On The Inside
Diary Entry: X-Ray (Epilogue)
We got some mail today, from Armpit and Squid.
Armpits was all about ice cream and air conditioning and all the other
things we didn't have but wanted so much. If he'd been here saying that
stuff the tent door would've slammed on him. Tensions are running high
around here, and Armpit bragging about how great it was in the real world
didn't help.
Squids letter wasn't as irritating because he didn't seem to be having a
good time either. Man, the way he went on about it you'd think the hospital
was worse than Camp!
But anyway, he said the doctors told him that he had 'anorexia nervosa',
which was why his heart stopped, 'cause his muscles got too weak or
somethin'. Twitch didn't know what 'anorexia' meant and Magnet said that it
meant he's crazier than Zigzag. Zigzags been acting pretty normal since
Squid left, stopped talking to 'Bubblegum' or what ever it was. That's
good, Zig's too old for an imaginary friend. He writes to Squid a lot.
Squid says that he has to stay in hospital until he gains weight, but he
doesn't want to, then he said something aqbout his mother not coming to see
him at all and I could tell that he got angry or upset about that because
his writing got messy and he ended the letter.
It made me think about my mum, all alone without Dad. She's probably not
taking it very well. Ya know, I never really thought I had anything to go
back to before. I mean, I didn't think any one cared whether I came back or
not, but in her last letter Mum said she missed me. I never thought I'd say
this, but I miss her too.
Hey, these diaries aren't that bad, as long as no one reads it.
The End.
A/N: Hey everyone! I've got great news for you all! Well... great news for
me really... they found my friend! She came home. Now I get to go kick her
for scaring me so much! Thanks everyone for your words of support and all.
You guys are great!
Anyway, stay tuned for my next story: Scars Never Fade