A/N: Ok, the deal is that each D-Tenter has their own chapter, or diary
entry, but you can't just skip to your fave boys chapter because it
probably wont make sence as each entry of the other members talk about
them... if that made sence to you... it made sence in my mind...
Also, it's set after Caveman and Zero left so they aren't in here, although
they're mentioned.
DEDICATION: Sarah Holmes. My friend who went missing three weeks ago.
Sarah, if by some one in a million chance you're reading this, please call
home, ok? We all miss you.

Diary Entry - X-RAY
Yo, the name's X-Ray. Mom's making us write these stupid diary things every
day. It's lame, but I guess there are only so many times you can play pool
before it starts to drive you nuts.
I guess that's why Squid was doing sit ups yesterday. He must have done
must have done 500 at least. I asked him why, seeing as we get enough
exercise digging all day but he just shrugged and kept going. Cme to think
of it, Squids been working out a lot lately. He's probably the only
'camper' that uses the weights volunteerily.
Armpits been acting kinda weird too. He actually seems to be thinking! He
got some letters sent to him that he wont let us read. He goes kinda dreamy
when he reads them, then carefully puts them away in his crate. Maybe he's
got a girlfriend... but why would she all of a sudden start writing him
now? And come on, Pit with a girlfriend?! Ha!
And Zig's been talking to himself again, like he used to when he first got
here. I think we're all cracking up. You know, losing our marbles. Well, it
had to happen some time. Same as I said about pool, there are only so many
times you can dig five foot holes before you start to go nuts. Loony tunes
... I wasn't gonna mention this, I mean, why bother? It ain't that
important, 'cause he's sick all the time, has heart trouble... but Mum
sounded so worried in her letter, and I think it was tears that smeared the
I never really though that I loved my dad. I guess I do, he is my father
after all. Sure we fought like hell when I was home and I treated him like
crap but that's what teenagers are meant to do, ain't it? Drive their folks
Crazy, like every one else round here.