My name is Henriette. I have been having this story in my head for a while. Bear over with me. I only saw the five first episodes of transformers: armada. But have read the profiles on the Autobots and Decepticons

I don't own Optimus Prime, Hot Shot Red Alert and the rest of the Autobots and Decepticons. But the warriors of Cybertron (Skydancer, Leesgar, police, Vanish, Cartjeck, Landmower and Trackwise) and the plot is mine.

Join the forces

It was a hot day no cars on the road here outside the town but then one sound broke the silence. A car was driving fast as the wind looking around it was looking for someone but didn't know where to look it had been told that on a small farm lived a girl who had friend who could help them. It saw a farm and drove of the road towards it.


I was sitting on the floor in my room when I heard the car the headset that was sitting in my ear didn't react so it wasn't a foe I got up difficult as always. I looked out at the window a yellow car was coming towards the house for a moment I was scared but then the sign on the sides made me see that I should call my friends.

"Skydancer, Leesgar. We got company" I said in the headset no one responded. But I knew they were on the way

the car was close to the house it drove around it for a minute then said "hello is there someone here"

"Autobot or Decepticon?" I asked out.

"I'm hot shot sent out by Optimus Prime we need our help we're under attack" it said I looked out at it then by the felling of a friend I crawled out of the window.

"who are you looking for" I said curiously the car transformed into a robot I saw the symbol I knew from my to friends speaking of the sun there they were a car was coming fast and a top cat was flying faster

I smiled.

"I don't know witch but it is a car and a plane of some short" hot shot answered.

"okay our wish is at command" a voice said hot shot turned around and saw a robot with great wings on his back he was the oldest of my friends.

"Skydancer his friends are in danger we can just see if we can help" the car said.

I looked at the three Autobots. "if you go I want to come with you remember your promise" I said.

Skydancer transformed "did I say that you should stay behind? No a promise is a promise as I said before a great battle and was won over" he said I ran towards him and came into the cockpit then sat down and took the helmet on.

"okay! Ready! Skydancer?" I asked as I took the control into my hands

Skydancer took off connecting with his Minicon partners, Chipper and Highcheck. Hot shot and the other car was driving under us we got higher I then saw a great battle between 4 Autobots and 7 Decepticons

"Leesgar I see them 8 km more and we can help them" I told the other car that was driving for full speed to get there

"we fly faster let's help them we will then be five" Skydancer informed me on a screen.

"then let's go and help them" I said and Skydancer speeded up


Optimus was getting tired only a hour ago he had sent hot shot out to find to ancient Autobots former Decepticons who had landed a while after them but had hide because of Megatron but he knew they were on the way.

"arg!" a other Autobot red alert said he to was getting tired scavenger and smokescreen were holding the Decepticons away

"we can't hold them back much more! Optimus, they're breaking through!" smokescreen screamed.

Optimus looked at him we're doomed he thought as Megatron got smokescreen away to get him

Optimus closed his eyes to wait for his death


"Think twice tin can" I screamed and fired Megatron away from the Autobot kneeling.

Skydancer were landing by the side "are you okay?" he asked with his voice full of hate to the Decepticon in front of him.

The Autobot looked at him and found his strength.

"they're getting up to battle let's take the cravens wouldn't you say so" I said to Skydancer who swiped into the air

"their names are Starscream and Cyclonus not intelligence is their gift" he said to me "fire the two Minicons will you?"

I pushed two bottoms down and saw Starscream being hit Cyclonus were swiping around us Skydancer tired to hit him but with no luck.

"We must hit him somehow" Skydancer said

"land I got an idea but you shouldn't be in your transform" I told him my idea

"it might work let's get down" he said landing.

I got out of the cockpit to help Skydancer I managed to get a look of the battle Starscream was out cold Megatron were fighting some one hot shot and Leesgar were fighting with the rest of the group

"ready henriette" Skydancer said.

I nodded and ran out "HEY CYCLONUS DO YOU THINK YOU'RE COOL IN THE SKIES THEN FIGHT AGAINST ME" I screamed so all heard it to

the helicopter leapt down at me but Skydancer were running fast to hit him I scream in fury the Decepticon was lying on the ground out cold like Starscream

"we'll se you again Optimus" Megatron said.

We saw the enemies disappear Leesgar and Skydancer were looking down at me

"let's get back I don't think Optimus will be happy having us around" Leesgar said transforming into a car Skydancer were walking for a bit while Leesgar were driving off.

I looked back at the other who were looking to red alert and Optimus who said something to Scavenger who saw back at us.

I looked forward again when a voice rang through the headset "wait a minute!" I were about to take it off but then the voice came again a little lower than before "sorry is it better now"

"yes I hope that nothing happened to you?" I said in a voice Skydancer could hear he looked down at me and nodded he heard him to.

"I'm Optimus Prime I believe that you are with us since Skydancer saved your life today" the voice said

Skydancers voice were now to detect in my headset "we just helped you what more do you want"

Optimus were laughing "you too join us Leesgar to I know he can hear us"

"Skydancer it is madness have you forgot the last time he said that" Leesgars voice rang through my head it were only meant for us. Skydancer stopped walking and looked down at me

"in the end it is not my decision" he said a gasp was heard from Leesgar and Optimus "Henriette what do you say?"

I looked up at him and back at Optimus I stood in a while hearing objections from Leesgar

"if they're fighting to destroy evil then I'm with them" I said hearing yells of happiness from behind and a growling voice saying "I'm coming to just to look after you two"

Leesgar turned up after a while and we walked back to the Autobots Chipper and Highcheck were by my sides beeping to each other or trying to say something to me

"we must get back to the base but with a human it is insane" Scavenger said Optimus transformed and let me inside

"we can discuss it later the police is on the way" he said all the Autobots nodded in just two seconds we were at the base somebody came running children at my age.

"we saw it on the simulator are you okay?" the girl said I got out they looked at me

"hi I'm henriette I know that I shouldn't be here but when you're friend with two of them" I said pointing back at a car and plane.

"Oh! Sorry we were just surprised I'm Alexia my Minicon is Grindor this is Carlos the Minicon is Sureshock and Rad and Highwire do you have one?" Alexia said

I shocked my head "no the ones we managed to find by the help of my computer is Skydancers old partners at his time on Cybertron but the three of us are trying to understand each other in that we say they understands me but I don't understands them but I'm trying to get one of my own if I could for the two Autobots here" I said looking at Skydancer and Leesgar.

The three children and Minicons were laughing but the Autobots were silent. I looked up at them Skydancer took me up.

"we haven't always been Autobots" he said silently I knew the two's story and laid a hand on his face.

"don't it has caused me a lot of trouble remember I didn't trust you for a while but now it's different" I said with some tears in my eyes

"Don't cry I forgot I shouldn't have come" Skydancer said walking towards the warpgate behind us but a hand stopped us Hot Shot looked at us

"that is it you're talking about" he said. Optimus looked at Skydancer.

"hmm my story is quite simple some time ago I was badly hurt behind your lines I tried to get help from Megatron but he turned his back at me and ran. I laid there with out help I tried not to sleep but then a shadow or two came over me and a voice yelling "we got one of them here" a older Autobot I told myself but then I saw Optimus Prime standing like a statue looking down at me I thought get it over kill me but he helped me up and into the repair room I then got offline when I woke I saw him standing up against the wall looking at me saying glad "hope you're okay Decepticon" I sat up looking at him saying "my name is or was Skyline but now I know that I should get a new name" "why?" he asked me I looked at him telling my heart that they would kill me or if I could? "if you will kill me then get it over or if that is something that I can do when" I answered he laughed and came towards my saying "if I wanted you dead I had let you lie in the field no you're have something that I can use for help of course if you want to die I can kill you now" he looked at me I knew still that he hasn't forgot that I did to one of them even when he's standing there" he finished

I looked in the direction he was looking in Red Alert looked back at me "is it Red Alert you did hurt?" I said Skydancer nodded

"It was so long ago I have forgot it but of course if he hasn't" Red Alert said to him. Optimus were looking at us me in specific he felt close to me.

I jumped down Carlos Rad and Alexia were looking at the former Decepticon and Autobot leader.

"Go I forgot all you were standing for you to Leesgar if you want help or something then may Cybertron help you" Optimus said I looked horrified at him but we walking out

"come on guys we haven't got time to stand around with them if they don't want help" I said. Hot Shot and Red Alert looked after us three Optimus were walking in the opposite direction

"you're just letting them go but why?!" Alexia screamed when we were out.

Optimus looked down at her "they are former Decepticons I realised that I made a mistake by letting them in but Leesgar wasn't won over by me but by Trackwise" he said. The two other Autobots Smokescreen and Scavenger were walking behind him but the last were transforming and drove off.

"where are they going" Rad wondered

"maybe out to find them they could be anywhere wait henriette had a headset maybe WE can find her and them" alexia said


Skydancer and Leesgar looked at me when I rode a horse named Sky I was still furious about Optimus Prime what could help I had discussed it with the two Autobots but we wasn't getting anywhere.

I looked at them "why do you not train if you don't train you will be beaten by a Decepticon" I said in a joke. Leesgar were transforming and Skydancer looking at me smiling he knew that I had been making the decision to join them but they had turned their backs on us I saddled Sky of and let him go.

Then I head voices talking "they must be here somewhere I saw Skydancer a while ago but didn't think of it"

"no you were seeing wrong Optimus it was a normal top cat but it could be Starscream"

"OPTIMUS I HAVE THEM HENRIETTE CAN HEAR US TALKING" hot shot I forgot to be quiet but the sound of Skydancer came through the headset

"SKYDANCER THEY'VE FOUND US" I screamed the top cat got down to hide in the cave Leesgar were driving fast and were make it into the cave I got out to walk away when a truck were coming I ran into a another direction but a car were blocking the way I crawled up of the cliffs but there a another car were standing waiting.

I looked back at Optimus Prime "you hunt innocent now" I said turning away to walk but the car in front of me wasn't letting me go.

"listen I forgot the promise that Skydancer said to me "I swear to serve the Autobots and only them even to the one who saved my life when others walked away"" he said behind me.

"then why were you so cold Skydancer told me about that promise Leesgar made the same but to another" I said now crying turning to look at him.

He looked down at me "show me to them" he said.

"I can't my legs are finish I can't walk much more but if I just call someone then I can FIIIhhhh- FFFFIIIIIhhhhh" I whistled out loud and clear a horse came running towards me

"good boy Sky" I said to it hot shot noticed the scars on the side of him

"what are they from" he said horrified

"from your enemy he just laugh when I was looking slaying my other horse when he was looking for a Minicon it was how I met Skydancer he saved my life I just want revenge from what he did if it wasn't for Leesgar and Skydancer I didn't walk around now they have learned me some skills from Cybertron Sky was a wild horse but I have trained him I even got a attack with him "twice a dice" it is called" I got up

Sky galloped fast when we got to the caves they weren't there I got in side the cave

"They're here my little friend" I looked back and saw Megatron

Sky neighed angrily at him recognising the one who had hurting it only one month before at the same time when he was free and the transformers came to earth.