To Thank You


This is just a one shot, and yes, it is a Luffy/Nami fic. There really aren't any of those on, which is too bad. Het pairings don't seem to get much attention for this anime. Except with a little Sanji/Nami, but I haven't seen much happen with their relationship so far in the series. They don't interact much. Maybe they will later. For some reason, not into the yaoi so much in this series.

Hope people like my fic. Criticism welcome, as long as it's constructive.



"It's finally over, Bellemere-san."

Tears dripped on the cold ground beneath Nami. She looked up at Bellemere's grave, a smile on her face. It was indescribable how happy she felt. How happy her whole village must be feeling right now.

"Everyone's safe! And it's all thanks to..."



Nami turned to see a confused Luffy. Bones were in his mouth from food he had recently eaten, and more meat was gripped in his hands.

"Eh? There's nothing to eat here."

Nami wiped her hand across her face. He stared at her for a few seconds.

"Well, guess I'm going back."

He moved to go.

"H-hey! Wait!"

Nami jumped up and ran towards the boy. She hesitated for a moment in front of him considering what she wanted to say and decided not to say anything. Instead she wrapped her arms around his neck.


Nami pulled back a bit and smiled at Luffy. He looked blankly at her. Luffy was a difficult one to read. He could seem so simple minded at times, but that's just because to Luffy the world was simple. There was no need to complicate things. He never had any doubt in what he did. There was a great kindness in him.

Nami didn't know how to express what she was feeling, so she followed her first impulse.

She kissed Luffy.

It was a very light kiss, and it only lasted for a couple seconds, but Nami felt a nervous twist in her stomach. And the feeling didn't go away when she pulled back.

Luffy's eyebrows were arched high above his eyes.

Nami blushed and faced away, a bit embarrassed at what she had dared to do.

"What was that for?" Luffy asked.

Nami kept her back to her Captain.

"I've lived for this. I've gone on hoping for a time where I can finally be free. And you've given that to me. That was... to thank you."


Author's Notes: I sort of altered what actually happened in the anime at the end of the Arlong arc, having Luffy come up to Bellemere's grave when Nami's there rather then Gen-san. I thought that Nami didn't really get a chance to tell Luffy thank you, and that I would have liked to see that happen.

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