Chapter One:

Natalie Hammond put her stethoscope to the patient and listened for the little tells tale patters. Biting her full bottom lip, she looked around in the dull light of her workspace. Doctors had better light but she….she was used to working by the light in her green eyes. If only there was better light this could be easier...but the point wasn't for it to be easy, she reminded herself. If it were, she wouldn't have had to train so much, not to mention it wouldn't be half as fun. She made a note on a palm pilot by her side and looked back up, pushing a long strand of brown hair out of her eyes.

"Just a little bit more baby..." She murmured, her eyes focusing intently. "Stay with me and we'll get through this together..." she felt the joint pop one more time and surprised at wop of triumph. She reached for a metal handle on the side and pulled the safe open to see a beautiful painting.

She smiled and cut it out of the frame delicately making sure not to touch any of the money of gold bars that stood next to it. "I don't want you." She told the sparkling bars tauntingly as she slipped the Motet into a long tube and closed the safe.

"Alright Miss. Stand up slowly." A shaky voice said from behind her.

Natalie rolled her eyes and stood. She wasn't going to run this time. She'd rather be in prison for a little while then get away with a gunshot wound again. Besides...that wouldn't piss her Uncle off enough and she wouldn't be able to play with the detectives. She closed her eyes and turned with her hands in the air slowly and with a small smile. "You got me boys."

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