandon at the airport. When Caitlin saw Jeff standing at arrivals, a feeling she had never felt for him rose in her chest. It was something she had felt with a lot of men, particularly Paul, but never Jeff. He was wearing his usual: baggy cropped trousers, trainers, a white wifebeater and a baseball cap, an outfit Caitlin had seen him in so many times she had lost count. But for the first time, Caitlin noticed how good looking he was, and how much sex appeal he oozed just being himself.

Her heart began to race as she felt his aura reach her and for an instant she felt a moment of perfect happiness, as though coming back made her life complete again, but also as though she was discovering Jeff and her feelings for him for the first time. It felt scary and fun and exciting all at once, but more than anything she felt she knew exactly what was going on.

I love him, she admitted like an epiphany, and suddenly everything began to click into place: how close they were, the fact that she let him be her son's father, how much she hated when they fought, the fact that when they weren't together she thought about him all the time and she felt as though a part of her was missing. I am in love with Jeff Hardy, and I'm a fool because I only figured it out now.

She rushed forward, desperate to be in his arms to see if he felt the same way. Brandon was running in front of her, and he reached Jeff first. Reluctantly, Caitlin hung back as they hugged, anxiously waiting for her turn. The fact that she had admitted her feelings for Jeff took a huge weight off her shoulders but now she had to find out if he felt the same.

When her time came to greet her soulmate, she jumped up, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. As their faces became close, Caitlin pushed his head forward and kissed him passionately.

She could feel Jeff's body tighten in surprise and then relax as he began to understand what was going on. Sparks flew as the kiss grew deeper and all at once Caitlin knew that this was her destiny, that she had always meant to be with Jeff. He had known it for all this time, but she had been too stubborn and too naive to see it. She had decided a long time ago that Jeff was a friend and she had written off the possibility of anything more between the two of them, which had resulted in her being blind to what was obvious to the rest of the world.

Everything that had gone on with Paul, and the argument she and Jeff had had fell by the wayside. None of it mattered now they were back together again.

"I'm in love with you," she told him as she let her gently back down onto her feet. "I just wish I'd figured it out a lot sooner."

"I told you we were meant to be together," he laughed, picking up Brandon and throwing him over his shoulder and grabbing their bags. "But I'm glad you realised it, now we can stop wasting time and start spending the rest of our lives together."