The warriors from Cybertron

The unknown Cybertronian

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A small shadow followed the Autobots as they flew into space onboard the children and the Autobots were but the shadow was interested in one onboard

"What is Cybertron like" I asked Jetfire who where more quiet than usually

"Hmm" he said I looked up at him

"Cybertron what's it like?" I repeated he looked ad me and thought it over

"Well can you imagine a world full of metal?" he answered

"The earth in metal" I suggested

"Yeah almost but Cybertron is a whole town only few places can you be without being disturbed" Jetfire seemed lost something he had left behind that he regretted now

"Missing your lover again" Hot Shot ceased the Vice Commander that began running after the youngster who laughed

"Your lover?" I yelled after them

"I'll tell you later!" the reply came I looked after he was gone I shock my head and saw the solar system disappear

"The last dance I save for you" a voice said in my mind I laughed my old dance teacher he had said that.

"Why are you waiting inhere?" a new voice said but this time on board the ship I turned and saw the last one I had been expecting.

"Sky-Skylines!" I yelled and ran for it the one behind me ran after me "someone please I have a Decepticon on my heels!"

A blue blur stroked behind me I turned to see Blurr hitting the Decepticon to the ground.

"What are you doing here Starscream!" he yelled I crawled in security under a panel where the Autobots had been clever to make. It was a small room for a human to hide

"What is this? I have come in peace I just got surprised by the young girl I ran after her trying to explain" Starscream answered I looked out and into his optics he was telling the truth.

"Well we must get all together and talk with you. Henri are you coming" the Autobot said Starscream saw me we looked at each other for a split second something told me we knew each other but where from?

"Report back octal 2" a voice said the transformer shock in surprise

"The object is coming to Cybertron soon she will meet her doom" the transformer said

"They will have a problem if we win her over she does have the blood?"

"Yeah master she has the blood and genes she's also ready to know the truth about herself"

"Fine but wait until all is prepared"

"Yes master"

"JetViper report from sector B-0395" a femme turned up on a helicopters screen

"Yes what is it?"

"Unusual activity in sector-0008 near Cybertron" the femme said the helicopter looked at the Sector

"Send one of your men out one that can fly the new planes Jetdrive has designed"

"That must be Aries she's the technician but I have three of them already" JetViper said logging off

"Be careful hmm" the helicopter looked at something he wasn't sure what to do. They had not heard from Optimus and he had told them, which he would give them a message sometime after he got to earth.

"Something wrong?" a transformer behind him asked he turned to see a car that looked concerned

"Yeah Optimus haven't called back and I'm getting nervous Crossdriver, Spacie and the rest haven't reported in I'm fearing that they are dead" the helicopter said the car came over and sad down in the chair beside him

"Spacie is ok. She just got back, the Decepticons were after her and we got news from the rest. I'm just still nervous for Crossdriver. He should have called in by now" the car said

"We must hope the best and that's that they are okay"

"Yes sir"

The transformer had been following the ship, in what seemed ages. Then the Decepticon ship turned up out off nowhere, she got panicked and revealed herself

I looked out and saw the seeker. It was small and flew over the Axalon, and then the ship came into focus.

"Decepticons!" I screamed my friends in the room got up and saw the ship as well

"I'm going to inform the Autobots" Rad yelled and ran

We looked out now seeing the Autobots shooting at the Decepticons. Starscream could be heard at the distance Jetfire was telling him to stay back and look after us.

"Look after the children and that's an order!" Jetfire screamed

"Let me get him this once" Starscream screamed

"NO, YOU CAN'T" Jetfire got the last word and the seeker stayed back he was mad and angry.

"Starscream" I heard Alexia say I looked at them from my place in the shadow

"Hmm oh it's you," he said. Something told me she was the last one he had been expecting.

"Yeah I wondered, why do you hate Megatron?" she asked

"A seeker or space shuttle at the Autobots side was the reason she was wonderful before the great battle we were 'friends' but with a deep wish just to stay together our feelings were cut off by the battle. In years we never saw each other, but then under a battle years back. I saw her and tried to get to her. She was protecting a follow Autobot and I saw Megatron pointing at her with a weapon. I tried to yell, but the noise was too overwhelming. Then all was quiet, I heard a gasp and someone yelled no. I realised later on it was me the seeker fell to the ground. I ran over to her, but she didn't manage to say much only three words, I never forget," Starscream told the small human. I looked at him.

"What was her name?" Alexia asked

"I can't remember quite but I think she was the daughter of one of the older transformers I can't remember who" he answered Alexia nodded in understanding

"You can't remember all" she said and laughed

I looked down at the floor something wasn't right something seemed to open in my heart but what?

"Jetfighter calling Aircraft incoming" Jetfighter called the Axalon just as it came into her Sector not so far from Cybertron

"Axalon calling Jetfighter hey how's things going!" Jetfire called back JetViper became glad

"JET FIRED" she yelled they laughed both "hey honey not much we haven't heard from you guys on earth"

Jetfires voice suddenly became very sad "well we have been busy" he lied Jetfighter knew the space shuttle better than that

"Jetfire don't lie to me it doesn't do you any good" she forced the space shuttle that now came on the screen in front off her he wasn't to read but JetViper had learn a method on how to

"You see… jeez… I don't know how to say this," he said behind a human came

"Need help?" she asked Jetfire turned to watch her

"Henri this isn't the time" he said I looked at him and at the seeker in front off me

"Let her" Jetfighter said feeling that the small human knew

"I have as much trouble by saying it but here it goes" I said and took a deep breath "your leader Optimus Prime is…" the words halted over each other in my mind I wanted to say alive as much as dead "kind a… very… he's gone"

Jetfighter looked at Jetfire and me she laughed, "Good one come on tell me the truth Jetfire" she said I looked at the space shuttle

"It is as she says he's gone… to be correct dead" he said Jetfighter gasped she closed the line leaving me and Jetfire back to look at a screen

"No it can't be" Jetfighter said and ran down the hallways to check up on something she found the Data pad she had been looking for "find profile on Optimus prime"

"No data found chips out of function" the Data pad said "try again"

Jetfighter looked at the data pad and fell down on her knees crying as mad "goodbye leader!" she said looking into floor her yellow Energon tears formed a familiar shape off the Matrix she didn't recognise it and cried on

On board the Axalon a happy scream suddenly sounded through the ship I rolled out of my bed and hit my knees many of the Autobot came out of their rooms and asked what was going on.

"Who the hell did scream," Skydancer asked as he came down the hallway where I was halting to get down to the bridge

"Well I have a guess but I'm not sure" I answered Skydancer saw my little problem and took me up on the shoulder he and I talked all the way then we came inside the bridge there two seekers like Starscream were talking with each other and Starscream

"Tell me how did you two get here?" Skydancer asked the two seekers froze they knew that voice even through it had been many years

"Well Skylines how are you doing?" one of them said sarcastic I looked at him

"Hey Skywarp look at his shoulder he's an Autobot now and he has a human as well" I blushed he sounded like I had nothing to do in live.

"I'm Henriette do you have a problem with me or something?" I asked

"By the way Sky you owe me" Skywarp said the last one looked fearful Skydancer passed me over to Starscream who looked at the last one

"What is he talking about TC?" Starscream asked the seeker looked at him

"Watch" he said.

Suddenly in came Blurr, Scavenger, Red Alert and Hoist they looked at the scene in front of them and laughed Skydancer and Skywarp were wrestling and it seemed very much that Skydancer had gotten the upper hand now

I knew why Skydancer had been so calm. He and Skywarp were training mates back on Cybertron while Skydancer had been a Decepticon I looked at the scene and laughed Skydancer had really won over Skywarp we all greeted both and I got TC full name Thundercracker. The two of us talked very long about all and nothing

"Skywarp Thundercracker why don't you join us" I asked the two seekers looked at the whole team of CW and the rest of the Autobots that smiled

"Why not we brothers have to keep together" Thundercracker said and laid his arms around his brother's shoulders "and anyway I have to look after him here well Starscream you always just go of not telling me where you go"

Starscream nodded with very much trouble

The unknown seeker landed near a base and went in none was to be seen but somehow she knew

"I'm goner get you but backup first" she said and transformed she knew what was wrong and was mad because of it she found her group at last

They were prisoners she had to get help and that was fast the Decepticons where twice her own size she swore under her breathe.

"Transform" she said and took off. She didn't know where to go but somewhere she had to get help.

Then she got shot to the ground she turned to see someone through the visor she screamed.

Who is this seeker and who's this 'someone' a friend or foe? Read it next time.