KND: Run

R- Running away

U- Undeniably

N- Necessary

Dedication: To Ahhelga, whose story "Witness" inspired me to write this fan fiction.

Chapter One: The Hunt Begins

Wally snored soundly as he lay in his bed asleep at home. His parents had complained about him not being at home enough and he had to spend his time earlier in the day with his father because it was 'Father's Day' and the night at home. Wally was furious about this and refused to participate in any Father and Son events at the 'Father's Day Fair' that was sponsored by his father's workplace. Wally and his father argued and Wally told him that a Kangaroo would sooner be able to jump from Australia to America by way of the ocean than he wanting anything to do with his father. Wally noticed that this made his rather disappointed and upset (his mother sent him straight to bed after dinner with no dessert after she heard what had happened earlier between him and his father).

His father came up to his room to talk to him but Wally simply turned his back and snorted. His father sat beside him and tried to place a hand on Wally's shoulder but Wally angrily shrugged it off and gave his father a furious withering glare and then turned his back to his father again. His father sighed and got up and started walking away. But he stopped as his hand touched Wally's bedroom door and said "I may not be the strongest, coolest or best father in this town Wally," he said as he turned to look at his disgruntled son, "But I love you much more than anyone else can," he said as he walked out the door, "I Love you Wally," he said softly, his Australian accent emphasizing his soft sad whisper and he walked away. Wally turned around after his father was gone and a scornful look appeared on his face as he snorted.

Suddenly his nightly slumber was interrupted by the sound of ammunition being fired and blood curling screams.

Wally jumped out of his sleep breathing hard. He knew what he had just heard was not apart of his dream (he was dreaming about the hamsters doing their regular ritual of stealing his sodas and spraying them with it and he definitely didn't have a weapon, much less a real gun).

Wally got out of bed and walked carefully on the marble floor in his orange 'Justice League' pajamas. He peeked through the slightly opened door and saw a member of the DCFDTL (Delightful Children frown down the Lane) pass his bedroom door and as she headed in the direction of his parents bedroom. Her footsteps barely made a sound on the special red carpeting his mother had just had placed there last week.

"Is it finished?" she demanded as she stood barely an inch away from his parent's bedroom door.

"Only thing left is the kid and he's sleeping like a baby," an unfamiliar male voice answered in a jeering tone, "don't worry little girl," he said soothingly (but in a way that it sounded rather sinister) but with great reassurance, "we'll make sure to blow his head off before he even wakes up," he said with a chuckle, "it wont be like his father being shot to death awake episode don't worry," he added and soon started laughing softly.

Tears spilled freely from Wally's eyes. They were gone, both his parents were gone, and it was all his fault.

When his father had found out about Wally being apart of the KND, he nearly forbid Wally from going back. But after a threat from Wally to hate him forever he conceded, but warned him that many of the adults were tired of KND operatives ruining their plans. He also told Wally that there were those in high places who were loosing patience with the KND and if they lost it not only the KND but their immediate family, in fact their entire family tree would be in terrible danger. That was a year ago and Wally had scoffed at the idea. He told Abby the following day and she agreed that it was a bit exaggerated and definitely farfetched. But Wally wasn't scoffing at anything now. He knew that his parents were gone forever and that he had to leave before the assassins came to murder him. He glared at the girl from DCFDTL, her long blonde hair remained unruffled, not a strand out of place as she moved forward and looked into the bedroom at Wally's parent's bullet riddled bodies.

Wally stepped back carefully and then turned around to quickly go about his task of packing necessities. He grabbed his black and orange backpack and stuffed in a few items of clothing, his bankbooks, necessary papers (they were kept it in a folder and his parents gave them to him when he was eight), a miniature family album and his father's prized stamp collection album (his father made Wally keep it). But Wally saw something on his night table right beside his bed. It was the D.P.E.D. (Decompression Pack Everything Box), a small black cubed box that could hold a lot of things. He remembered receiving it from #10 and #263; two of the most elite scientists, as a secret gift. Wally picked it up and pressed the green button on top. Suddenly the black cube opened one side and in seconds everything but Wally and his backpack had disappeared from the room. As he did all this, the tears still flowed.

"Let's get the KND operative now Mr. Wink," the girl said coldly and footsteps and a little shuffling could be heard as they all headed towards #4's room.

#4 ran swiftly towards his opened bedroom window and jumped. He landed on the dewy grass of his family's front lawn. The cube slipped out of his hand but he reached out and grabbed it and started running west. He soon turned at the nearest corner four houses down and ran even faster.

"You idiot!" Mr. Wink shouted at the blonde DCFDTL when he opened #4's bedroom door and realized that the KND operative was gone, "if you hadn't knocked down that lamp while you were waiting downstairs, the father wouldn't have woken up!" he cried as he turned around and glared at her, "we wouldn't have had to kill him quickly without using silencers!"

#4 continued running as fast as he could across yards, lawns, roads and wherever he could turn. High fences and gates were of no obstacle to him as he simply jumped them or scaled them as fast as he could. He had to fend off seven unchained dogs as he ran, including one rabid German shepherd and three Dover Men. He got cuts, bites and scratches along the way but he continued to run, as he knew that his very life and possibly even the very existence of the KND depended upon his escape from his parent's murderers. But he had to stop for a moment and slip on a pair of black baggy jeans as the dogs had ripped the bottom part of his pajamas.

He ran until he was too tired to run anymore and fell in a heap on a grassy sidewalk. He sat up a few minutes later and looked around. He soon realized where he was. He was on the outskirts of #5's neighbourhood. He got up and dusted some of the grass clippings and dirt off his pajamas. He soon realized that he still had the D.P.E.B. clutched in his hand. He opened a corner zipper on his backpack, slipped the cube in and closed.

He proceeded to move at a swift walking pace instead of a crazy running frenzy. His muscles in his legs and arms were practically screaming 'bloody murder' with the pain that was jolting through them and his entire body. But he continued moving and only stopped for a moment to put on a pair of blue sneakers from his back pack. After that he zipped his bag shut, slung it back over his shoulders and continued moving at a swift pace.

As he neared #5's neighbourhood he heard a lot of commotion and saw that a lot of people were outside their houses and that from the looks of things something bad had happened.

*What's going on? * (Wally's thoughts)

As Wally came nearer he saw that a lot of people were crying especially women and children. It seemed as if something terrible had happened to turn #5's quite suburban town into a frenzy of panicked and distraught citizens.

Wally was about to sneak in through a corner bush, when he heard quite sobbing coming from a dark corner east of him. He was going to ignore it but it didn't sound like a grownup. It sounded like a child crying their heart out but trying to remain as quite as possible. #4's decided to investigate and see what he could do for the poor kid. But he received a big shock when he saw who it was.

"#5?" #4 whispered in shock as he saw her sobbing quietly wearing nothing but a blue bathrobe, "What's wrong did someone do something to you, to your ...," #4 stopped suddenly as his eyes widened, "What happened #5, tell me," he said quietly but firmly as he shook her shoulder.

#5 lifted her face out of the palms of her hands and looked up at #4, her eyes overflowing with tears and blood red and said.

"Their dead," #5 said softly her voice sounding hoarse and shaky, "their all dead," she said as she looked forward and away from #4's shocked and pityfilled face, "Cree's dead," she added as he placed her had back into the palms of her hands and continued to sob even louder.

End: Chapter 1

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Chapter2: The Others Find Out.

In chapter2 the other members are brought in the story and vacations along with family get togethers affect how their night turned out and how their new mornings begin.