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Rogue stared at Jean, her mouth slightly open, and an odd look on her face. Jean continued to ramble on about how much her attitude should change. She just let her ramble on and stared at her newly painted black nails. She glanced up now and then, to make sure the preppy redhead was still talking.

"- You need to stop this.. this attitude-" Rogue yawned and looked at the clock. Jean was wasting precious time. Rogue could be with her current and only boyfriend. Jean continued to say the same thing in different ways. That was usually the way to write a History paper or something.. "-Its just that you've been way too snippy lately-" Sighing, Rogue leaned her chin in her palm.

"Jean?" Jean stopped talking in the middle of her sentence and blinked dumbly. Rogue looked toward the door. Logan looked at the clock then back at Rogue. He was surprised the girl didn't fall asleep. "Scott's lookin' for you." Jean smiled as if that brightened her day and skipped happily out of the room. Rogue breathed a sigh of relief.

"I think I might lose my lunch." She muttered sarcastically.

"I thought you might need help." Logan smirked at her. She flashed him a smile and got up, wincing in pain.

"I sat in that chair so long that my ass fell asleep and took my legs with it." She left the room, her usual frown on her face.

"I thought you stood me up, Marie." Rogue stopped in her tracks and looked back, her mouth hanging open. Remy leaned against the wall, his arms crossed. A smirk was planted on his face.

"Don't call me that, Remy." She narrowed her eyes at him, crossing her arms. "Or I'll really give it to you." He grinned, a twinkle appearing in his eyes.

"Okay, Marie." He paused, waiting. "Well? Aren't you going to give it to me?"

"You've got it comin'." She smirked. "I just don't know how quite yet." She tapped her chin, thinking. "Should it be slow and painful.. or fast and.. painful?" He blinked.

"I think I like the first one, Chére." He suggested. "The longer I get to stare into your beautiful eyes, the better." She gave him a suspicious look when he walked closer to her. "And touch that lovely-"

"Ahem." Rogue cleared her throat and slapped his lingering hand away from her backside. He gave her an innocent look. She knew he was good at flattery. She knew he was a thief of hearts. That was what she labeled him. How he caught her in his cleverly-laid trap, she'd never know. And.. as everyone knows: 'Flattery gets you everywhere'. Rogue was the type to play hard-to-get. "Touch me and you die."

"But that isn't fair." He tsk-ed her. "You should know that you owe me one for writing that little French report for you." She gave him an exasperated look.

"You still remember that!? That was last year!" He grinned at her.

"I always remember when someone owes me something. Especially you." He looked to the door for a second. "It has to be a big one too. Since your grade depended upon it."

"I give up." She threw her arms up and gave him a look.

"That's more like it." He looked down at his watch. "But a little too late, Chére. I have a session in two."

"Two? It better be two hours for as long as it takes to put those damn spandex outfits on." Then she paused. "I think you might be late even it is two hours."


Remy paused by Rogue's door. He heard no movement. He opened the door and peeked in. Kitty was asleep on her bed and Rogue was lying on her bed, her eyes closed, looking peaceful. He tiptoed over to her bed and heard her mumble in her sleep.

"Shut up, thong-woman.." She had a satisfied smile on her face.

"You need to change your attitude." Remy whispered in her ear, his voice high-pitched.

"At least I don't wear an ugly green thong and parade around.. in the streets with it on." She turned her head away from him and faced the other way. He smirked. He stood up, having played long enough. She sure looked different when she was sleeping. It was nice not seeing that permanent scowl on her face.


Rogue bolted up in bed when she heard the ever-annoying alarm clock make its usual beeping noise. She remembered her dream. That horrible experience with Jean had scarred her for life.

"Kit, turn that damn thing off!" She screeched. She put the pillow over her head. Getting up extra early for her lovely session in the morning with Mr. Military just wasn't working for her. Kitty eventually turned it off. Logan made rounds to make sure everyone was up.

"Oh, Rogueyyyyyy!" A cheerful voice said outside her door. "Time to wake up!"

"I am up, stupid!" Remy opened the door and Kitty flung pillows at him and ran into the bathroom, screaming about how people should not open the door unless someone says come in or opens the door for them. Remy and Rogue blinked, then exchanged glances.

"I didn't know she slept in little pink underwear." Rogue threw the unimportant alarm clock at his head. He fell to the floor and rubbed the sore spot. "OW! Rogue!" He knew that if he called her Marie and someone were to be eavesdropping from the bathroom, he would be dead.. maybe worse than that.

"Shut up and get out so I can get dressed." When he didn't move, she threatened him by waving her fist at him. He jumped up and left quite quickly.


"You're a pain." Rogue pushed Remy off the side of her bed. "I'm TRYING to write in my diary." Remy got back up and pulled the book from her hands.

"But I want to know if you mentioned me in here." He replied, holding it just out of her reach.

"Of course I did. I mentioned that you were a pain in the-"

"Don't waste your breath on such bad language, mon ami." He grinned at her. "It doesn't suit you."

"Stop sucking up and give me the damn diary." She leaned over. Suddenly, she had the impression she was falling.. and so did Remy. They landed on the floor with Rogue on top and Remy on the bottom. The diary slipped from Remy's hand and he stared up at Rogue, her face just a few short inches from his. He leaned up, slowly closing the slight distance between them. Rogue didn't seem to mind, for she pressed against him. When they parted, Remy grinned.

"If you would just move down a little more, I might breath a little better." Rogue blushed and stood up entirely, looking miffed. She picked up her diary and frowned.

"There ain't any way I'm allowing you access to this, so leave it alone." He pouted.

"I want to know what you secretly think about. Maybe the term 'thong-woman' can be used in more ways than one." She flushed, going completely pale.

"What the-" She scowled. "You were listening!? How could you? Bastard. I was sleeping! Don't you have a conscience?" She realized what she had said. "Okay, dumb question. Of course you don't have a conscience. You wouldn't have done that, had you that little voice to stop you."

"THAT'S what that little annoying voice was? I thought I was completely insane.." He noticed Rogue looking at him.

"Thought? You ARE insane." He blinked dumbly for a second.

"I resent that comment."

"Took you long enough." She gave him an amused look. He stared at her.

"I can show you that I'm sane in other ways-" She hit him on the head with her pillow.

"Enough perverted comments from you, Remy." He was about to say something else but he didn't want an early retirement.


Kurt wagged his eyebrows at Kitty when Rogue walked into the room. She didn't have a scowl on her face, but a slight frown instead. He took this as a good mood for her.

"So, enjoy some quality time with your boyfriend?" He asked smartly. Rogue stopped, looked at him, then narrowed her eyes. Bad move, fuzzball.

"There are some things I can consider doing to you.. Kurt." She emphasized his name. He hoped that by the time she was done with him, at least ONE person would be able to recognize him. She took off her gloves and advanced on him.

"Rogue, Elf, Half-pint, and Gumbo report to the Danger Room. You have two sessions with me to make up." Rogue groaned and slapped Kurt over the head with her gloves then secured them on her hands.

"Let's get going before we're charged an extra one for bein' late." They walked down, got dressed, and met in the Danger Room. "Well, well, well look who it is. Gumbo."

"Oi! Mate, what is this? I ain't done in here yet!" St. John, or Pyro, stumbled up to them. He was limping. "Do you think my leg is going to get better if I don't train?"

"Train with us." Remy said, trying to inch his way closer to Rogue.

"Not a chance. With that short Canadian up there, I ain't takin' no chances." The pyromaniac stated, shaking his head and walking out. They stared at where he exited.

"Well, let's just hope that the 'short Canadian' didn't hear that." Rogue muttered. She shook her head and signalled to Logan that he could begin any time. The training began.


Pyro dumped loads of ice-cream down his throat as Remy described the brutality of the sessions.

"I told you that Canadian was a-" Logan walked into the room. "Well.. he was a very nice little tator tot.." Logan raised an eyebrow and left the room, shaking his head and muttering about insane pyromaniacs. Remy even raised an eyebrow.

"Tator tot?"

"I told you he was a loon."

"Did you take your Ritalin today?"

"No." Pyro grinned. "Don't blame me, either. Blame P-P.. What's-his-name."

"You really have lost it.." Remy got up and went to see Rogue.


Rogue sank deeper into the bubble bath and breathed in the scent of strawberry. Kitty was obsessed with strawberry. Nothing new for the valleygirl. As she began daydreaming about a certain Cajun, there came a knocking at the door.

"Rogueeeey!" Lo and behold, the Cajun was at the door. "Can I come in and play?"

"No, ya slimy swamp rat!" He tried to open the door but found it locked. He started to whistle innocently and charged up the doorknob. The door then swung open and he allowed himself in, closing it behind him and placing something heavy in front of it due to the fact that the lock was broken. "You never listen, do you?"

"No, Marie." He smirked and looked her over. "That is one of my charming qualities." He walked closer to her. "Need some assistance? Maybe.. a backrub? Or someone to apply soap to your back?" He licked his lips.

She rolled her eyes knowing her say so in this didn't matter. "Sure. Why not?" She made it sound harsh and bitter.

"Aw. Your tone of voice wounds me." He did look hurt. A little, at least. Well, almost a little. Fine, all right.. he didn't look or sound hurt at all. She picked up the bottle of Strawberry shower gel and a pink loofa and then dropped them outside the tub and glanced up at him.

"Oh my. I lost my shower gel and thingofabob. I hope someone finds them and aids me with them." She sounded like she was reading off a script. He smiled gleefully.

"Oh, it seems that some unfortunate southern petite has lost her shower gel and thingofabob. I think I shall aid her with them." He sounded like he was reading off a script too. He then kneeled down, picked up the items. He dipped the loofa in the water, making sure the side of his hand brushed up against her breast. Remy glanced up at her and winked.


"Only for you." He dropped the loofa. "Opps, better find it." He dropped the shower gel and put his other hand in there.

"Your getting your gloves wet." She whispered, breathlessly.

He smirked. "They're not the only thing." His hands ran up and down her chest and abdomen. He waited until she practically sat up.

"The damn thing is near my side not between my breasts, moron." Rogue mumbled as he cupped her left breast. "Swamp rat!" She yelled when he had squeezed.


Kitty walked past the bathroom, making her way downstairs when she heard someone from inside shout, "Swamp rat!" She stopped immediately in her tracks.


Two minutes later..


By now, Remy's shirt was soaked with water and he was nearly in the tub, laying on Rogue. Right now they were in the middle of a tongue war. It wasn't long before he lost his balance and fell in. Rogue's legs wrapped around his waist. Water was dripping out from the tub, along with the remaining bubbles. The war never ended during that short time period. But it was about to end..

"OHMIGOSH!" Kitty had phased her head through the door and lost concentration. Now her head was stuck in the door. Remy shot up from his position and practically jumped out of the tub. He laid sprawled out, a puddle of water forming under him. Rogue sat up, crossing her arms in front of her chest.


Kitty screamed bloody murder until she re-phased her head out of the door, leaving a hole there. It wasn't long until everyone was outside the bathroom including Logan.

"What's goin' on?" He asked, taking a big whiff. Remy scrambled to the door and pulled it open.


Logan glanced over at the pale Kitty who was now stuttering.. "They were.. he was.. it was.. horrible! My virgin eyes!" She wailed, rubbing her innocent brown eyes. Logan now glanced over at Remy, his right eye twitching.

"She drowned! I saved her."

"She drowned in the bathtub, bub?"

"Very much so! I had to give her mouth-to-mouth." Rogue now walked out behind him, wearing her dark green bathrobe. The blush present on her face was noticeable. "She was drowning, honestly, right Roguey-kins?" He elbowed her.

"Uh, yeah. She, er, I was drowning and Remy saved me." She took a deep breath. "I saw the light at the end of the long dark tunnel but Remy here dragged me back and saved my dear ol' life."

Logan grunted. "Right."


"I was drowning in a tub. How did you manage to come up with that one, genius?" Remy glared at her, frowning.

"It was last-minute. And it is possible."

"You made me sound like a fool. Now, I can't take a bath without people checkin' on me every five minutes." She crossed her legs in the air and started blowing on her newly-painted nails. She was lying on her bed, on her stomach, painting her nails.

"They believed it, didn't they? What were you going to say? That I just fell into the bathroom and slipped on the rug?" He flipped a page of the magazine he was skimming.

"You still owe me a back-rub." She said, flushing slightly.

"Any time but now, Rogue." He said, trying to find a comfortable position. "That fall on the floor really gave me a bruise."

"You big baby." She rolled her eyes. "I heard that tomorrow they're goin' on one of those 'peace offerings'. They won't be back for hours."

"Aren't you going?"

"No, I have to watch the mansion. They don't want any 'negativity' at a 'peaceful offering'."

"Mutant hunts?" He chewed on his lip. "I hate those."

"Make sure you have PMS tomorrow." He glanced up at her.

"Why should I?" He asked, curious to know.

"Maybe if you stay behind, I'll let you give me a 'front'-rub." She suggested, wiggling her eyebrows. That perked him right up.

"Really, now?" He smirked. "I might be a little rusty. I'd have to warm up first." She stared at him. "PMSing."

"Very good." She got back to painting her nails. Kitty walked into the room and dropped some mail in front of Remy and some in front of Rogue.

"I see you got one of your 'Swimmers of the month' calenders.. and a subscription to 'Naked Babes Anonymous'." The perky valleygirl had recovered from her traumatic experience and was back to bouncing around the institute. "And you, Rogue, have got a 'Men's Speedo Swimsuit' calender.. Opps, that's, like, mine." She blushed and threw it over her shoulder. "You have.. nothing new."

"I was gonna say." Remy looked up. "My Roguey-kins looking at men in Speedos?"

"You can look at girls in swimsuits but I can't look at men in Speedos?"

"You want a man in Speedos? Buy me a pair." She glared at him.

"You want a girl in a bikini? Buy me one." He grinned.

"You know it." It wasn't too far from the truth..


Victoria's Secret. How many men have been dragged unwillingly into that store? Many have fallen victim. This one man just waltzed right in. Into a women's lingerie store. Remy was surrounded by everything from leopard- print thongs to crotchless underwear. He was very tempted to buy his dear belle Southerner those. He walked by a green thong and wondered to himself how many times Scott and Jean had come in here.

"Sir? Need help finding your size?" A brunette walked up to him, grinning widely at him. She leaned in and whispered, "We have plus sizes in the back."

He blinked dumbly until realization hit. "No! No.. I'm not here for myself. I'm here for my uh--" He backed away slowly. "--*girl*friend."

She laughed, flipping her long dark hair behind her shoulder. "So, what do you want to get her? We have everything."

"I've noticed." He mumbled, running a hand through his auburn hair. "This place is a female's heaven."

"It is." She agreed, nodding. "My girlfriend shops here all the time and uses my discount."

He smirked. "Discount?"

"Employee's discount."

Remy leaned in. "And exactly how much is that discount?"

She, too, leaned in. "None of your business." It was then he realized her nametag read 'Taryn.' "If you need help, just ask, sir."

He sighed and looked around. His eyes automatically found something. He licked his lips. Tomorrow was going to be a very good day.


AN - Thanks to Aro for chipping in and writing some very important parts in this! Thanks! *awards Aro with a big 50 cent chocolate chip cookie*