It's Independence Day!

By: Comm. Butler

Disclaimer: AL the characters that are mentioned belong to DPB, CBS and Paramount. Please don't sue me, it's not like I have much anyway.

Author's Note:

In this story the times are in ZULU and that if you don't know is five hours ahead of Eastern Time. Therefore to find the real time just subtract five. Also I brought back some of the older characters just for the heck of it. This story was also written before Mattie came into Harm's life. In my mind the Meredith scandal (gasp) never occurred. And just for my own happiness Paraguay NEVER happened either, (wink wink) So you can basically set this story where it is appropriate and coincides with the JAG timeline. Thank you taking time to read this and all manner of feedback is much appreciated.

JAG Headquarters

1840 ZULU

July 3

Commander Harmon Rabb Jr. walked back into the bullpen with a bag of Beltway Burgers in one hand and juggling his cover and a bulging file in the other.

"Hey Mac open up. I've got lunch." Harm called through the door. Almost instantly Mac's smiling face appeared form behind the door.

"What did you bring me Stickboy?" She remarked teasingly.

"The biggest burger they had with everything on it and a nice salad for me."

"Sounds good and is that the Rhode's case file?" Harm nodded and gave her flyboy grin and stood there just staring at her as she walked back to her desk. Harm found himself doing that a lot lately. Mac's voice pulled him out of his semi erotic reverie. "Hey Sailor, we got to get work and is there something on my uniform because you sure were staring hard." Mac grinned.

"Uh, no there's nothing on your uniform now let's get to work."

20 minutes later

"Sir, Ma'am, may I come in?" Harriet said from the threshold.

"Sure lieutenant what do you need?" Harm asked looking up from the file.

"Well I was wondering if one or both of you could bring a dessert tomorrow for the barbecue?" Harriet replied hopefully.

"Well," Mac began and then in unison Harm and Mac finished, "I've got to go to the air port tonight." Harriet's hopeful look vanished and was replaced with a disappointed one.

"Oh well guess I can find someone else. Enjoy your trip." Her voice was barely above a whisper. Darn I thought that this time I'd finally get them together. Harriet thought sadly. With a sigh she turned on her heel,

"Harriet, do you think you could feed two more? Because I'm picking up Gran and I assume that Mac is picking up Chloe."

"Yes I am picking up Chloe and Harm and I would be glad to bring something." Mac chimed in smiling sweetly.

"Oh ma'am you're a blessing, but are you sure it's okay with the commander?"

Harriet turned to face Harm who was opening his mouth to protest when Mac gave him the 'You are going to and that's final.' look. Slowly he nodded and flashed that signature grin.

"Well then see you tomorrow Sir, Ma'am." Harriet replied and she lightly skipped out of the room, satisfied that her plan was finally underway.

"Mac what in the hell are you smoking! We can't fix something for tomorrow, we have things to do people to see and need I remind you about all those cases we have to review and we both know you can't cook."

"Hello Flyboy! If we're being honest you can't cook either! Besides I sure Mrs. Rabb could help us and we don't have to do it until tomorrow morning." Mac snapped back quickly, but when she saw Harm's very frustrated face she continued more gently,

"Harm we can review those cases later. You need a break and it's a holiday weekend so at least try to have some fun okay?"

Harm slumped in his chair and nodded just like a little boy obeying his mother. He sat there for a minute before asking a now seated Mac,

"So who's going to be there?"

"Well, Tiner, Gunny, Sturgis, Bobbi, the Admiral, Meredith, ummm, Webb's out of the country, then there's us and now Chloe and Mrs. Rabb. I think that's it."

She replied causally as she flung her pen at the ceiling a little too hard and it stuck up there. Swearing under her breath she stood and much to Harm's shock and enjoyment clambered up on her desk careful as not to bump any files as she jumped up to try and grab it. Since jumping and high heels REALLY don't mix when she came down she lost her balance and began her tumble to the floor. Harm always the knight in shining armor that he is caught her, well almost. They tumbled to the floor in a heap along with all of Mac's neatly organized files laying scattered all over the tile floor.

Once they untangled themselves and were sitting on the floor then did Mac say something.

"Oh, Damn! It took me two days to get all this squred away and now look at it! It will take me forever to get this cleaned up. I guess I had better start now."

She whined and with that she jumped up, just a little too quickly and just to make matters worse she then slipped on one of the papers and fell once more onto Harm who was slammed back on the tile floor to groan with pain.

"Were you two trying out a new filing technique or am I simply witnessing rather physical fraternization in the Colonel's office?"

A rather relaxed Admiral said softly taking in the scene. Papers were everywhere; Harm was lying on the floor with a tousle-haired Mac on top of him and her skirt bunched up much higher than it should be.

Having partially recovered from the shock of the events Mac jumped up and swaying slightly snapped to pulling Harm up with her. What she didn't realize until she was half way up was that her short hair was tangled in Harm's gold wings.

"Ouch! Um I mean hello sir, um-sorry sir we were um," She said through gritted teeth as she tried to stand at attention with out ripping out her hair.

The Admiral raised an eyebrow as he fought back the laughter that was tempting to overwhelm him.

"Commander, Colonel, what I saw in this office today I never wish to see again. Now you have one minute to explain yourselves," He paused should he continue? Hell Yeah make 'em sweat a bit. He then continued "and if I don't like what I hear then I will write you up on fraternization charges. Oh and Colonel for God's sake at ease."

Mac relaxed eagerly and as she leaned on Harm she continued to fiddle with her hair but it didn't help since Harm and his cologne were reason enough to distract her.

She tried to focus in and listen to what Harm was saying and she happened to catch the tail end of it as Harm slid his arm around her waist slyly.

"So that is why we are in such a state now sir and the objective has still not been reached."

At this Harm pointed up to the ceiling at the pen.

"Well at least it's not a bullet hole." The Admiral responded and he stood on Mac's chair and then on to her desk and with a slight tug he pulled out the pen and jumped down gracefully. Then handing the pen back to Mac he glanced down and upon seeing Harm's arm he left the office with a large smile creeping over his face.