TITLE: Coming Decisions – Chapter 30

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That was all he needed to know as his fingers flicked off the last remaining detonators.

{{But there is a bustle of activity behind the lines formed around the city. It seems like they might be waiting to see if it's safe to…}}

The explosion rang through the computer and the tunnel as everything went black once more.


{{The fires are still raging through the demolished city.}}

Images of the rubble entered her eyes from the television screen as she sat on the couch. Her body, her mind slightly numb.

{{Firefighters with the help of the military are still trying to put out the flames caused from the last explosion.}}

Images from the helicopters above showed the destruction, the bright orange flames, and the smoke.

{{The military has confirmed, complete and total destruction. Also confirming that no survivors have been found.}}

Her head dropped from the TV, and her arms hugged herself tighter.

{{While no bodies have been found… Experts have noted that the heat from the blast of the city's power plant would cause enough…}}

Max tried to block out the reporter's words. She knew that the plan worked. Everyone believed that the transgenics in the city had been killed. All of them. And that the government was at fault.

{{Protestors have circled the city and military. The numbers growing each day since the attack on the transgenic population.}}

Images of people holding up signs and posters calling the government every name under the sun. People chanting. People crying.

{{Police are trying to control the mobs of protestors. Trying to push them away from Terminal City. The debris still in the air, and fires still burning even on this Day Three after the attack.}}

Her eyes closed tighter, a tear trickling down her face.

{{When more information becomes available we will inform you. As for the virus circulating. Hospitals have stopped reporting new cases, since most are turning people away unless symptoms are serious. While the death toll has climbed into the hundreds… experts are quick to say with the rapid and total world wide spread of this virus, the actual fatality numbers are quite low.}}

Another tear slipped down her face. But not from the loss of life. Not from the numbers that were being displayed. But because he wasn't there to hear that it had worked. Everything had worked, and it was going to work.

She opened her eyes and looked around her. Everyone was moving around the new base. Getting everything up and running. But there was this… eerie quiet. This… stillness to the room. Like something was missing. Her eyes closed again. She knew exactly what that something was, or actually that someone.

She couldn't take it anymore and stood up. She walked over to the corner and grabbed a pack.

Mole watched her move from the televisions to the other side of the room. He saw her start to load things into the sack, and he took a deep breath. He knew it was going to happen sooner or later. He looked over and caught Luke's and Jed's gaze and then nodded over at her.

They nodded as well and the three walked over to her. "Max?" Luke asked softly from behind her.

"Yeah?" was all she said as she continued to pack.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm going to find him."

He reached up and put a gentle hand on her shoulder, "Max…"

She shook off his hand and turned around, jumping a little at seeing the three standing around her. "Don't start."

"You're not going to find him. You'll only get yourself hurt or captured." Mole told her.

She shook her head not wanting to listen. She had to go look. She had to do something. She had to know.


"Jed, don't…"

But he continued with a sigh and heavy heart, "He told me…"

She turned back around quickly, grabbing his shirt, "He told you what?"

His hand grabbed her wrist, and he swallowed. "He told me that if he wasn't here in two days…" He looked down, he couldn't tell her if he looked into her eyes. "He said there would be no point to looking for him."

"No," she said. She didn't want to hear it. "No."

Mole watched the tears slipping down her face, and her shoulders start to shake. He watched her body try to accept what her mind already knew, and what her heart was dreading. Her whole body started to collapse with the knowledge and he caught her before she fell to the floor. Her face wept into his smoke filled coat, not caring that the transgenic's arms were trying to comfort her, not caring that the others were trying to tell her she would be okay, not caring about anything at all.


She tried to push it away. That annoyance that was entering her brain. She didn't want to acknowledge it. She didn't want to acknowledge anything. She just wanted to stay where she was and shut out the rest of the world.

Why? Because she didn't care. She didn't have to care. Her part was done. Her part was over. She wasn't needed by them out there. She wasn't needed by anyone. The world was going on right outside her door, and it didn't even matter.

She had left Seattle. She had left her friends. She had lost her home. She had lost him. The knife twisted in her chest again but no more tears could fall. The river had dried out into her pillow long ago.

She had collapsed into an absolute mess in the new bases headquarters, and they had brought her into her room. And that is where she stayed. Where they had left her to be alone. And alone she was. Totally alone and now… numb. She had cried for so long that she just didn't feel anymore. And she didn't want to. She didn't want to feel anything.

But that annoyance was still there. That annoyance was getting louder. That annoyance was calling her name. "Max… MAX? Are you awake? Are you in there?"

Finally her brain recognized the voice, "Luke?" she barely managed to choke out. Her throat dry and cracking.

"Max? MAX? Open the door."

She slowly got to her feet and walked on unsteady legs to the door. She turned the knob, opening it, "Luke… what…"

He grabbed her arm quickly pulling her out of the room. "Hurry…" He yelled dragging the dazed Max behind him.

"Where? What?" she questioned her head swimming still in a fog.

"They brought him in."

Her whole body stopped and Luke almost stumbled as he was jerked to a stop. He quickly turned to her as she spoke, "Him?"

He nodded quickly, "He's in the medical…"

But he didn't get to finish his sentence because she was already gone, just a blurred image running to the new medical building.


The doors parted and two pair of eyes looked up and quickly intercepted her as she abruptly stopped inside. Her eyes going wide, her breath catching in a gasp at what she saw on the bed.


Her eyes tried to move to the sound and then once they did her brain tried to comprehend what she was seeing, "Cindy?"

Her friend's arms wrapped around her, and then she felt another pair. Her eyes looked up, and she shook her head in disbelief, "Sketchy?"

He just nodded.

Her eyes didn't stay on them long, and traveled back to the bed and the person laying on it. "He…"

Cindy held her tighter. "Hours after the explosion…" Max tried to move closer, but her two friends kept her back. "I got a phone call. It was Alec…"

Max turned to her again, her dark eyes pleading for her to tell her anything.

OC went on, "All he said was the name of an intersection and the line went dead." She stopped and took a breath. "I could barely tell it was him. I called Sketchy and we got there as quick as we could."

She tried to get closer and they still held her back. She was in too much shock to fight them.

"He was unconscious. His phone was cleared of all numbers. He didn't have anything on him telling where everyone was. We heard the news." She couldn't go on because she was crying.

Sketchy continued for her. "We took him back to OC's. We tried to clean him up as best we could. Tried to get him to wake up." He swallowed at remembering how he looked when they found him. His body covered in a grimy mess of dust, dirt and… blood.

Max finally was able to pry herself from their grip, and on unsteady feet inched herself to the bed. The dried out river of tears refreshed as they traveled down her face looking at him. Her mind not wanting to comprehend what he must have looked like before they cleaned him up.

Her hand reached out to him, but stopped short of touching him. She was too afraid to. Afraid she might hurt him. She couldn't find a spot on him that wasn't scraped, cut, or bruised. She swallowed, and her eyes quickly went over to the monitor, the slow beep the only thing that didn't have her falling to the floor. He was alive. Barely.

"How?" she finally managed to get out.

Cindy wasn't sure what she was asking. "We aren't sure how he got out of Terminal City. Somehow… he crawled out or something. But I have no idea how he managed too."

Max shook her head, "How did you… find…" she still couldn't speak coherently.

Sketchy replied, "He's come in and out of it. Yesterday he was able to get out a set of coordinates."

"Once we figured out what he meant, we were on our way here," Cindy said as she moved behind Max, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Sugar… you have no idea how happy we are to see you."

She looked up quickly at her two friends, realizing that with everything that had happened. How fast it had happened. She hadn't had time to tell them anything. "I'm… sorry… there wasn't time to…"

Cindy hugged her, "We know Boo. We know."

Max heard the door open behind her and turned to see a group of people walk in. Mole, Dix, and Luke moved to the end of the bed, while the X5 moved over to the IV that was hanging by the bed. She recognized him as one of the ones from the medical unit back in Terminal City.

"How is he?" she demanded.

"He's got multiple broken bones, cuts, scrapes, bruises, some internal bleeding, and took a lot of head trauma."

Her arms wrapped around herself, and Cindy hugged her closer. "Can you fix..."

He stopped her, "We've done everything we can…"

Her eyes popped open, "What do you mean?"

"As I was saying. We've done everything that we can do. The rest… is up to him."

"Up to him?"

The man nodded, "His body has to heal it's self. He's going to have to want it too."

"You mean…"

"He means Boo… that Alec's gonna need a good reason to stick around."

She looked at her friends for help, and Cindy put a hand on the side of her face, making her look at her. "Boo… he obviously does, otherwise he wouldn't have crawled out from under all that shit. He would have just given up then."

"But… what can I do? "

Mole sighed, and gestured for the others to leave. Max looked back at him questioning, as Cindy disentangled herself from her, and left the building leaning against Sketchy.

"Why did you…" She started to ask when he walked over and pulled up a chair behind her. The edge hitting her lightly behind the knees. She abruptly sat down in it next to the bed.

"Talk to him," he said and then started for the door. "Just talk to him."

And then she was alone… alone with him and the slow beeping sound from the monitor.

Another tear fell down her cheek as her eyes washed over his body. Or what she could see of it. He was covered with a blanket, a hospital gown, and bandages. Bandages were everywhere. Slowly her hand came out to his hand resting beside him. The dark purple and black spots made her wince, as she slowly, carefully, gently took it in hers.

"Alec?" his name barely came from her throat. "Can you hear me?" There was no response. "Come on… please. You can't do this to me." Her other hand slowly came to his head, and lightly pushed her fingers through the hair that she could touch through the bandages covering him. "You have to fight. You never left me alone before when I wanted you too. You can't do it now."

The only response was the constant, slow but steady heartbeat. "Come on. You have to wake up. You have to see that the plan worked. You have to see that it's all going to be okay. You have to wake up so you can say you told me so."

Her voice was becoming louder, a tinge of anger to it. Anger trying to mask her fear. "Damn it Alec… Don't let me be right. Don't let me think that I needed to stay in Terminal City to make sure you would be okay." Her fingers gripped his a little tighter. Her others moving from his hair, to lightly trace the cuts and bruises on his cheeks, and softly over his slightly parted lips. Her skin feeling the small amount of air hitting them.

She shook her head, "You can't do this. It's not fair!" She yelled at him. "Do you have any idea how angry I am at you?" She knew she was being irrational, but it didn't matter. "I mean… how dare you? How could you have Mole drug me to take me here? Huh?" She was angry with him for it, but she knew why he did it. But it didn't stop her now from using it.

"And above all… How? How the hell could you tell me you loved me like that? Tell me you love me and don't let me get to…" he voice cracked, as more tears streamed down her face. "You didn't allow me to say it back."

"Damn it Alec! You didn't let me tell you how much I love you!" Sobs wracked her shoulders, "I love you… I love you and I can't even tell you." Her eyes closed and she buried her face in the sheet next to his arm.

"You selfish bastard…" she yelled into the mattress. "You better not leave me. You better not give me everything I've ever wanted. Let me finally get a taste of happiness and then rip it away from me." Her head lifted, her eyes looking at his unmoving form.

Another sob hiccupped from her body. "Come on! Let me know you can at least hear me. Do something!" she screamed at him, and he did. The monitor flat lined.

"Nooooooooo!" she screamed and a rush of people ran into the room.

Two medics ran over to the bed. Mole pulled her and the chair quickly away. Max fought against his hold, screaming.

The one tore the gown away from his chest, as the other yelled, "CLEAR," holding out two paddles and quickly bringing them to his chest.

"Aleccc…" she screamed as her eyes watched the medics work on his lifeless body. Her arms struggling against the grip that was actually keeping her on her feet.


Cindy hid her face in Sketchy's coat as his hold around her tightening at each scream. Mole's eyes and head dropped slightly as he held his firm grip on the arms of the woman screaming uncontrollably.


They pulled the paddles away from his chest, not moving to recharge the equipment, as the line continued straight across the screen. "Time?"

"Eight, twenty…"

"Nooooooooo!" she screamed, her whole body sprung away from Mole's grasp as she ran to the bed. They tried to pull her away, tried to tell her it was no use. But she wouldn't listen, her body jumped onto the bed. Her fists hitting his chest. "NO!"

Her friends just stood back, shaking their heads at her. But she didn't care, her fists pounding into him again, "You CAN'T do this! You can't do this to me!" Her hands kept hitting him. "I love you damn it! You can't leave me!" Her tears splashed onto his bare chest, as her fists continued in rage against him.

"Alec…" Her fists came down again and then so did she, her face sobbing into his chest. And then she heard it under her ear, right before she heard the beep on the monitor. The room stilled. Completely quiet except for the slow beeping of the monitor, the line starting to stagger across the screen.



"Max… stop."

"Don't do that!"

"Will you knock it off?"

"I said… be careful!"

"Will you stop yelling?"

She winced, "Sorry… is that better?" She asked grabbing the pillow from his hands and arranged it behind his back, making him stop from moving.

He rolled his eyes at her, "Will you just stop?"

"Stop what?" she asked.

He motioned with his one hand, the other in a sling. "I can move a freakin' pillow by myself."

"You need to rest."

He sighed, "No, what I NEED is for you to sit down here." He pointed to the spot on her bed next to him, and she sat down. His partially good arm wrapped around her and crushed her to his chest. The side of his face resting in her hair as he continued, "And for you to relax… with me."

She looked up into his hazel eyes, "Alec…"

His bandaged hand went to the side of her face, "Shhhh."

She shook her head, "Don't shhh me." He sighed again, and lightly poked him in the chest. "Don't give me that. I almost lost your cocky ass! And if I want to BABY you I will!" He tried not to laugh for more than one reason, as he winced from the pain in his ribs. "See?" she said more softly. "You need to be more careful."

"Max… you aren't going to be like this from now on are you?"

"Be like what?" she asked looking up at him.

"All… all… mother hen." She gave him an evil look. "Not that I don't like you caring about me…"

She cut him off, "I more than care about you…" her hand went tenderly to his cheek, "I love you." She then leaned up and softly kissed his lips.

His hand intertwined with her fingers and brought them down to his chest. "I know," he said with a more serious tone and kissed her forehead, "I know." He then tried to lighten the air, "And so does my chest. As you decided to use it as your punching bag again."

She could have hit him for it, and it took all her resolve not too. But she just kept the serious look on her face. "Alec… I thought I lost you…"

He tried again, "Hey, haven't you figured it out by now that you can't get rid of me?"

It worked, and she smiled up at him, "I beginning to get the hint." Her fingers lightly danced over his chest. "So… I guess I'm stuck with you then huh?" His eyes danced back at her, and she couldn't believe how happy it made her. Instead of smacking him for his cocky look at her, she just leaned up and kissed him.

A cough from behind her, made her turn around. "Just thought you'd like an update."

"Mole. You don't have to stand all the way over there. I'm decent," Alec winked at him.

The man just shook his head, "No. I better not get to close. The doctors don't want to chance getting you sick so soon."

He rolled his eyes, "Oh NOT you too."

"Whatever Pretty Boy. I'm just following orders."

Max just smiled at the interaction, then asked, "So what did you have to tell us that was so important?"

She got a small evil look from the man and tried not to laugh when he called her… "Sweetheart… I was getting to that."

"Uhh huh."

Alec looked back and forth between the two of them, "Is there something going on here that I should know about?"

Both their eyes widened and they both replied, "GOD NO!" And he started to laugh, clutching his side as he did, her hands immediately pushing him back onto the bed, and his trying to push her away.

Mole rolled his eyes at the two of them, "As I was going to say. The comet is passing by, and some large fragments have already hit. Some took out a few trailers, some car windows. Nothing big."

"And?" Max asked.

"A few cases of the flu here and there. Except…"

"Except?" Alec prompted.

"Except for the locations where they had already started to hand out the 'cure'."

Her head dropped, and his hand squeezed hers, as Alec continued, "But other than that?"

"Other than that? Nothing. It worked." Mole looked over at Max and pointed at her, "Now let him rest, like the doctors said. Or am I going to have to get that tranquilizer gun?"

Her eyes widened, "You wouldn't…"

The man's eyes danced, "You never know Sweetheart… you never know," and with that he walked out of Max's room and closed the door behind him.

She turned back to Alec exasperated, "That… that… man! How can you…" He just brought her head towards him and kissed her. Her furry instantly stopped from his lips. She then broke away, "Don't try to shut me up." Only a smile was his defense. She sighed and gently leaned her head against his shoulder, "Well I guess it worked. And they won't ever know we saved them."

"They'll know. Someday… they'll know." His fingers held onto her more securely. "Someday everything will come out. Someday we will be able to walk outside without fear." She snuggled closer to him. "It's just not going to be today."

"So time, huh? Just takes some time."

"Yep, time heals all things."

She smiled up at him, "Well how much time is it going to take for you to heal?"

"Why in such a rush? It is MY body."

Her smile grew and turned seductive. "Yes it is… and mine to. And I want it back in full working order."

Hazel pools darkened before her eyes, his voice deepened, "Oh really. Why is that?"

"So I can show you just how much I love you."

His hand moved into the back of her hair, bringing her face to his, barely touching, "You already have, my love. You already have." And with that his lips claimed hers once more.


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