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In which Frodo discovers the meaning of "betrayal," and Jackie learns that acquiring power and keeping it are two different things.


Frodo fled through the forest, branches grabbing at his hair, and brush tugging on his pants. He had to get away… had to protect it…

"It should be mine! Give it to me!" Boromir's face twisted with naked hunger. "Give it to me!"

Tears blurring his vision, Frodo ran. Behind him, in the distance, he could hear the cries of uruk-hai and the low, mournful call of the Horn of Gondor. Ahead, through a break in the trees, he could just make out the river.

His only warning was the sudden flash of color, then the ground was rushing for him as pain exploded in his head. Distantly, he felt someone grab his shoulder and roll him onto his back as black spikes rushed across his vision, and the world went dark.

Jackie ripped opened the hobbit's shirt, hunting for the ring on its chain. Not finding it, she cursed, kicking the unconscious Frodo. His hand unclenched as she kicked him again, and the Ring glinted. Seizing it, Jackie held the Ring up to the light, hearing it call to her.

Reality came rushing back as the sound of someone running through the brush. Pocketing the Ring, she took off through the woods, running away from the footsteps and the sounds of fighting.

Seconds after Jackie took off, Sam came upon Frodo. Dropping to his knees next to the unconscious Frodo, Sam whispered, "Mr. Frodo…" Frodo didn't respond to Sam's touch. "Come on, Mr. Frodo… Wake up!" Gentle fingers probed the blood-matted hair. "Please be alright! Come on, Mr. Frodo, we've got to get you out of here…" Sliding an arm under Frodo's shoulders, Sam pulled him up. "Just lean on me, and we'll get you back to Strider. Remember how he helped you up on Weathertop? It'll be alright, you'll see."

Sam began the slow and painful walk back towards the camp. He had only gone a few hundred feet when the Uruk-Hai caught them.


Jackie raced through the woods, branches slapping at her face, face flushed with exhilaration. She had done it! She laughed as she ran, jumping lightly over a log. She had actually done it! Her laugh turned to a scream as she burst into a clearing, and into the arms of three Uruk-Hai. She screamed, and tried to scramble away.

It didn't help.


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