Disclaimer: i dont own fushigi yugi or yu yu hakusho or gundam wing... a bunch of other people do but not me. this was written for entertainment purposes so im not making anything for this! please dont hurt me... im broke anyways. well i hope you like it!

Red Bird and Kitsune

As quiet as the silent night,
As fiery as a flickering flame,
Sits me and myself deep in thought,
Unaware of the pain that rings.

Here in this world I am placed,
To ponder issues far from cure,
A bright red bird and sly Kitsune,
Guide me through the twisted wood.

A brush in hand brings thought to mind,
A pencil brings a drawing forth,
A spinning wheel brings pot to place,
A book sparks duo games to gate.

Be out be absent go away,
A tree cut from a Silva wood,
I stare at dust and mud adrift,
How does one wish for wings to flight.

Soar high above with wings of gold,
For terra star I do now seek,
I sit in grassy plain with pack,
Still far above does one seek dreams.

Escape is futile pain never leaves,
Hope has the wings it stole back,
Shift I do through identity,
The name one has stays by ones side.

Look into ditch and I do see,
A chilling memory starring back,
It was a joke in essence true,
But now it laughs behind the door.

I could not deal with all that was,
Out back in cold stream two did wade,
Black ball came bounding there with joy,
Was where one spent the autumn day.

Black ball did help through times of tough,
But then he too went wandering off,
And so to blackness I was shut,
When Shini came and got me out.

Restored did he some wings of hope,
But much more like black bats this time,
Twas he who lit the flame in me,
Forever in his debit am I.

And so to somewhere I did fly,
To where I met the fanged one,
So many more my path did cross,
When bird and Kitsune came a-by.

And there they sat now telling me,
Grand things of old and new to come,
No he doe to no say ka de,
Though wings of hope may not be good.

AN: this poem is about fushigi yugi and it also relates to yu yu hakusho and gundam wing in a few ways. some parts have duplicate meaning so you can interperate it however you want, but please let me know what you think! thanks! byebye!