Helllllooooooooo. Long time no see. Well, not that long. Maybe like a month or so.

Riten: In other words, hi.

Kiba: Can't you just say hi and be done with it?

Robin: No she has to take as long as she can.

Cloud: This happens all the time.

All: What?

Cloud: I got my sword stuck in the toilet.

All: oO'

Just ignore Cloud.

Kiba: Is he always like this?

Riten: Yup.


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A little while after Inuyasha disappeared, Kagome got into one of her "moods".

"We leave him alone for 5 minuets and he completely disappears on us!!" Kagome yelled.

"Don't worry Kagome. It's not like Inuyasha can't handle himself." Sango stated.

"Yeah. Inuyasha is tough. Nothing can stop him." Shippo boasted.

"That still doesn't mean that he can just run off and not tell us where he's going!!"

"Calm down Kagome. If Inuyasha needed help he would have called for help." Miroku said smoothly.

"I guess." Kagome replied with doubt in her voice. 'I hope he's ok.'

"So where you guys headed?" Inuyasha asked while Yakeno walked next to the Liger Zero.

"It's a secret. Doc won't tell us." Bit replied from Liger's cockpit.

"Well we're headed in this direction too so maybe I'll run into the rest of the gang." Inuyasha said.

"What were you doing out here anyway?" Brad questioned.

"We just happened to be passing through the area and I noticed that you guys were in trouble so I decided to help."

"We as in....." Jamie began.

"Me and my friends, that's all."

"How did you come across your zoid? I've never seen one like it before." Doc asked.

"Well, I'd rather not talk about it." Inuyasha stated a bit uncomfortably.

"Why not?" Leena quizzed.

"There are a lot of things involved with the story that I'd rather not discuss." Inuyasha stated plainly. 'Like the fact that I'm from a totally different planet.'

"Or the fact that you're a hanyou." Yakeno added.

'Yeah, I almost forgot."

"How could you forget?!"

'Well, no one is treating me like I'm a monster, so it's pretty easy.'

"Whatever. I think the kid in the Liger wants you."

'Thanks.' Inuyasha broke off contact with Yakeno. "Yeah?"

"Do you want to stay with us until you find your friends?" Bit asked.

'What do you think?'

"It can't hurt."

"Sure. That'd be great." Inuyasha responded enthusiastically.

"Well in that case, let's stop here for the night." Doc announced.

"Why here?" Jamie stared at Doc.

"Um...... well....... because....... we kind of lost power."

"WHAT?!?!?!" everyone except Inuyasha yelled at the same time.

"What's the big deal?" Inuyasha asked, confused.

"This means we're stuck here for the rest of the night and all of tomorrow." Leena explained.

"Then it gets really cold inside and we have to sleep outside." Brad sighed.

"So? Me and my friends used to do it all the time." Inuyasha said. "We'll eat then you guys can go to sleep and I'll keep watch."

"Sounds good to me." Bit said and the others agreed.

"Alright, let's get started!" Inuyasha jumped out of the cockpit and went to help the others. 'Be careful Kagome.'

Kagome, Sango, Miroku, Shippo, and Kirara(I never said she wasn't in the story) had stopped for the night and had started to make dinner. It was silent, except for the crackling of the fire and Kirara's purring.

"Why is it always so quiet when Inuyasha isn't around?" Shippo asked no one in particular.

"Because he's usually fighting with someone now about the stupidest things." Sango told him while petting Kirara's head.

"Inuyasha is like the base of the group. If he is gone, then there is nothing to support us." Miroku said.

"I wish he has at least given me time to give him this." Kagome pulled out something on a chain around her neck while everyone else stared in shock.

"Kagome is that.......?!" Miroku started.

"Yes, it's the whole Shikon Jewel." Kagome informed them.

"But... but how.....?" Shippo stammered.

"Inuyasha and I went to Naraku's castle and stole it from him. We knew we would need to leave soon, but neither one of us wanted to leave without the jewel." Kagome explained.

"When did you go get it?" Sango asked.

"We went the day the three of you got sick."

"But how did you do it without getting injured?" Miroku questioned.

"Ok I'll explain." Kagome said. "But you better sit down. The story is really long."


Kagome stood over a sick, sleeping Shippo watching him in case his fever got worse. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'm sure. This dream was real, no doubt about it." Inuyasha shifted around in his corner. "And it's going to happen really soon."

"Alright, let's go while they're asleep." Kagome stood up and grabbed her bow and arrows. "It will be easier to sneak in with only the two of us."

"Ok." Inuyasha stood and stretched, making sure Tetsusaiga was firmly tied at his waist. Kagome and Inuyasha quietly left Kaede's hut, but not before Kagome wrote the old priestess a note.

Inuyasha flew down the path with Kagome on his back. He was surprised at what good time they were making with just the two of them.

"Are you sure the castle is this way?" Kagome asked quietly.

"Why are you doubting me so much tonight? Are you afraid?" Inuyasha replied.

"If you really want to know, yes. Are you scared?" Kagome questioned, but Inuyasha didn't answer. He took Kagome's hand in his, and she could feel him shaking. "I'll take that as a 'yes'."

"Hush. There it is." Naraku's castle loomed ahead, the moonlight making it appear more frightening. "Be as quiet as you can."

"Ok." Kagome said. Then she heard a mewing at her feet. She then ran ahead to catch up with Inuyasha, but the mewing kept following her. She turned around and she had to bite her tongue to keep from screaming.

"Kagome what's wrong?!" Inuyasha ran up to her. "Stupid girl. It's only Kirara."

"Hey, I can't see as well in the dark as you can!" Kagome followed Inuyasha down the path with Kirara in her arms.

When they reached the castle, they flattened themselves against the wall. Inuyasha, ears twitching, peered around the gate and scanned the courtyard for any signs of movement. "Can you sense the jewel yet?" he whispered.

"Yeah. Straight ahead." Kagome informed Inuyasha. They proceeded silently across the deserted courtyard. When they reached the door of the castle, Kirara began growling threateningly. She transformed and knocked Inuyasha and Kagome to the side just before the door collapsed.

"Kirara what was that fo....." Inuyasha turned his head and saw a huge snake-like thing slither out of the doorway. Only when it had disappeared did either one of them speak.

"Thanks Kirara. You saved our lives." Kagome patted Kirara, who purred contentedly in response.

"Alright, let's keep going before Naraku or one of his goons finds us." Inuyasha stood up an proceeded inside the castle followed closely behind by Kagome who was carrying an un-transformed Kirara. "Which way?"

"Give me a second..... um...... this way." Kagome pointed to her right and they sped off down the hall. When they reached the room where the jewel was kept, Inuyasha stood outside the room while Kagome and Kirara went in to retrieve the jewel.

"Its quiet in here." Kagome commented.

"Too quiet." Inuyasha said suspiciously as he went back down the hall with Kagome behind him, only to be shoved to the floor by Kirara, only narrowly avoiding the poisonous wasps that flew overhead.

"Do you really think that I would leave the Sacred Jewel unguarded?" a new voice cackled.

"Where are you Naraku?!" Inuyasha yelled from under Kagome.

"Right here." Naraku dropped down from the ceiling and Inuyasha took a defensive stance in front of Kagome. "Do you really plan to leave with the jewel?"

"Yeah, we do." Inuyasha jumped in the air and did a backflip revealing Kagome about to fire an arrow.

"Eat this!" She yelled and fired at Naraku, who backed up slightly. The arrow missed him by mere inches, but it left a temporary barrier in front of him.

"C'mon Kagome!" Inuyasha picked up the girl and Kirara and flew out the nearest exit. By the time the barrier disappeared, they were long gone. Naraku cursed and destroyed all of the wasps buzzing around him.

"They will pay." he announced in a low, venomous voice. "They will pay with their lives."

end flashback

"When we got back to the village, Kaede was amazed that we had stolen the jewel and come back unscathed, but she promised not to tell." Kagome continued. "Then she told us that you guys were still asleep so Inuyasha and I went to round up the rest of the shards before you recovered."

"And you were successful." Miroku added.

"But what about......." Shippo began before Sango and Miroku covered his mouth.


"Nothing Kagome." Sango said. "Why don't you go to bed?"

"Yeah I guess." Kagome walked over to her sleeping bag and laid down. Sango and Miroku only uncovered Shippo's mouth when they were sure that Kagome was asleep.

"Hey what was that for?!" yelled and indignant Shippo.

"Because you were going to ask about Inuyasha's dream." Sango said quietly.

"B... but how'd you know?" Shippo asked, surprised.

"It was quite easy, really." Miroku stated. "You perked up immediately after Kagome mentioned it."

"So?" Shippo asked.

"Today has been really hard on Kagome with Inuyasha disappearing. We should really leave her alone." Miroku said.

"Ok." Shippo finally gave in and followed Miroku who was heading to bed.

'Wherever you are Inuyasha, please come back soon. Kagome needs you.' Sango thought.

The Blitz Team and Inuyasha sat around a small fire due to the lack of wood to be found out in the middle of the desert. They had just finished eating,(well actually Bit and Leena ate everything and Brad, Jamie, Doc, and Inuyasha just sat there and watched them beat the crap out of each other over a cookie) and the were sitting there and talking.

"So, Inuyasha ever been in any zoid battles?" Bit asked.

"Oh, a few here and there, not many."

"You on a team?" Brad quizzed

"Well....... Uh, Bit you might want to watch out, Leena is holding a frying pan over your........" There was the unmistakable clang of a frying pan coming in contact with Bit's head. 'And I thought getting sat by Kagome was bad.' Inuyasha thought, wincing as Leena continued to bash Bit on the head.

"Um..... Maybe we should go to sleep." Jamie suggested.

"Fine." Leena walked over to her sleeping bag followed by Brad and Jamie dragging an unconscious Bit behind them. Inuyasha sighed and jumped on Yakeno's back to keep watch.

"I remember when we used to do that." Inuyasha closed his eyes reliving distant memories.

'Do what?' Yakeno asked, puzzled.

"Before we came here we would always mess around when we had time. Like whenever Miroku saw a pretty girl he would pop his catch phrase on her and Sango would beat him unconscious with her boomerang." Inuyasha gave a half-hearted laugh at the thought. "I would constantly go on about how we need to keep looking for the jewel shards when we had been going for days without rest and the others looked half dead."

'You must miss doing that.'

"Yeah. We didn't even defeat Naraku. All cause of some stupid dream."

'A dream?' Yakeno questioned.

"More like a premonition if you ask me. It felt so real, I was scared to death." Inuyasha shuddered. "But I remember it so clearly......"


The day was bright and sunny. He sat on a hill overlooking the village. Inuyasha sighed and stretched out his arms and legs. He saw five figures coming up the hill but he couldn't see who they were. Suddenly it was dark as night and he found himself running toward the well. Inuyasha looked down into it an saw what looked like a pool of darkness. Then, as though some invisible force was pulling him, he fell into the well, into the darkness inside. It was nothing like when he went through the well into Kagome's time. All that was there was darkness, no light. (sounds like something from Kingdom Hearts, doesn't it? ;) Inuyasha couldn't breath, and he felt cold. Then a hand wrapped around his, and he looked and saw Kagome. She smiled and everything went blank.

Two reddish moons lit the sky when he woke up. Everything surrounding Inuyasha was unfamiliar. He looked around and saw Kagome lying next to him and four other shapes that he thought were Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Kirara. He heard a howl in the distance and saw a giant wolf coming toward him. He tried to move, but he found that he was paralyzed. The wolf touched Inuyasha with it's nose, and he fainted.

end dream

"When I woke up I was drenched in sweat. I was so afraid. It was horrible."

'Is that what happened when you came here?' Yakeno didn't receive a reply because Inuyasha had fallen asleep. 'Good night.'

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