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This is a mild incest fanfic. Taichi/Hikari

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Within His Embrace

Chapter One

Hidden Words

I saw him walking out of school today..so muscular, so seductive.

"Hikari, wha's wrong," seeing me biting my lip in agony, Taichi asked with a worried tone, "everything ok?" he asked again.

"Yah..sure" I responded carelessly, eyeing him in the corner of my eye.

Oh, brother..you have no idea how wrong I'm feeling, at this place...at this moment, facing you

I bitterly shook my head, trying to get rid of the sudden pain that's suffocating my heart, making me breathless.

Yes..the only person whom I truly love, my very own brother..oh Taichi, if only you know how I feel about you

I never can tell him my feelings, I can't risk destroying our loving relationship as siblings...yes siblings, that's all it's ever gonna be, we're brother and sister...that's all it ever should be...nothing less, nothing more. Even so...I can't control myself. I still remember the horror I felt when I first realized my true feelings toward Taichi...the day that ultimately shattered my innocence, my heart, my soul..knowing Taichi will never feel the same way. Just the thought itself is devouring me day by day.

A hand snaked up onto my forehead, touching it.

"Hikari, are you sure you're ok, your forehead is kinda hot." Taichi remarked, frowning. "Here, give me your book bag."

"I'm fine, leave me alone." I snapped. Seeing Taichi's hurt face somehow gives me a strange satisfaction as if I'm enjoying seeing him hurting..seeing him being tortured as I am every single day. The feeling didn't last long, guilt soon took over as I gentlely whispered, "Sorry..yah, I have a headache."

Without speaking a word, Taichi took my bag from my hand and slipped it onto his strong shoulder. Looking at me with his chocolate brown eyes, he hesitated a bit, then silently put his arms around my shoulders, supporting me.

We haven't been able to walk home together for days ever since Taichi started going out with Sora. I didn't want to disturb them. Sora was the nicest girl, attractive and sweet. She's the perfect girl for Taichi, but I can't help but feeling envy and sorrow whenever I see them together. But I can tell that Tai is happy whenever he's around Sora, his smile is always that bright, that gentle, that infatuating.

Where's Sora..I wondered. As if Taichi knows what I am thinking every second, he said "Sora has soccer practice today," he grinned, tightening his grip on my shoulder, "so, I thought I'd spend some quality time with my precious angel."

The word stuck me like a blade, brutally piercing through my heart.

Angel..that's the last thing I'd ever expect to hear from anybody, and the last word I'd describe myself with, for I am a pathetic human being...one who has sinned...

I felt as if my body wasn't under control, my leg were moving by themselfs as I struggled against Taichi's arm on my shoulder, and attempted to run as fast as I could until he hugged me from behind, spun me around, facing him. From my cloudy vision, I saw Taichi's worried eyes, filled with confusion and concern.

"Did something happen at school, Hikari?" He demanded, shaking my shoulders gently.

"Let me go." I whimpered as I again tried to loosen his hold.

"No, not until you tell me what happened." His voice was commanding, full of determination, yet with a touch of care and softness that forced me to sob uncontrollablely. Holding me against his chest, Taichi gently pat the back of my head, whispering "there..there"

Oh...Taichi, you have no idea how tempted I am to tell you everything I'm feeling, everything...

I clutched to his shirt, closing my eyes, thinking about how desperately I wanted for time to stop, just now. I rested my head against his muscular chest, not caring about anything for just one minute, enveloping in his scent, hearing his heartbeat has put me in complete peace. I've never felt safer than here in Taichi's arms, knowing that I am loved, even if it is not the kind of love I want, but it's the love that no one else is able to give me...

There is only you...only you...

To be continued...

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I do realize this is kinda short.

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