I've never written a love song
That didn't end in tears
Maybe you'll rewrite my love song
If you can replace all my fears

Inu Yasha say quietly in his tree where he was pinned. He looked down as a cool breeze rustled his hair about. He was thinking; Thinking of Kagome and how he loved her and his past love, Kikyou the person who opened up to him and showed him a different side to humanity then he had seen before. He remembered all of the pain she had caused him; all of those dark nights, when everyone would be asleep and Inu Yasha would run away and cry, cry because he felt it was his fault Kikyou had been brought back and was living off hatred.

He had tried to get back what he had lost with her, but it was a lost cause, she would just tease him and make his life even more of a hell. But Inu Yasha's mind then wondered again, every time that he had truly needed someone, Kagome would be there. She'd come; she'd comfort him in some way; a light touch on the shoulder, a hug, a small smile or soft caring words. Something so simple, but so effective, no one else could do that but Kagome. With her words or her faith in you, she could banish all of your fears from your mind and replace it with strength and courage. That's how Kagome was so much different in Inu Yasha's eye, that's how he saw her, someone who could restore faith and heal people's souls.

I need your patience and guidance
And all your lovin' and more
When thunder rolls through my life
Will you be able
To wither the storm?

Inu Yasha looked around, the wind still blowing a light breeze. He inhaled deeply, no one was around or close by, leaving plenty of time for him to still think. He thought of the times where he and Kagome used to fight over such little things, whether it was over Kouga, Kikyou or her wanting to go back home, she always forgave him. He gained a cocky grin from that thought, she had put up with a lot of words before she actually said the one word he had grown to almost hate, "Osuwari" but, if it wasn't for that little word, Kagome wouldn't have been able to teach him as much as she did.

Even though they had there rough times, Kagome overall was very sweet and patient with him, she never forced him to do anything he truly didn't want to do and she had taught him and led him through so much. It was funny, he thought he would never change, but here he was almost the opposite person he was when he had been awoken on the tree he was now sitting on a branch of. Inu Yasha began to frown, when things got rough, between Naraku attacking then, trying to kill Kagome, setting Sango against him to Kikyou coming back and hurting the bond between him and Kagome they had been through a lot, but no matter what, she was always there, she lived through every storm that came across them and became stronger form each one of those hits. She would never give up on him.

There's so much I would give you baby
If I'd only let myself
There's a swell of emotions
I feel I must protect
Inu Yasha would give anything in the world for Kagome. He would love to say those words that she'd love to hear, he would love to change for her. He would give anything to spoil her and treat as the angel she is.

But, he couldn't. It wasn't that he didn't want too it's just he was afraid to because he had gotten so hurt in the past when he had tried to be sweet. He knew Kagome would never do the things Kagome did, but he didn't want to put her in danger. Inu Yasha loved Kagome so dearly it was beyond words but he couldn't show it. Every time he had allowed himself to show love for someone, they always ended up getting hurt or dying and that's the last thing he would ever let happen to Kagome. So, to protect Kagome, he made a promise, a promise to never show his emotions so he would keep her safe.
What's the point of this armor
If it keeps the love away too?
I'd rather bleed with cuts of love
Then live without scars
But then again, if things always got worse, if Kagome always ended up crying or hurting even more every time he kept his emotions inside of him, what was the point? He would hurt her still. He wanted to tell her, to love her but he would put her in even more danger.

His heart belonged to her, there was no more question on that, Kikyou didn't even have a place in it anymore because he knew Kagome would he hurt if it did. A thought hit him, if Kagome had never came through that well he would have never met her, he would have had any of his scars, and he would have had the shikon no tama. But he would rather have things, as is then that. Inu Yasha would rather have all of the scars he had and more, bleed everywhere then to never have a single scar and live without Kagome.

Baby, can I trust this,
Or do all things end?

I need to hear that you'd die for me
Again, and again, and again
So tell me
When you look in my eyes

Could he really trust his heart again? He remembered what had happened last time, but that was different, eve if Kagome and Kikyou shared the same soul, they were two different people, almost opposites really. He knew he could trust Kagome, she trusted him with her heart and soul and as did he.

He knew and had witnessed that She would die for him; she would sacrifice herself and die for a lowly hanyou. But she didn't care that he was a hanyou, she never did and probley never would. Kagome had an unconditional love for him and Inu Yasha knew it. He thought back to when he had asked Kagome a question. After looking into her eyes, he had seen doubt, fear, sadness and love. So, he bent down so they were eye level. Held her face within his clawed hands gently and said, "Look in my eyes and tell me what you see."

Can you share in the pain and the happy times?
Cuz I will love you for the rest of my life

"I see... I see confidence, strength, faith, love, regret and you." She said as she smiled and wrapped her arms around him. Inu Yasha smiled at that memory. They had really been through so much, and something as simple as that could really make either one of their days.

Kagome had been there, through all of the pain, the stress, the tears and the blood and never once rejected him but always helped him in any way that she could and knew how. But she was also there, every laugh, every smile and every time they could actually seem like a normal couple that were in love. He knew that Kagome was the one, she was made for him, she was his soul mate.

This is my very first love song
That didn't end in tears
I think we rewrote my love song
For the rest of my years

I will love you for the rest of my life

Kagome was the first one not to shun him at first sight, to never give a second thought about him being a hanyou. She was the first to never break his heart and to trust him. She was the one person that he could rely on, the one person who would never make him cry. She was the one to change his opinion on love and teach him to love. He still had more to learn and she still had more to teach.

But he knew one thing; he was going to be with his Kagome for the rest of his life. He would love her until the day he died and even after that, his love for her would still remain, no matter what. Ending that thought, Inu Yasha jumped off his tree and landed close to it. He sniffed the air; he could smell Kagome's return to this world and immediately set off in a run to greet her with a grin decorating his face.

He had decided, tonight was the night, tonight he was going to tell her he wa sin love with her, tonight was the night their love would become unbeatable, tonight was the night that Inu Yasha would ask Kagome to be his mate, tonight was the night she would say yes and tonight was the night that Inu Yasha and Kagome would become two of the most happiest people.

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