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Harm's Apartment

North of Union Station

0305 ZULU

2 weeks later

Dinner was fabulous and what had occurred afterward was even better. Mac was wrapped up in Harm's arms and dozing lightly.

Ring, Ring, Ring, the telephone's sharp ringing broke the peaceful silence.

"Ugh who is it now!?… Oh Admiral sorry Sir umm I mean hello Sir." Harm sat bolt upright in bed jarring Mac awake.

"I hope I didn't wake you, but I need you and the Colonel to come in and do a thing for the SECNAV and…Webb." Came a tired Admiral's voice from the other end.

"Yes sir I'll give her a call and we can be there in two hours."

"Until then I'll be waiting Commander, Goodbye."

With that Harm hung up and surveyed the room. It was a mess, his dress whites were scattered (he had wore them to humor Mac) and her clothes were all over as well.

"Who was it?" Mac asked sleepily.

"The Admiral, we need to go in in two hours to do something for Webb and the SECNAV. So we had better get ready to go." Harm got out of bed and began picking clothes up off the floor.

As they dressed Mac asked, "Do you think he's figured out about us?"

"I don't know, but I wouldn't put it past him Mac but we will have to tell him sometime, considering he will want to be one of the first on the guest list."

"Why Harmon Rabb was that a proposal?" Mac questioned and stopped combing her hair.

"Well it can be if you want a diamond for your left hand then yes, I guess it is. I was going to wait until I could take you back to the rose garden but I can't wait" With that Harm reached into his sock drawer and bending down on one knee and asked again the proper way, pulling out a small velvet box,

"Sarah Mackenzie, would you please do the honor in marrying a stubborn, arrogant and extremely lovesick Flyboy and becoming Mrs. Rabb, my wife, and the mother of my children and still stay the same beautiful Marine that I met eight years ago in a rose garden?"

"I don't need a rose garden to help woo me into marrying the most handsome and cockiest Flyboy that I know and love. So yes I would gladly do the honor of becoming Mrs. Rabb and raising…our children and eventually growing old with you, as long as you don't go flying too much and be sure to leave me plenty of plants to water."

Mac was crying full force now and sniffled as Harm placed the antique diamond that once belonged to his grandmother on her finger. Harm stood and cooed,

"Hey I don't like to see my fiancée cry even if it is out of joy." Mac nodded and Harm leaned in gave her a kiss that was their first as an engaged couple and held the promises of many happy years of love and eternal happiness.