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Admiral's Office

Mac got that deer in headlights look but quickly recovered.

"Well sir it all started four weeks ago when Harm and I got in a fight…" Mac continued the story but left out the really good parts and the engagement.

"And that videotape of us in the courtroom well last week we slipped in there on lunch."

They both prepared for the worst, but instead the Admiral pressed the intercom button,

"Coates, please send in the Roberts." And a minute later the door opened and in stepped the Roberts.

"Here is the deal. You two were set up, the Roberts won a suite on a cruise and they with my help set you two up."

"You were in on this sir?"

"Unfortunately yes, and the Carsons are as well. I called them and it turned out that they were going to be on the same cruise ship as you all, so I asked them to watch you and send me the results, some of which were rather interesting. They sent me photos via a scanner on board and I received all of them, and Teresa here is not only a paper pusher for the pentagon she also used to take surveillance photographs and so virtually they were spying on you. Their children of course did not know, but I am rather interested in finding out what is going on in some of these photographs." AJ pulled out a small stack of photos and spread them out on the desk.

This just keeps getting worse. Harm and Mac thought in unison.

"Commander, Colonel come here. Don't worry I won't bite, yet. Now explain."

Harm examined each of the photographs, and choosing his words carefully.

"Sir this one is in Papeete when we were on a roadside beach and that one there is from…Oh shit!" Harm gasped. The photo he was pointing to was of him and Mac kissing in the cove on Bora-Bora in nothing but their underwear. Mac was the first to say something.

"Yeah and you said no one would notice, nice job Harm, anyway sir that photo is exactly what it looks like, we were kissing on a wonderful white sand beach with the beautiful sea green water and…"

"Alright Colonel, I get the picture, so I guess that makes you two what? An item?"

"Yes sir that seems about right." Now the Admiral was frustrated, he wasn't telling him the whole truth and he knew it.

"All of you are dismissed except the Rabbs."

"Sir were aren't married." Mac interjected.

"Zip it Colonel!" The Admiral snapped and everyone left quickly to 'take cover.' They didn't want to be here when this went down. When the door closed behind them the Admiral began his ranting.

"DAMN IT! You two! What am I supposed to do with you? As soon things seem to be running smoothly you two throw a wrench into it. When were you planning on telling me?"

"We weren't sure sir." Harm admitted weakly.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean? That you were going to wait until it was convenient and until then go against the UCMJ and see each other! My god where have your sensible lawyer brains gone to?"

"Well love throws the book out the window and there isn't much to do about it." Mac stated softly. Harm then jumped in,

"Well as H.L. Menckel said 'Love is triumph of imagination over intelligence.' He was right sir."

"So it does Commander so it does, but that still does not excuse your behavior in and out of uniform."

"When were we in uniform sir."

"Well if you had gotten to the last photograph and remember the tape then you will understand." The Admiral picked up a photo off the desk it was after Mac had accepted Harm's proposal and they were lip locked again.

"Now since we didn't get to that one is there something you need to tell me before I congratulate you?" Harm and Mac knew there was no avoiding it now so Mac replied,

"Well sir the Commander and I are engaged to be married, we haven't set a date yet, but we were discussing the other night as to who was going to resign their commission and go civilian."

"Now why the hell would you two want to do that?"

"Well sir we decided that if we couldn't work together that it would be easier if one of us resigned so that our separate duties wouldn't force us to be far apart, we don't want that kind of relationship sir." Mac answered. The Admiral sighed again and sat down his chair for a minute before chuckling,

"Oh what a day. Look I am truly happy for you and I was praying that this crazy plan that Harriet had cooked up would work and it has, so I give my congratulations… as a engagement present I will pull all the Admiral's privilege I can to keep you working at JAG. And I won't ever regret it now will I?"

"No sir!" Harm and Mac responded instantly snapping to. They Admiral waved a hand to dismiss them and they both turned on their heel and headed out. The Admiral added to Mac,

"Colonel, you can take your ring off your dogtags now since it is official and I am sure Harriet will want to see it on your hand and let me know when you have a date set."

"Aye, Aye sir." Mac smiled. When the door shut the Admiral picked up the phone and punched in several numbers and then began to pull Admiral's privilege.

JAG Bullpen

1300 Romeo

Four months later (March)

Harriet was reading the Navy Times out loud in the bullpen and the entire office was gathered around her, Harm and Mac included. Everyone knew about their engagement Harriet had made sure of that and now they listened as she began to read an article.

"JAG Head Quarter's top lawyers have finally gotten it right. Commander Harmon Rabb Jr. and Lt. Colonel Sarah Mackenzie announced their engagement four months ago after their friends set them up with the help of their CO, Admiral AJ Chegwidden. The couple have known each other for several years as partners and best friends. They both will continue working at JAG and keeping their normal duties even after they are married. They have set a wedding date for the end of May that will and the event will be held at the White House Rose Garden where they met several years ago. May the best of wishes follow them." Harriet concluded. The bullpen clapped and Harm and Mac smiled at one another, but quickly turned their heads to the Admiral's yell from across the bullpen.

"RABB! MACKENZIE! Why was I not informed of this." Harm and Mac got to attention at light speed and he approached them.

"Now what did I say about keeping things from me?"

"Not too, and let you be the first to know, but we didn't tell the Navy Times, we just told Bud and Harriet…" Mac then giggled and the Admiral chuckled.

"I knew the Lieutenant wouldn't be able to keep her mouth shut, but like I said I want to be the first to know. Now is there anything you would like to tell me?"

"No sir, nothing comes to mind." Harm stated confidently. AJ then turned on his heel and headed back toward his office and Mac stepped into hers followed by Harm who shut the door and pulled the blinds before stepping over to Mac who scolded him.

"Harm you lied to him!"

"So that information is on a need to know basis and besides it's not going to happen for a while."

"So when were you planning on telling him?"

"When it becomes to obvious to hide, besides if we told him about it he just might explode." Mac laughed at that and added,

"I suppose we could wait until after the wedding."

"Yes I think so he isn't ready for the newest addition to the JAG and the soon to be Rabb family."

Harm concluded giving Mac a soft kiss on her lips and placing a hand over her abdomen where the next generation of Rabbs was growing that was created from the love that two people so deeply shared.

The End