JK: Er… I'm still not quite sure what possessed me to write this… but here we are! My first ever Gundam Wing fic. Definitely a one-shot. It won't go any further.

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JK takes out the disc, cleans it, and puts it back in the player.

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Heero slipped through the open double doors.

Bakas. Why don't they have better security around here? Or maybe they're just playing with my mind. Maybe…

Heero knew he was just being paranoid. He'd disabled all of the cameras himself, by hacking into their system before setting out on this mission, and setting up a continuous loop. Nothing but clear corridors were being read by the guards on duty. There wasn't even a slight jolt in the loop to indicate that there was a loop in progress.

Heero opened the ventilation shaft to his left, and slipped through it soundlessly, using a magnet to pull it back up behind him.

Almost there…

Heero reached his destination shaft, and, after doing a quick look around for any hostiles, and listening for anyone or anything that might be hidden out of sight, kicked it down, jumping through to the ground.

He then turned to the computer system in front of him, pulling out a phone cord and mobile phone. Within a few seconds, he'd hacked into the databases containing the codes he was after. With one move, Heero flicked the phone on, hooked it to the computer with the cord-

And stopped dead in his tracks at the sound of a door opening behind him.

"Er… what are you doing in my office?"

Heero turned around slowly, one hand on his gun holster. He relaxed slightly when he saw that the man wasn't surrounded by security.

Bill Gates took in the cellphone and cord with a glance, then looked at the computer screen and raised an eyebrow.

"Cheats codes for The Sims House Party?"

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