Chapter 1

When Harry was 3 Vernon Dursley got a huge bonus from his work and they decided to move to a farm in Scotland, so that they could start over, they rented out their old house and brought a property in the north of Scotland.

It wasn't a large place but a reasonably sized farmhouse with 3 paddocks and 2 large stable that could hold about 5 horses each. The property come with 2 mares and a stallion, but the problem was that they hadn't been broken (trained) yet so were practically wild. Wanting to get the most out of the horses he worked hard to get the wild horses rideable.

Petunia and Vernon had first met at a horse riding school, so it wasn't like they were new to riding. But they wanted to teach Dudley the sport and they could use Harry to get the horses use to a rider as an added bonus.

When Harry turned 4 Vernon decided that the Stallion and the older of the mares would never be rideable but they would both be good for breeding. For once he was right and a year later the mare who Petunia had named Snowgum, gave birth to a foal, Lightning.

Harry, who was now 5, spent most of his time with the horses as his room was in the stables, so he was able to teach himself how to ride. He was soon the only person who could ride Snowgum and he spent the nights asleep snuggled up next to Lightning.

As Lightning got older Vernon started trying to break him in for riding. But like his mother he would go mad whenever anyone other then Harry went near him, so he had to give up and again keep him for breeding purposes.

When Harry was 7 he started to go out on Lightning late at night on long rides, this wasn't hard as Harry was still living in the stables with the horses, so his relatives never knew he had left.

The two were very close to each other having grown up together. They quickly began to understand as Harry soon found he could talk to horses as if they were human. They could also work out each others emotions by the looks on their faces and their body language without saying a word. There were some nights where Harry would fall asleep on Lightning's back after a long ride and Lightning would have to bring him back himself.

Harry wasn't strong enough to do up a Girth (A/N Spelling?) strap so he learnt to ride bare and without a bridle, because Lightning didn't like them. They both loved nothing more then to Gallop across the paddocks at night and sometimes through the nearby forests.

But when Harry was 9 disaster struck and Vernon decided that Snowgum was to old to keep and sold her to a meat factory.

Harry and Lightning were devastated. They decided to run away so that Vernon could never sell Lightning. Harry stole food from the kitchen, as well as a knife and some matches to light a fire if needed. Harry then packed some cloths, a medical kit and the tools needed to care for a horse.

They then disappeared into the night together.

They rode for a weeks, stopping and hiding in the day, till they wee sure that they were far enough away that they wouldn't be found by Vernon. Then found a forest nearby where they decided to use as their home from then on.

Most children would have been afraid in the forest, with it's creepy branches making evil patterns with the moonlight. But Harry know that Lightning would protect him and it was better then Vernon getting them.

Over the next three years he lived in the forest hunting for his own food and only having to worry about himself and Lightning. One of the things he loved to do with his time was to stork the huge man that walked through the forest most nights.

He knew that the man live and worked at the castle that was on one side of the forest but he stayed away from that part of the forest, he had never been good with people and that wasn't going to change now.

But something's can't last forever.