Title: A Different Way

Author: Cmon

Synopsis: Harry is Lord Voldemort's son. Dark!Harry. No Slash.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. If your a fellow author and recognize something as yours I'm sorry, I don't mean to steal; send me an email and I'll give you credit.



Chapter 1: Beginnings

"Lily, take Harry and go! It's him! Go! Run! I'll hold him off –" The sounds of someone stumbling from a room – a door bursting open – a cackle of high-pitched laughter—
"Not Harry, not Harry, please not Harry!"
"Stand aside, you silly girl...stand aside, now...foolish woman..."
"Not Harry, please no, take me, kill me instead –" A women with bright red hair, standing in front of crib, crying to an unheeding figure draped in black. "Noth Harry! Please...have mercy...have mercy..."
"Like your husband and the old fool Dumbledore had mercy on my wife and childe, I think not!" The figure sneered coldly. Then he raised a stick in his right hand and with a flash of green light the women fell. "Ssoo, little one, the last Potter shall fall...Avada Ke..."


A flash of light and then... "Noooo! I'm ssorry, sso ssorry"

With a start, five-year-old Harry Potter woke with a start. Struggling to remember his dream, it had never been this long before. All he could remember was red hair, a cold voice, a flash of green light, but this time there was something more...silently he tried to remember...

"Aha!" the boy whispered triumphantly to himself, "The cold voice had said he was sorry. Why was he sorry? What did the dream mean?"

"UP! BOY! GET UP NOW!" shrieked Aunt Petunia as she unlocked Harry's cupboard door.

Harry quickly rolled off his cot and stepped out of his cupboard, only to be blinded by the sunlight and smacked on the head for taking too long.

"Hurry up and make breakfast, and don't burn anything."

"Yes ma'am." The small boy walked into the kitchen and began cooking eggs, bacon and toast automatically, still pondering his dream, what it meantand why hehad the same dream so often.

He had once asked is Aunt and Uncle about the dream, but they had paled considerably and then told him not to ask questions. Then his Uncle had given him a sound lashing with his belt for asking the question in the first place. That was Harry's the first rule of the house, don't ask questions. Harry put the Dursley's breakfast on the table, then took his piece of toast and retreated into a corner where he could wait for them to finish in peace without being accused of hovering or worse, begging.

When the Dursley's had finished eating Harry took the dishes back to the kitchen and began washing them. As he was finishing his Aunt came in and verballygave him a list of chores she expected finished when she got home if he wanted dinner that night. Then she and Duddly left to goto the water park for the day. As Harry went about dusting and vacuuming the house he sang to himself.

"Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me. Happy birthday little freak, happy birthday to me." You see, today was Harry's fifth birthday and his 'family' didn't care, they didn't care at all. After he finished cleaning inside, Harry went outside to weed the garden. Suddenly he heard,

"Greetingss young master."

"Huh! Who said that?"

"I did, down here."

"You sspeak! But...but how?"

"I believe it is you who speaksnake-tongue young master."

"Huh? What do you mean? Who are you? Wait! What kind of snake are you? And why do you call me young master?"

"Slow downlittle master. I am a magical snake, and my name is Nagini. I call youas I dofor that is who you are. You are the son of my master, the Dark Lord Voldemort."

Sorry it's so short, but this is just where the break goes.