The Handler Joe's Baby by Hev

Summery: Joe's got a child nobody knows about, Darnell's getting a new job and what is Lily's secret. Disclaimer: I don't own anything poor me Author's notes: my first fic ever I can't up date much but will as often as possible I'm busy with my Matrix fic and school work.

Part 1

"I think you'd make a good handler" Joe said to Darnell as they gathered papers from the news stand. "You've got to be joking. Me a handler?" "Yer you were brilliant last time." Joe said just as a man stopped behind him looking at Joe as if he knew him the man then said "it is you Bruno" Joe spun around and looked at the man who was now in front of him Joe recognized the man but couldn't put a name to the face. It must have shown on his face because the man smiled and said "you don't remember me it's Jack. Jack Mainer we did that job together back in 1991 the bank. Do you remember now" Jack said as he and Joe moved away from the news stand out of Darnell's earshot. "Yer Jack man what happened to you after that job?" Joe asked stepping back into the Bruno persona. "The other guys were all getting pinched so I hightailed it out of there you know lay low for a while" Jack said "Yer me too the cops didn't even bring me in for questioning either cos I was living in a tin can eating out of a can not living it up like those idiots" Joe said the first thing that came to mind. "Hey I got a job on and could real use a guy like you" Jack said "Nah I don't know I've got my own team now my own business" Joe said as he pointed over at Darnell who was still stood at the news stand. "Come on man this could get you and your team a lot of work and loads of dough the boss Benny wants the best and that's you man" Jack said trying to get Bruno to do this job with him. "Ok man I'll do it but I want to meet this Benny before Ok" Joe said sounding as paranoid as he could. "Yer here come to that address at 12 tomorrow to meet him" Jack told Joe as he slipped a business card into his hand "Hey is your kid in town" Jack asked. "Lily? Yer she's a main player in my team she always stays with her daddy" Joe told him "Well bring her along we could use her too. Maybe. What she do for you?" Jack asked " I normally get a shop dig underneath and get her to run the place keep up appearances last job she ran the book store we were digging under" Joe said actually using an old case to fill in the stuff he couldn't make up on the spot. "Ok we can defiantly use her, the boss got a book store needs someone to run it. Bring her. I got to go see you tomorrow right" Jack said as he started to walk away. "At 12" Joe said after him.

End of Part 1