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A Lesson In Love For Non-Believers

Epilogue- Lily's POV

By: Liat86

Posted: 26.10.05

As you can probably guess, we ended up getting married. James never again hurt me or made me cry in my room thinking he would never love me, and I promised never to keep my feelings from him (a promise which I've kept to the letter), or for that matter- never to keep anything from him.

Until this day James can still make me nervous with his smile and giddy as a school girl with his touch. I love him dearly and so deeply, even more than I did when we first met, for with each of his glances, smiles and caresses I fakk in love with him all over again.

He always makes me fell safe and protected and it only takes one look from him to remind me how he feels for me and to make me feel warm and loved.

At our wedding day I think our parents were the ones most nervous (though Sirius, who was the best man, told me James hadn't been any better). They later told us that they had been expecting this since my graduation feom Hogwarts and had nearly began to lose hope.

Apparently they had met several times for lanch and dinner behind our backs in order to discuss our future.

Thank god James had been too distracted with getting everybody out by the end of the day so we could start our honeymoon, to realise our parents had been unbearably nosy and meddlesome, or a disaster would have occurred.

So now, after two years of dating, I'm officially Mrs. James Potter (though James has been calling me that since the day I said "yes". He said it was "for practice, till the big day" though I reckon it was just to make himself fell like he owns me), and I couldn't be happier.

I'm young and healthy, I have a wonderful and loving husband, a beautiful home and a baby in the making.

I can't help laughing everytime I think about it. I'm pregnant- I'm going to be a mother in exacly 6 months. I can already imagin him (I just know it's a boy, even though I haven't done a test yet)- a green eyed, messy black haired imp rinning around the house or flying a little mini broom like his father.

James doesn't know yet, I didn't want to tell him until I was sure. We've ben trying to get pregnant for some time now and I couldn't bear the disappointment on his face if it turned out as a false alarm. But now it's time he found out- I've planned a romantic dinner tonight- and I just know he is going to be ecstatic, Even though he's been hoping for a girl (a green eyes, carrot top head girl). He's just going to blame it on me and say I always get my way (since I wanted a boy), even though we both know it's his little guys who decide that.

He'll be sullen and completely adorable and I'd laguh and promise to make it up to him as he'd made it up to me that fateful day so long ago.

Isn't life perfect?

The end