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Yami = Yami no Yugi

Ryou = Ryou Bakura

Bakura = Yami no Bakura

Malik = Malik Ishtar

Mariku = Yami no Malik

Sweet Perfected Naivety Meets Its Counterpart

Chapter 1: Running Into a Scary Group

By LilPurplFlwr

It was not something Yugi chose to do willingly. As a matter of fact, he begged them, just to let him go through. But the police would not let him walk through the bloody area; a result of a gang fight in the streets.

No. Yugi was not the type to be particularly interested in this type of morbid excitement. But, compared to the longer, darker, more dangerous, and scarier route through the alley-like streets, he would rather take his usual route, through the tainted (but brighter) main street. Why did the stupid gangs pick such a nice street to pick a fight on, anyways?

Yugi Motou, at seventeen years, was still a petite teenager. Maybe it was his family genes that he acquired, but looking like a fifteen year old had its disadvantages. He was naturally bullied at his private school, though not as extensively as in a public school, but it hurt nevertheless.

'Too innocent-looking for my own good,' Yugi thought grimly to himself, trying to wrap his thin school jacket around himself tighter, 'I couldn't change my image if my life depended on it.'

Yugi went to one of the "higher-class" private schools, as his grandfather called it. You may even say that they ran an overly successful game shop. They had the only shop in the area that sold extra rare and special Duel Monsters cards. But Yugi did not care much for the prosperity of his small family.

Define small.

Yugi did not know where his family was. He had his grandfather, and the tri-colored teenager was very grateful for his elderly guardian. That concluded his immediate family that Yugi knew of. Yugi felt he was missing out, because everyone (exaggeration, of course) at school had arrogant and expectant parents, who came to discuss problems with the principal every, single week for the protection of their child. It was the same thing as complaining, but, hey, it showed that they cared, right?

The lack of a big brother or sister to confide in, or a younger sibling to argue with, left nobody but Yugi's grandfather, Sugoroku Motou, to talk to. And like other parents, his grandfather was a busy man, who managed the game shop by himself, with the occasional help from Yugi.

The emptiness never left him.

But, currently, Yugi was more worried about his tiny amount of courage leaving him. Nervous and jumpy, Yugi continued to walk down the dark and narrow street, trying to ignore the trash that littered the curb. He clutched his library books tighter against him. His backpack was hanging off one of his shoulders, lighter than the load in his arms. He had spend his whole afternoon in the library, until it closed at nine, finishing his homework. It was only Friday night, but he was planning to spend the whole Saturday with his friends.

With his mind only concentrated on the image of his comfy, safe two-story house that was connected directly to the game shop, Yugi sped up as his fear increased. He could feel pairs of dull, yet malicious eyes staring at him with every single step. Each second that passed increased the percentage of him getting harassed, robbed, or raped.

Ahead of him, a small group of five turned their attention to his rushing figure. Yugi shuddered, hoping he could pass without any trouble.

"Well, whad'dya know. Check out the lil' munchkin hurrying down our street," Jou murmured, flicking his golden blonde strands out of his warm eyes, as he caught sight of Yugi.

"What a cutie pie," laughed the blonde female, also the only girl in the lounging group.

"Mai..." The group exchanged a look of exasperation before they sighed. She just could not be helped.

"Sorry, guys! But he looks so much like a doll or something! You have to admit, he's looking incredibly adorable," Mai said, nodding at Yugi, who was cautiously slowing down as he caught sight of their group.

The platinum-haired teenager, who was casually leaning against the wall, grinned evilly, something that the whole group saw too much of. Then the teen , with pale blond hair, next to him smirked also.

The last teenager, slimmer then the others, with an interesting combination of three colors in his hair, sighed and rubbed his head.

"What are you two thinking of now?" Yami asked, rolling his crimson eyes, before focusing on the snickering duo.

"Well, for your information," Malik started, "He seems to be one of the little snobs from the," he changed his voice as if to mock sophistication, "Higher Classes."

Bakura chuckled, "Speaking of rich people, can you believe the stupid cops didn't know who made that mess over there? You would think that after so long, they would become a little more observant…"

The group's attention was again turned away when they all smelled a waft of cleaness. You must understand, they really do not smell soap a lot where they lived.

Yugi had rushed past them, as if running a marathon.

Thinking fast and noticing how the small teenager had just passed the second he had mentioned the police and mess, Bakura sprinted after the boy, who was no match for his speed.

"Bakura!" Mai exclaimed, her violet eyes snapping angrily, being the one in the group who had most of her heart left.

Bakura grabbed Yugi harshly and slammed the small boy against a nearby wall. Yugi cried out painfully, taken by surprise. The library books dropped and the backpack slid from its owner's shoulder.

Yugi groaned in pain, wincing and tears welling up in his eyes, feeling stronger hands pushing him against the cold brick wall.

"How much did you hear, punk?" Bakura growled, debating whether to use a blade on the kid or not.

The other four teenagers walked closer for inspection and observation.

"Ugh…" Yugi could not speak for a moment.

Bakura started to shake him quite violently, "Answer me, damn it!"

"S-stop it!" Yugi cried out, grasping his assailant's arms and trying to make the stormy-brown eyed teen stop the brutal shaking.

"He said stop."

Bakura felt a calm hand on his shoulder. He sighed, knowing exactly who it was. Yami always ruined Bakura's fun.

Bakura let go of Yugi, shoving the smaller boy a little, as if stating, 'You weren't even worth my time'. Yugi fell limply onto the street, next to his strewn books. His head was bowed down, and his arms were wrapped around himself.

"So, Yami, what's the meaning of this?" Bakura said, growling, "Did you forget this snobby little brat can tattle on us so quick, we won't know what hit us until we're in jail?"

Tears dropped from Yugi's eyes. It hurt, physically, to be slammed into a wall, shaken, and pushed around. It also hurt more, to be called a snobby brat when he hated snobby brats himself, meaning the majority of his high school.

"I propose that we carve some designs into him," Malik offered, playing with his knife nonchalantly, his dark lavender eyes staring straight at the said victim.

Yugi's eyes widened.

"You did too much of 'dat a few hours ago," Jou shot back, trying to prevent the spilling of any innocent blood.

"Well, they deserved it, and you know it," Malik said, flipping the knife and catching it skillfully behind his back.

"I don't think carving designs on their backs is exactly what they deserved," Mai added.

"Yami wouldn't let me carve it on their hearts," Malik shrugged, shooting a glare at Yami, who had to restrain himself from flicking off his friend, "What else was I to do?" Malik asked, blinking innocently at his friends.
Yugi was shivering violently.

"So…" Yami kneeled down to Yugi's level, "How much did you hear?"

Bakura snorted, "Look at Yami go. The whole 'I-am-your-friend' act. Tell me, Yami, how many times has that worked?"

"Shut up."

Yugi shuddered again, and whispered in a meek voice, "Are you going to hurt me?"

"Yes," came Bakura's sarcastic comment.

"No," Yami's voice said reassuringly, yet threatening at the same time. Yugi could not tell if it was directed towards himself, or the white-haired teen named Bakura.

"Kill me?" Yugi said, voice fading even more.


"No," Yami said again, his voice hardening when he kept hearing Bakura interjecting his own wishes.

"Y-You aren't going to...rape me?"


Yami did not answer right away. What image did they present?

"Sure, why not?" Bakura laughed, knowing exactly which buttons to push to annoy Yami.

Yugi almost died right there. He felt faint and backed up against the wall for support.

"Bakura..." Yami muttered warningly, holding up a fist, "One more word out of you..."

"And what will you do?" taunted Bakura, with a challenging smirk, "You can't do anything."

Yami snapped right there. He stood up quickly and whirled around. Bakura readied himself into a defensive position.

Yugi watched in half-horror and half-amazement as the two teenagers started to try and vitally hurt each other. Fast martial arts mixed with more sordid attempts for injury learned on the streets blurred together in Yugi's sight.

Mai knelt down next to Yugi, who scooted a little away from her.

"Hey, kid," Mai said, looking amusedly down upon Yugi, before she giggled, "Oh, you are so cute."

Yugi scooted further away from her, "Uh, t-thank you?"

"Nothing to thank her for," Jou grinned, leaning against the wall on the other side of Yugi. Mai caught this comment as Jou's tendency to take her for granted and sniffed indignantly at her blonde friend.

"So, while those two violent teens get their anger out," Mai explained to Yugi, "I want to tell you, we aren't going to do anything to you."

"Hey, who died and made you boss?" Malik said, standing in front of Yugi, who had nowhere to shift now.

"Shut up," Mai commanded, rolling her eyes. No matter how much she tried to cover it, she would forever worry about Malik and his strange penchants for death. "So what's your name?" Mai asked, standing up, offering a hand for assistance to Yugi.

"Yugi Motou," Yugi said softly, starting to gather his books up, "I should go though. My grandpa needs me at home."

"Yugi...how cute," Mai said, "Better get home before you get hurt around here," she winked.

Yugi smiled gratefully and slung his backpack back over his shoulder, "Thanks. Goodbye."

Mai waved bye before she turned around to see Jou holding Malik, as if for his own dear life, so Malik would not chase down Yugi. Bakura finally managed to wretch himself from Yami's grip, brushed himself off casually, and walked over to where Mai was motherly making sure Yugi had safely made it out of their street and into brighter lit areas. Yami also dusted his hands off, straightened his black tank, and joined the rest of his group.

"You let the little pip-squeak go?" Bakura yelled.

"You have a problem with it, you psychopathic maniac??" Mai snapped back, her nice appearance disappearing in a second when Bakura confronted her.

"Yeah, I have a problem with it, bitch!"


"Go Mai!" Jou said, laughing at Bakura's angry expression, as he touched his hurt face.

"Are you just going to stand there and let a girl take advantage of you?" Malik teased, his lavender eyes glittering michieviously, "Bakura must be ill."

"Shut up, you bastard!" Bakura grumbled, narrowing his eyes into dark slits, before he pounced at his friend.

Yami rubbed his temple, "Jou, is it just me, or are we the only normal ones in this group?"

"Ah, well," Jou considered, "Normal, meaning not psychopaths or mother hens? Then, yes, we're da only normal ones."

"Who are you calling a mother hen?" demanded Malik, who had a knife to Bakura's throat, whilst Bakura had one to Malik's stomach.

Yami groaned in exasperation and sat down on the curb of the street. In the background of his headache he could hear Mai's voice saying something in the lines of 'I was the mother hen, you dumbass' and then some more sounds of bedlam. Running his hand through his hair, Yami gave a small disgusted sound.

"Hey guys..." he asked loudly, hearing the tumbling around him slow for a moment, "Have we paid the rent and stuff?"

Mai sat down heavily next to Yami, her dark purple leather outfit now more slashed up by either Bakura or Malik, or both. "Well, kind of," Mai said, depression setting in.

"What does that mean?"

"It probably means, all we've got covered is the rent. And the bills...I don't think so," Jou added, pushing his bangs away from his face.

"Well, this is not much a surprise," Yami muttered darkly, "I do this every month, every week, every day almost. But, seriously, the way Bakura does it..."

"You have a probably with my method of doing what you must do?" Bakura asked, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed.

"I think his stealing is an art, by the way," Malik added.

"Okay, we need to worry about food, rent, bills," Yami listed, carefully ignoring Malik's comment, "Mainly all concluding that we need to get some more money…"

"Get out that prostitute outfit of yours Mai," Bakura teased.

"That was low!" Mai said, smacking Bakura on his leg, since he was towering above her own seated body.

"Joking, joking," Bakura said, trying to lighten up the mood.

As much as he was violent and all, Bakura still was human. And worrying came with the package called, "Human Emotions." So naturally, Bakura was worrying too. Malik as well. They were not as bad as people might see them as.

Yami got up with a heavy sigh, pushing his blonde bangs out of his face in a tired and sleepy motion. In a silent statement that he was going to turn in, Yami turned and walked toward their small living complex on the street.


Yami felt someone tackle him hard enough to make him lunge toward the cement. Half-awake and trying to get his guards back up, Yami pushed against his assailant and tried to twist from underneath the person. Seeing the silver flash of an edge of a blade, Yami heard a dark voice whisper, "Let's see if I can engrave pictures onto you!"

In the dark, Yami felt the the blade bite into his chest as he struggled to get away from beneath the heavier gang member.

"You picked a shitty night to attack us alone, fool," came Bakura's voice, dripping with venom as he kicked the man off Yami, who was feeling blood drain out of him quicker than he had measured.

Bakura, with a quick glance at the slim figure on the floor, quickly calculated that Yami must have lost enough blood now to be unconscious. The white-haired teen shot Malik a meaningful glance and pulled out his own switchblade and faced the shadowed man, currently rubbing his side from where he had been kicked.

As Malik went to look at Yami, the man turned to run away toward the brighter streets, believing that they would not fight in the watchful neighborhood.

Bakura chased right after him and easily caught up to the attacker. Facing the opposing gang member, Bakura smirked grimly and feigned an innocent look, "Didn't you want to play?"

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