KND: Run

R- Running away

U- Undeniably

N- Necessary

Chapter 11: Finishing it all

(Twenty Minutes Later at a rundown Candy Store's basement)

"I wont confess!" Knight Brace cried and got another blow to the stomach.

"You don't confess right now and I'm going to move unto thin metal wires," Alexander threatened, "and I wont be wrapping them around your wrist to kill you," he continued, "I'll slowly and painfully scar your legs as I twists the wires around them and bleed you shitless," he hissed.

"OKAY! OKAY!" Knight Brace cried in defeat and fear, "I'll confess on your portable T.V. invention thing," he conceded, "but you have to promise to stop harming me," he begged.

"I promise nothing." Alexander said stonily, "but pain and anguish if you try ANYTHING," he snarled and his eyes looked like he was just waiting for an excuse to kill someone.

"Alright!" Knight Brace cried in a quivering voice.

Alexander left Knight Brace tied up on old pool table and went to set up the device. His father had it created and called it The World Wide Dish Intervention Television Set or WWDITS. It could send waves around the world and force all televisions to show what the WWDITS was currently receiving or showing. After he set it up, Alexander placed a small metal chair in front of it. He then untied Knight Brace and instructed Knight Brace to stay behind the device until told otherwise. Alexander then turned on the device and sat in the chair.

"Hello everyone," Alexander said formally, "as many people now know, some weird events and death have been happening in certain countries if not spreading to become a world wide phenomenon," he stated, "they are not random murders or co-incidences; at least not the ones about to be revealed today," he said seriously, "I have the mastermind behind it all and he's ready to confess live and I also believe that he might actually be smart and just give himself in," he continued, "now for the confession," he said and stepped out of the view of the WWDITS after rising from the chair.

Knight Brace looked hesitant, but one glare from Alexander had him flying into the chair.

"I am confessing for plotting and hiring people to carry out the murders of several people including Mrs. Uno, Mr. And Mrs. Limpkin, most of the Gilligan family and relatives of which I believe Hoagie Gilligan is the only confirmed survivor of that attack, Fanny Fullbright, her family, and some relatives and friends, Mrs. Sandban and Mr. Sandban's sister, Mr. And Mrs. Beetles as well as other murder victims," Knight Brace confessed, "I will give the rest of the details to the authorities," he continued, "who I will go to and give myself up willingly," he added.

Alexander turned the device off with a green remote.

"Give me problems with going to the authorities and I will cut of all your toes with a dull rusty spoon," Alexander snarled.

"You can't cut off toes with a spoon!" Knight Brace cried incredulously.

"Then I guess you'll be in pain for a long time then," Alexander told him and held up a rusty spoon.

Knight Brace gulped and headed over to the vehicle Alexander pointed at. No use fighting a boy who beat him up and tied him to a pool table in three blinks of an eye.

Suddenly there was a loud rumbling and many agents suddenly rushed into the basement.

"He's already confessed worldwide," Alexander told them, "he'll be in jail for life."

"Why not the death penalty?" Martin demanded angrily.

"He's legally insane," Matthew told him, "he won't get the death penalty," he concluded.

"But he's definitely going to jail forever," Alexander said hoping to comfort Martin, "Knight Brace keeps doing insane stuff and also escapes from prison and the mental hospital regularly," he stated, "they're not going to execute him," he said seriously.

"What about Count Spankalot?" 30c asked.

"That man manipulated my father!" Emma cried angrily, "he's not joining this nut in prison!"

"You're wrong," Knight Brace told her, "your father joined me willingly," he revealed, "but only to threaten not kill anyone," he added, "until I convinced him other wise," he said.

"See!" Emma cried, "my father's innocent!" she declared.

"Not totally," Kareem pointed out.

"But definitely not guilty enough to go to jail nearly as long as Knight Brace's going to be," Emma blurted out and the others agreed.

"Let's go," Matthew spoke up coldly and the others agreed and handcuffed Knight Brace and lead him into #30c's craft.

(One Week Later at 1-5's Tree House)

"I can't believe those countries who attacked us are getting away!" Martin shrieked, "blaming traitors within their midst," he snarled, "the government knew," he said, "I know it!" he cried furiously.

"We know," Nigel said sadly, "but we can't prove it and no one is taking Knight Brace's word for it," he sated, "in fact authorities believe he bribed terrorists from those countries to kill your fellow agents," he informed Martin, "I'm also sorry about Reggae Onion and Red Marlin's death," he added.

"They died of pneumonia because of a leak in their sub," Martin said tearfully, "#274 told me that the sub washed ashore of their Major (on Land- from chapter 6) HQ four days ago," he told Nigel, "they were found nearly blue and clutching each other for warmth since they were soaked to the bone and everything on the sub was soaked," he continued, "they were able to seal off the leak before it filled the sub, but the thrashing of the ocean caused the entire sub to be soaked thoroughly and they had nothing to keep themselves warm because all the clothes were soaked," he said in a cracked voice, "#274 said nothing was functional in that damaged sub and it was likely that they were both left to the mercy of the sea and waves," he said, "and they never made it to shore," he said shaking his head, "Red Marlin was the nickname for Gregory Winthrope and he was such a great swimmer and physical combat extraordinaire," he recalled, "but neither of them had expertise in mechanics or engineering, or even basic sub repairs," he said sadly, "Gregory was from England and was in Jamaica on a family vacation before he journeyed with us and he was eleven," he said, "they never deserved to die that way."

"I know," Nigel said comfortingly, "I'm just thankful that I still have my father to take care of me and Kuki and Mushi also have a living father," he confessed, "Wally's Aunt Debra decided to move to my neighbourhood to keep Wally close to his friends since she's his guardian now," he said, "Hoagie moved in with Emma and her nanny while her father serves his two year prison sentence and Laura's moved in with my family," he concluded.

"Must be weird not being an only child anymore," Martin put forward.

"Not really," Nigel said, "I've learnt there's a lot of important things in life," he stated, "don't waste the small stuff," he added.

Just then #5's door opened and #5 and #4 stepped out.

"What?" #5 demanded angrily when Martin and Nigel looked at them, "I've been in YOUR room #1," she threw at #1 and hurried out the tree house dragging a beet red #4 along with her.

"Are those two involved?" Martin asked Nigel a.k.a. #1 curiously.

"Yes," #1 responded, "#4's poor at keeping secrets," he added and Martin laughed.

"And Kuki's hanging around that Matthew boy still?" Martin asked and #1 nodded, "maybe they'll hook up," he suggested and Nigel groaned.

"I already have a Hoagie and Mary Jane love circle to worry about," #1 sighed.

"I'm glad that all the agents who made it out of this ordeal alive can get to go home," Martin said, "but I still pity those who never made it," he said softly, "we took a suicidal mission that helped saved millions," he said frankly, "but why did we have to lose so much?"

"Because you got a bad hand for doing the right thing," #195 said suddenly as he entered the tree house with #93, "hey," he said to both of them.

"Oh #195, I …" #1 started to say but #195 cut him off.

"It's all water under the bridge now Nigel," #195 said simply, "say hi #93," he said to the agent who tried to remain out of sight.

"Hi," #93 whispered softly.

I wish that I wasn't here. I can tell most of the agents still hate me. I lost consciousness a week ago over my sister's dead body because the pressure was too much. I'm really glad that #195 likes me, but is it worth it after coming about with because of my sister's death. I'm going for it, but I wont fall down bawling if it doesn't work out. I just hope that no one comes in and run me out. I already had to leave my sector because of that. (#93's thoughts)

"She wants to quit but I wont let her," #195 explained, "she feels shy and embarrassed," he added.

"You have no reason to be," Martin spoke up, "you could've destroyed the KND land HQ, but you didn't," he reminded, "for whatever reason you should be proud," he commended her.

"Thank you," #93 said and she finally smiled.

"Let's get a pizza," #195 suggested suddenly.

The others agreed and they left the tree house to go to the nearest Pizza Hut.

(Meanwhile at Grandma Stuffum's house)

Rex tightened another bolt. He had been fixing Grandma Stuffum's stove for nearly fifteen minutes since Liver somehow made it stop working an hour ago and fried several of it's parts in the process.

"How about taking a break," Grandma Stuffum asked happily, "I made some lemonade and sandwiches for my little do-it-all boy," she said with a laugh and Rex rose to his feet.

Grandma Stuffum handed him a tray with lemonade and ham sandwiches. Rex simply sat back on the ground beside the stove and started to eat.

"I'm glad that you're happy," Grandma Stuffum said suddenly and Rex beamed, "you're still the same but also so different from the boy who came to my home," she said tenderly.

Not really. But I think about not existing less and feel safe enough to allow myself to be carefree and happy. Wait. Maybe I am different know. If I am it's thanks to both my old friend and my new guardian Grandma Stuffum. It's so sad that she can't have children. I could always ask why but I know my place and wont go secretly looking it up either. I hope my brother Alexander is just as happy. It's obvious that he reverted to his old ways to get Knight Brace to talk. He was always the better assassin and torture expert than I was. Even though he was more hesitant than me to kill. That's why Mom and Dad sent him away when agents were getting hot on our trail and they couldn't keep both of us hidden. Except Alexander didn't contact us three months after he was sent away like he was supposed to. Seems he opted for a different life. Mom and Dad were killed two years later when I was eight and I had to survive alone. But things have gotten better since meeting Grandma Stuffum and I intend to let it stay that way. I'll be the best son she never had. (Rex's thoughts)

"Yeah," Rex said with a laugh and a smile, "I guess I am different," he whispered and continued eating.

(Meanwhile at a Maximum Security Prison)

Count Spankalot ate quietly in solitary confinement. Some jerk had tried to beat him up but he gave that guy a run for his money. He had heard that Knight Brace was also in this prison. But he was in the psychiatric ward. Where he would spend the rest of his life. Count Spankalot thanked his lucky stars that he only got a few years.

(Meanwhile at the Prison's Psychiatric Ward)

Knight Brace sat in his cell muttering angrily to himself. His plan had failed and now he was in a maximum-security prison. But his lawyer had said with good behaviour as well as blaming temporary insanity; he could be out within the next five to ten years. That was a long wait, but it way better than life imprisonment.

When I get out of here I'll do my plan right. No kids involved and I'll ONLY get the BEST killers in the business. Not run risks like I did last time. Oh yes, I'll get rid of all kids in the world then have the world repopulated by kids who obey an adult's every command. And if any adult interfered, they'd join in the children's fate. They will suffer when I am released. They will all suffer. Suffer as they die. (Knight Brace's thoughts)

"I will kill them all," Knight Brace whispered, "I'll pretend to be recovered, fool these DUMB doctors, and when I'm let go," he continued, "they'll all die," he said with a grin, "my plan will succeed and they will ALL die."

"Not if I have anything to say about it," Richard spoke up suddenly, "Mrs. Uno was personal," he stated, "and so is this," he added and pulled out two knives as he came towards Knight Brace in his warden disguise.

"No, No!" Knight Brace screamed.

(Five Minutes Later)

A nurse walked into the ward with a tray of food but dropped it and covered her mouth in fright when she saw Knight Brace's mutilated body lying over the bed with open blank eyes.

"Hello Katherine," Richard spoke up suddenly and the nurse twirled around with a snarl, "don't worry," he continued, "I'm no longer CIA," he explained.

"Well, Well," Katherine said, "Richard," she said revealing her Danish accent, "how's your son?"

"How are yours?" Richard asked right back.

"Touche," Katherine said, "I know where they are," she told him, "and I'm leaving them," she added.

"We have something in common," Richard said as he walked towards her, "I suggest we leave," he said seriously.

"We better hurry," Katherine said as they headed for the door, "his doctor is coming in thirty seconds," she told him.

"But I thought he wouldn't here for half an hour?" Richard asked as they walked out quickly and not seeing anyone hurried into an empty room.

"That's the advantage of disguising yourself as a NURSE," Katherine pointed out, "I found out that Doctor Yesman was coming early because he has to attend his daughter's graduation," she told him as she changed into a yellow baby doll dress and white sneakers.

"Where's your husband?" Richard asked, "did you both survive the explosion?" he asked as he slipped into a grey suit, white shirt, red tie and black shoes.

"No," Katherine responded, "let's go," she said and they both went into the bathroom.

"Vents," they said in unison and Richard opened the vent and allowed Katherine to go in first then he followed.

"Here," Katherine said and they both came out the vents into a janitor's closet, "coast is clear," she said when she peeked out and they both slipped out and walked briskly before they could be noticed.

They soon came in sight of other people and walked as if nothing was the matter. They left the Prison after slipping past the guards.

Katherine started to laugh.

"Is this how you are on all your jobs?" Richard asked as he panted.

"Well at least I didn't just come with a personal agenda," Katherine almost admonished him, "and this is my LAST job by the way," she added.

"Quitting at 29?" Richard asked, "what's a nice sprite going to do with her life?"

"What are you going to do with yours?" Katherine asked flirtatiously.

"I've been out of the love department for years," Richard said coldly, "I don't even DATE," he said firmly.

"Your wise," Katherine stated, "but everyone gets lonely," she persisted, "and I wont mind some lifetime company," she told him.

"Being a bit forward aren't you?" Richard asked frankly.

"You wont regret it," Katherine said instead of answering.

"I'll try it," Richard said with a shrug, "relationship or marriage?"

"Marriage," Katherine responded, "I'm ready to be a Mom."

"With who?" Richard asked.

"Don't tell me the idea of starting over doesn't intrigue you?" Katherine put forward, "watching your children grow up with you instead of spying on them growing (up) with someone else?"

"Okay," Richard said simply, "I accept," he accepted, "and our other children?" he asked.

"Keep them in our hearts but out of our sight," Katherine responded, "let them live with those who desire them right now," she continued.

"Alright," Richard said, "where to?"

"Russia," Katherine stated.

"I'm fluent," Richard told her, "Katherine?"

"I'd love a quiet life Richard," Katherine told him, "what happened to Father?"

"Father got off," Richard revealed, "and I'm glad that the father of my son isn't in prison," he stated.

"Neither are we," Katherine said.

"Can't argue with that," Richard said simply, "they'd have to kill m to catch my wife."

"So you…" Katherine started to say.

"Yes," Richard interrupted and kissed her on the lips, "yes," he repeated.

Story Completed.

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