The King of Evil
By: Green_Beauty

I am the terror that haunts your dreams,
I am the chaos that destroys this world,
I am the King of Evil.

Every life I live,
I strive to obtain the ultimate prize
...the Triforce

But I am bothered every time
By a peasant boy
And a princess.

The boy clad in green
Thinks he some kind of hero,
But he's wrong if he thinks
He can stop me.

The girl with a big mouth
Thinks she's some kind of sovereign,
But she's wrong if she thinks
She can halt my goal.

If only the princess and the boy
Hadn't been chosen as the
Possessors of the Triforce pieces
I could've killed them by now.

The princess was surprisingly deceitful
And unexpectedly clever
In keeping herself and the boy hidden
From my many eyes.

And so I did not see it coming
When the boy returned from
Seven years of hiding
Just to slay my followers.

He had somehow managed to
Kill every general I had
And free every sage
From my prisons.

But he let his guard down
In the most predictable of places,
And unveiled the Princess Zelda.

I then kidnapped the helpless girl
And challenged the boy to a fight
That I was sure I could win.

He was ready to fight me
And so I prepared myself
As he climbed the many floors
Of my tower.

As we fought,
I found that I had underestimated him,
And that he in turn defeated me.

In a fury, I caused
The tower to quake and crumble
In hopes to destroy the two Triforce holders.

But they somehow evaded
The cave-in of my lair,
And I had no choice,
But to fight the boy in my true form.

I was sure that I could win,
Especially since the boy lost his sword of evil's bane,
So I was caught unawares when he regained it.

And so the boy, the princess,
And the six sages sealed me away,
Swearing vengeance on
The hero and the sovereign
As I left the land of Hyrule.

For now I am trapped here,
In the sacred realm,
Waiting to release my wrath upon
The two's descendants.

But remember who I am:
I am the horror that disturbs your subconscious,
I am the reincarnate of destruction,
I am the Keeper of the Triforce of Power
That will keep me alive for years to come,
So that I will always be
The King of Evil.