TITLE: Coming Decisions – Chapter 1
WRITTEN BY: Heather Ferguson (fergus80)
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RATING: PG-13 (NC-17 where applicable will be separate)
SUMMARY: Set after Freak Nation. A miss understanding turns into some truth telling and decision making for our transgenic pair.
SPOILERS: Everything!
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RANT: Okay… I did the stupid thing and watched Freak Nation with the commentary. Can I actually say I'm HAPPY that DA was canceled? Seriously what Cameron and/or what the writers wanted to do…. UGH! So, with that annoyance in my head, I just had to correct a few things, or I couldn't live with myself, whatever this will be (obviously, writing this, before I write my fic) is the result of this huge annoyance. SO… let's see how it goes. ;)

Alec watched the flag swirling in the wind from the rooftop overlooking the rest of Terminal City. Looking down he grinned at the little bundle in Gem's arms. The baby's hands reaching out as it yawned. He started to reach out to let the baby grasp at one of his fingers, but hissed quietly as the muscle in his shoulder objected to the movement.

Gem noticed the wince, "How's the shoulder?" She asked, moving her own finger up for the baby to hold onto.

He smiled back at her concern, "Awh, it's fine. No big deal. Just tense from the fast healing process." She nodded back in total understanding.

His eyes then moved over to the two standing next to him and his stomach almost lurched at the site of the latex gloved hand holding onto the other one. He straightened his shoulders and thought about how much time the two had been spending together since the whole Jam Pony incident. He sighed to himself realizing Max had again not let him in on what she was or was not doing anymore. He cringed again as he watched the white covered hand place some of Max's hair behind her ear. *Yep, their non-relationship is back to whatever it was.*

"Alright guys… let's get back downstairs," Max called out to everyone as Joshua was walking over to her. She patted him on the back as they all started to make their way to the exit.

Alec walked up behind Logan and place a hand on his shoulder, "Hey, Logan… Buddy." The older man turned to him with a questioning look. "I just wanted to say…"

Logan cut him off with a self-satisfied grin, "No need to thank me about the familiar girl…"

Alec blinked twice, *Was he serious about that?* He shook it off, and decided not to even go there. He raised his hand… "Uhh… yeah.. whatever. Actually, what I was talking about was…" He wasn't sure how to say it, but tried anyway. "I just wanted to say I'm sorry. I mean… well… I shouldn't have to be… it wasn't my idea or anything… It was all her idea… But I did go along with it… I guess I just can't say no to her… " He put up his hand, stopping. "What I'm trying to say is, I'm just glad that the whole lie about me and Max being together to protect you is out in the open. And that…"

Logan cut him off again, "What?"

Alec stopped, "What? What?"

"You and Max aren't together?"

Alec stopped in mid-thought, *Oh shit.* He swallowed, "You, didn't… Max didn't…" He watched the confused look on Logan's face and then the dawning of what he had revealed. *Oh shit, Shit… SHIT!* Alec thought to himself, "Ummmm… I didn't say anything." And with that he was off the roof and trying to figure out a safe place for him to hide out for a few hours.

"Mole… I'm telling you I'm in deep trouble."

The lizard man let out a puff of smoke from his mouth, "Tell me something." Hazel eyes turned toward him, waiting. "What the hell do you see in her?"

"Excuse me?" Alec almost choked.

"Why… why did you stay around her? What's so special? She not anything special when compared to other female X5's and other human females. Not that I can really gauge human beauty. She's not overly intelligent. She knows nothing about military procedure. She treats you like crap. And she has this on again, off again relationship with that pathetic ordinary. So I say again… why?"

His mouth opened to reply, but stopped. He tried again, but no words would form.

"Wow, this must be a first. Pretty boy can't talk." Mole put the cigar back in his mouth and took a large puff, then pulled it out and pointed it at the other man as he moved his feet from the coffee table to the floor. "What you told the ordinary isn't what's got you in trouble." He stood up and poked Alec in the head, "It's what's in here. And…" He poked him hard in the chest, "here." Alec took a deep sigh, as Mole started to walk for the door of the office. "You are the one that needs to make a decision, not her. Otherwise…"

But he didn't have time to finish that line because the door burst open on rocky hinges and a seething Max barged her way into the room and over to Alec, "I'm going to kick your ASS!"

Mole shook his head, grabbing the door handle, muttering, "Decisions, decisions," behind him as he left shutting the door firmly behind him.

Alec watched the door close with a deep sigh, and then glanced at the clock. *Four hours and fifty-three minutes.* It was slightly longer than what he thought it would have taken her. *Must have had a longer conversation with Logan than I calculated.* He took a deep breath, holding up his hands, "Now Max, listen…"

She didn't let him continue, "You told me you weren't going to tell him! You told me you were going to play along with it! And then without even telling me… YOU TOLD HIM!" She lunged out to punch him in the stomach and his hand grabbed her fist deflecting it.

"Max! I didn't tell him…"

"YES YOU DID! He found me, told me he knew the truth… that YOU had told him!"

"Okay… Okay… I did tell him… but… not intentionally."

She gave him a look like he was insane… "Not intentionally? God Alec… do you always use that excuse? Yeah I did it, but it wasn't my fault. Well… that's not even going to attempt to work this time." She punched with her other fist, which he grabbed with his other hand.

"Well EXCUSE me Max. I see the two of you the last few days being all chummy, and holding hands, and everything. Him trying to win you over, totally macking on you. And I get this TOTALLY CRAZY idea that you told him the truth. And were 'back together.' EXCUSE me for not knowing that Logan is the type of guy to try and steal another guy's girl!" She blinked twice at that statement as he continued. "And excuse me for trying to make it right between me and him. I NEVER asked to be a part of your little game with Logan. And I REFUSE to be the escape goat when you finally got caught."

"I had to explain everything to him!"


"He was furious!"

"As he should have been!" She struggled against his hands, trying to get away, but he wouldn't let her. He saw her temper and anger flaring in her eyes, directed at him, but he also knew… she was more angry with herself. "Had every right to be." His words working up the flame even higher, he knew she was about to explode. "Seriously Max, who the hell do you think you are playing with someone's heart like that?"

"This is all your fault!" she yelled again, and tried to kick at him.

He sidestepped it easily, and pushed her firmly into the wall. Her one arm pushed against the concrete in front of her, her other arm behind her, grabbed firmly by his right hand, his body pushing her into the wall. He felt her try to struggle and get away. Her cheek was pressed up against the cold wall, his mouth by her ear. "Max no matter how much you think you can kick my ass… you can't. I have you pinned with one arm, and you KNOW you can't get out of it. So now you are going to listen… to ME. I REFUSE to be your personal punching bag anymore. I'm not going to let you blame me for everything that goes wrong in your life anymore."

"Then why don't you just leave?" She said through gritted teeth, her body still struggling to and free itself.

He laughed, "That's what you think huh. Think I'll just leave. Well, you see, this little mess we are in now… I can't leave. Because it involves me, and all the other transgenics. And just because you appointed yourself leader, doesn't mean anything. Because I hate to tell you something. Without Me, and Mole, you got nothing."

"Ha!" she laughed, "Mole and you, what a laugh."

He just grinned and shook his head. "Mole's got all the non-human transgenics on his side. And they make up most of Terminal City."

"And you?"

He laughed, "Well… you know, that's the funny thing. Because everyone here except you has this weird sense of respect for me, but I'm sure in your thoughts of 'Alec's a screw up,' you haven't noticed." She rolled her eyes and he just sighed. "Didn't notice the salutes I get. Or the way others try not to call me Sir." He felt her body still slightly. "Has the question ever crossed your mind exactly what I did at Manticore? Why I was assigned to you? Do you really think I was just your Breeding Partner?" He laughed. "No Max… it's cause I always completed my missions… I only failed once." He stomached and swallowed the lump in his throat, and her eyes reviled that it hadn't gone unnoticed.

"Now to you, that might not be a good thing." He gave her a hard look and with his other hand, motioned around the room, trying to indicate all of Terminal City. "But to them, it does. Cause I hate to say it. You, and your 'brother's and sister's' that escaped… they have always been seen as traitors. Not just to Manticore, but to us as well. We were told you were weak for escaping by them. But we were also left there to be subjected to the results of your little escape."

He saw her eyes flinch again, but he wasn't going to stop. This had to be said. This all had to be done now. The decision had to finally be made. "Without someone that they all respect and believe in, you won't have the X's on your side. And while there are a few that have or had higher rank than me, they aren't here. So you're stuck with me. And I'm stuck with you. Got it?"

She closed her eyes, and nodded slightly, her jaw tight. He was about to let her go, and then continued. "Oh, and by the way. I suggest that whatever it is that you do or do not have with Logan… You figure it out soon. There is nothing soldiers and followers hate more than a wishy-washy leader. How can you trust them to lead if they can't figure out their own personal life, especially over someone that is not like them." And with that he let her go, turned his back and walked out of the office.

"Food stuffs are full." Joshua said leaning on the railing with his arms crossed.

Max nodded and turned to Mole. He took out the cigar, "We're low on ammunition and firearms but…"

"But they will be supplied after the run tonight," Alec chimed in from the other seat on the couch next to Mole. "And we'll have some lab equipment and 'special' weapons coming in next week."

Max shook her head, "No, move the man power to the food and general supplies. We won't be needing the other."

The three men stopped and looked at her, "What?" Alec asked for all of them.

She looked up from her clipboard. "I said… move the man power to stuff we need. What part of that didn't you get?" she asked annoyed.

Alec gritted his teeth, "And what part of the other stuff don't we need?"

"We won't be in here that long Alec. This is just temporary."

"Temporary? The last three weeks have been temporary?"

"Things are calming down, I'm sure negotiations will start up any…"

He cut her off by standing up, "Fine whatever Max." He said and walked down the steps, the door to his office slamming behind him.

She looked at the other two men, "What was that about?"

Mole shook his head, as he and Joshua moved to the steps as well. "Man sweetheart. You are clueless." They left her there staring at the closed door across the room.

It didn't take hours for the door to swing open this time, and slam shut behind her. "Okay, what the hell was all that about?"

"What?" Alec asked turning around to face her.

"That little display you just gave out there. What the hell is wrong with you?"

"What is wrong with me? ME?"

"What? You trying to put this one on ME now? Oh, that's rich!" She said walking up to him poking him in the chest.

His hand pushed hers away quickly. "Don't push me Max. I'm not in the mood."

"Oh, what's new? You've been a complete pain in the ass the last couple of weeks. So that's no surprise, I'd just like to know why."

"New? You always tell me I'm a pain in the ass… so what's changed?"

She groaned and turned to follow him across the room. "No. Not a pain in the ass as in being annoying and all Smart Aleccy… but a pain in the ass as being all… all…"

"All what?"

"Grouchy!" He gave her a look. "Okay, bad description. But you KNOW what I mean. You've been nothing but distant and cold, especially towards me. What the hell do you want Alec? What do you want from me?"

He shook his head, "Nothing." She gave him a disbelieving look. "At least nothing you can give me."

She stopped her retort, "So there is something. What?"

He closed his eyes and turned from her. She grabbed him and spun him towards him, his hands came out instantly ready to defend himself from her, and her eyes widened in shock at how quickly he had moved. But she didn't stop, "What Alec? Huh… What? Tell me!"

"Well… for one… how about some trust."


He pushed her away and walked backwards a few feet. "Maybe I'd like you trust me a little bit. That maybe I just might know what I'm doing. Not second-guessing every order I give to someone, or every plan I come up with. What supplies we may need."

"Alec we won't be here that long to…"

He stopped her with a raised hand. "You don't know that Max. You have no idea what's going to happen. And the worst thing is, you just dismissed the whole idea because it came from me, and you didn't even ask what the items were."

She closed her eyes and clenched her teeth. "What were the items Alec?"

He tried to decide whether he should even tell her. "The lab equipment was for research into this whole prophesy thing you having going on. Dix and Luke think they might be able to know more if they can look into your DNA." He let that sink in a little bit. "And as for the 'special' items, they are some black market items that may let the X's get past those heat sensors so we can move around easier outside. But… you didn't care to ask about that."

"Then why didn't you just say that in the first place."

"Because Max, it wouldn't have mattered. You wouldn't have listened up there because it came from me. Because in your eyes I'll always be that screw up."

"Alec…" She sighed, "I do trust you. More than you know."

His eyes told her just how much he didn't believe her, but he spoke anyways, "Then let me do my job. Let me do what I know."

She nodded. "Fine. Go on with getting what we need. I'll leave it up to you."

He nodded, "Fine."

She started to walk for the door, and then turned around watching him move back to his desk. Her eyes and the look on her face giving away the fact that she hated leaving things like this between them. Something had gone missing in the last few weeks, and she missed it. "Alec?" His eyes looked up from the map on his desk. "You said… for one thing." He gave her a confused look. "Trust was one thing… what are the others?"

He looked at her for a minute, "Nothing." He could see she was about to object, and he looked at his watch. "You better hurry up if you are going to make the video call from Logan. You've got two minutes." He saw her nod, and head out of the door. He closed his eyes and pushed the map off the table, "Nothing, nothing at all."
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