It's My Life.

Do they care?
Can they see?
Are they blind, or just ignorant?
Does it matter?
Should I care?
To them I'm just Reno the drunk.
Reno, the unreliable.
Reno, who is a bastard's child.
It's my life.
I run it.
You think I want pity?
You are sadly mistaken.
I don't want your pity.
Your condolences.
Your remarks.
You think I don't hear you?
I hear you.
Everything you say.
I hear.
It's my life.
I run it.
Should I live?
Should I die?
Do I even have a meaning?
I don't.
Neither do you.
So what, you saved the world.
So what, you're an innocent.
So what, you've never killed thousands upon thousands.
It's my life.
I run it.
I'm here to make you miserable.
Yes, you heard me.
I'm not here to listen to your sap stories.
Who gives a shit?
Your mother died.
Who cares?
Get over it.
Move on.
Yeah, I'm heartless.
It's my life.
I run it.
You want to get to know me?
Don't make me laugh.
Who laughs behind my back.
Makes comments about how I've lost my way.
Go to hell.
You're not worth my time.
You think I need someone.
I have someone.
Damned if I tell you.
It's my life.
I run it.
Too bad you wasted your time.
Slow or fast?
Back or front?
Any last words before I send you to meet your maker?
Didn't think so.
It's my life.
I run it.